Ethan Waters


21st May 2003

7:29pm: Well... and so we begin.
-He sits in his dorm after just having set up all of his belongings, surveying the room, nodding in a satisfied manner. Walking over to his desk, he runs a hand through his hair before sitting and opening his laptop, pulling up his journal. His tongue moving out and rolling over his lower lip as he begins to type.-

A new place and a new start I guess. I'm not sure of all this, especially beginning here so late, graduation just around the door. My parents decided that it'd be 'so much better for me to at least get there and get to know people'. Right. Not like I had friends at home, not like I wasn't getting prepared for that graduation, you know, nothing like that going on. Fuck it. I guess that's the breaks.

I'm going to be at DU on a scholarship, no way in hell could my parents actually afford to send me. Yet somehow they act like they have all the money in the world. They're the type who think that having more money makes you a better person so they're all about acting the part. It's annoying as hell and I never bought into it. They both work and we don't really have your golden parent/child relationship, we get along when we have to and when we don't, well we don't talk. Not much more complicated than that.

As for me. Music is my life. There is nothing else in the world I can say that I have more of a passion for, I can talk about it for hours and it will never become boring to me. It's what I want to build my life around, it makes me happy. I play acoustic guitar for the most part but I can also jam on the electric. As far as my musical taste... I'm all over the place. From The Transplants to Simple Plan to The Toadies to Radiohead to 30 seconds to mars. I'm don't like to define myself as liking one specific genre, it's too close minded and I just go by what I like.

I don't know... I guess thats mostly what there is to know about me. I'm pretty easy going, laid back. I can be sarcastic and I'd like to think I'm witty, but I guess that's not for me to decide. And you know it's time to stop when you feel like you're writing a personal ad. I'm out.

-Clicks update and closes the box as well as his laptop. Preses his palms to the desk as he stands up, walking towards his bed and laying down, flipping his television on and searching for something to watch, feeling a bit homesick.-
Current Mood: calm
Current Music: song for you - finch
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