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Friday, June 6th, 2003

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    My fucked up Vacations
    Im back kiddies, and im here to regale you with tales of my birthday and two,count 'em two vacations.

    *My birthday*may29,03
    Woke up. Turned off my cd. Went downstairs and ate. Went to school. Went to diz's house and went on the internet. Looked at my fucked up last entry*sighs*. Walked home. Watched t.v. Opened gifts. Got money. Ate dinner. Ate cake. Watched tv. Turned on my cd player, and went to bed. Is'nt my life Fulfilling?

    *Vacation one*May30-June1,03
    Well ill start off with where i went. It was some resort with water slides, pools, a spa, chucky cheese typa shit like that, lazer quest, and some sort of fair crap that i did not bother going to. Not much to tell.I think my brother go sars when we were there(NOTE TO ALL PEOPLE WHO COME TO MY HOUSE WHO ARE FRIENDS OF MINE: STOP HITTING ON MY BROTHER*shudder) It was fun, but i dont see why every time me and my cousin would go in the pool all you could hear was "hey my friend thinks your hot!"or"Will you go out with my friend?" GOD! Some of them are like 12! do you honestly think that you are cool?Fuck off! Even my 8 year old cousin got hit on. Is the whole fucking world a bunch of r-kellys? All of my friend have storys.Holy fuck what the fuck is wrong with the world today. Wow, am i bringing you down? Well it wasnt all bad. On the way back i saw some funny signs like "Lube master", and "wajax", and there was this oil truck and it was with plant food for an exotic type of venus fly-trap flower or something, it said"contents flamible"so kids, dont light your plans on fire(Unless they're properly rolled)Im kidding.Im amused so easily. I won a magic beer lamp and a skate board, i guess im going to have to take up skateboarding.

    *Vacation two*(school)june2-june4, o3

    It was fun. All i can say is that the girls had i bit better time then the guys. I miss markus/steve-0#2
    Now time for a little dialouge

    Mother: Was it cold up there?
    Diz:I dont think it could ever get cold at Muskoka!
    *Looks back to Eve with a pleased sinister grin*

    If you did not catch on all you slow people the guys who worked there were un denyable some of the hottest people in canada. I did not know we produced guys that good looking over here! WHAT ARE THeY FROM AJAX? lmao.

    Well if you got this far congatulations! You actually read my journal. HA HA SUCKER
    See, if things are kinda fucked on this page its because im new, or im either drunk and making a half assed atempt to add an entry.I need Help!(Not only menataly but with this pointless journal.)So add me to your friends list.(Or ill send Lucifer on you!)Im kidding. But i do make a snazy voodoo doll


    Current Mood: crazy
    Current Music: Iron Maiden- The Number of the beast(*evil glare to diz*)

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