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25th April 2003

12:21am: Ahhh....I'm finally back after such a long while...
well~ loads of stuff has been happening...e.g. I got another online journal which is at , that's why I won't be updating nor posting comments as frequently as I used to...and I wrote a Seymour fanfiction, don't know if it's good though..:P

I don't really know the link to it but you could search for it on , my pen name's evangilist ;)
I'll try to put the link up here as soon as I can, once I do find it :)

Damn...I have an English Comprehension test tomorrow and I have this horrible feeling that I'm going to fail it...but one can't fail english can they? *sigh* I have a freakin screwed up life at the moment...
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15th April 2003

12:15am: School mid-years are cancelled..yay? not really...
was having an in-depth and serious conversation with one of my closest friends today and we have decided that if they were to cancel the mid-years, it would be at a great disadvantage to us because we wouldn't know how to judge how we will fare for our prelims and this is really bad...
I can't believe people are actually happy about mid-years being cancelled...oh well, I think I understand how they feel but this is our 'O' level year...I wouldn't mind mid-years being cancelled if it wasn't...
damn you SARS!
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13th April 2003

9:16pm: what have I done to deserve this?
well..maybe it's because I slacked but I worked hard too you know...

I actually got 21 points for my L1R5! (that is the scoring system to get into a J.C, polytechnic. etc. in Singapore) and to get into a good J.C I must get less than 20(the lesser the points the better) I can't make in into a J.C then huh?

thankfully this is only the first term results and not the O levels...I so do wish to get into cambridge...haiz~

did I mention that I failed my chinese test too? although I wasn't too sad about that, cos I kinda expected it, I just can't believe I actually got a pathetic B4 for my first term english work...I do so hate myself sometimes..maybe seymour is right huh? "Death is the end of all sorrow", such wise words of a great man *swoon*

I think they should call the 1st of April "Suicidal day" and not April's Fool Day...why? cos so many people seem to like commiting suicide on that day...6 people in Singapore actually commited suicide on that fateful day this year, and nobody seems to know any reason why? I can feel Seymour's presence on earth...perhaps he really exists huh?
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11th April 2003

5:58pm: that is absolutely the last time I read slash fanfiction...omg, I accidentally stumbled upon one of Seymour and Tidus and before knowing what it was about, I just read it and *ewwww*, it totally sent shivers down my spine...I hate slash fanfiction...I am really disturbed right now
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10th April 2003

5:58pm: Right, I am officially dead schoolwork's not done...which means that all hell will break loose when I'm back in school (which starts in 2 days), esp. since I have a "devil" as my teacher (she claims that she's one so I'm giving her that title)

I have tests cramped up all together which I haven't studied for and worse of all, I'm sick...

this has been one tough week, I don't know what I'll do once school starts and I have to see that horrible maths teacher again...don't get me wrong...I love maths, I just hate the teacher...grrrr

on a much lighter note...I got a new idea for a new fanfiction! yay! I think I'll write one on Seymour and Yuna :) but I can only start writing when I finish with the current one, cos I think my friend's right, if I start on a new one, I'll get distracted and give up on the other one :(

was doing my chinese compo just now, but got slightly distracted...I tried changing the name of Seymour from English to Chinese and guess what I discovered? If I'm not wrong, I think I might have a clue about what the producers might have been thinking when they named him Seymour...cos him name in chinese means eastern monster and if guadosalam is in the east...(I'm not really sure it is)...and the producers think of Seymour as a monster...then it fits doesn't it? hmmm...or it might just be illogical guessing on my part...*shrugs* well, who knows?
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2:18am: I wonder how many times it has seems that everytime I play the game or even just read the script of FF10...I always cry...damn it! I hate feeling weak and vunerable!

*Sigh* and I can still remember what jecht said, "there's always a time where you have to stop crying and move on", and guess what? I cried during that part of the game too! what is wrong with me?!!!
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9th April 2003

11:20pm: Just watched American Idol on TV, it's a totally cool show and Simon Cowell rocks, need I say more? ;)
I can't believe that Kimberly Caldwell didn't get voted off...that stupid slut! I hate her! I think she's very compatible with "The Bachelor", he who embodies the male version of sluttiness.

Speaking of "The Bachelor", I think, in my opinion, Christi is definitely an emotional basketcase, she cries over almost everything! I'm glad the Bachelor didn't choose her...though I really don't like the Bachelor either...I mean, what's up with that guy? He claims he'll be better than the first bachelor and then he kisses almost every girl and tells them that they're the one? Seriously, I want to just give him a good kick in the ass

Hey!I wrote a fanfiction! Can't believe I actually accomplished something like that! and people actually like it! I'm so pleased with myself! Although, I really don't know if I'll give up halfway, I tend to give up halfway on things ...anyway, please go check it's on , it's about a girl stumbling into the world of FF7 (oh, and she's totally obsessed with Sephiroth)

Do you like the picture that I put up? It's the one of my all time fav. bad guy Seymour Guado from FF10, he's totally hot right? the one he's kissing is none other than yuna! :) so by now, you should have sort of guessed why I wish to call myself Yuna ;) Anyway, I think I'm rather fickle-hearted...don't think it'll be long before I forget Seymour...
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