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My oh my [12 Jul 2003|01:22am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | hoobastank __ too little too late ]

So, here I am, for about three hours, trying to make a nice big update. I looked over my journal today and i'm not happy with it at all. I don't care if people like my small pointless pimping shout out entries, because personally I don't like them. I'd prefer if my journal consisted of things that actually mattered. Well, mattered to me anyways. And sorry Marla but im still trying to anti :-* / <3 myself. I don't like it when people tell me i'm known for that, either. It's like "Wow, great, i'm known for kissing everyone, as opposed to be nice" or what have you. Sorry, i'm going through a big revamp here. I have to say the only entry i'm truly satisfied with is the big, long, and probably blinding one I made several days ago. I'm not even too sure why. It's just, a big long post that happens to consist of everything I honestly have to say. I'm trying to be more open about things, I mean, this is a journal after all right.

Wow, look at me, getting all semi emo and intelligent. Who would have thought? I'm surprised anyone even comments on my journal anymore, really. I only update every single day. And my updates are pointless. Usually. Well, ok, let me rephrase that. They have points, just not points everyone is interested in reading; and points that can be postponed until I have enough to put all in one update, instead of making five hundred little ones.

Oh, and this is where I get hypocritical. People need to learn how to use the god damn edit button. I seriously don't need to see five entries in a row that are minutes apart. I can understand updating more than once in a day. But what the hell? Five entries three minutes apart that consist of nothing? I'm gonna have to start using friends filters or something.

Yes, I am easily irritated now. And I hope you're enjoying it. Because I am. And no, it's not going to stop here. But putting my anger aside i'd like to say I appreciate the lack of mass iming i've been having. I've been really shitty and sick the past couple of days and I just sign onto aim to see a couple of people, I might go back to lurky names soon; i'm not sure, but I just like the not being ambushed with pointless convos. Space is nice. And i'd love to bask in it. Oh someone please tell me why i've been singing listening to so much grunge and punk and emo lately? I never usually do that. Right plus I love Everclear :\ they're the fucking shit and need journals like right now. I mean hi Coro is better. Oh those Hoobastank guys need journals too. And I see Monica is back, and she wants Tyson Ritter. So ok we need to make a list or some shit. Right now. People that better get fucking journals or else ok thanks.

Congrats to Adam and Eric. Even if Adam STILL didn't IM me and mention it. I'm not bitter. I'd make this post longer but since it's my first one thats more than, what, four sentences i'll spare you. For now. But a bit of randomness --> Tom makes me smile. :). /end random.

EDIT // New icons. I stopped using the blinds. I love these icons. :[. Especially the one that's so fucking pretty. Hello, it's my new favorite ok. I know i've used two of them before BUT I DON'T CARE >:O I'm using them again thanks bye.

EDIT 2 // I hope Vince reads this edit, 'cause I know how he usually skips over edits. But hey look there's his name so hopefully that got his attention; It's 3:19 AM and I was about to go except I just realized it's the 12th, therefore today is three months that we've been together. I don't know if i'll be on later or if you will, so this is my nice comfy safety net. I love you ok thanks goodnight. :-* Or morning. Or, good whenever you read this. Yeah. That's it.

EDIT 3 // Sorry Adam.. :x...

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WEE [09 Jul 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Hoobastank __ Be with you ]

!! I won things, on the same thing Tom won things on. Yayayayay. x; I'm not gloating..

Best Guest Star )

Best fight )

Any other poll results relating to Buffy or Angel )

And I know you're all too lazy to look >:o. So to make you look people that were mentioned are : Emma, Charisma, Vince, Sarah, James, David, Iyari, Alyson, Andy (Even if he's not here sob) and Tom ;-*

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Lucky Charms are magically delicious. :\ [09 Jul 2003|01:30am]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Lifehouse __ Hanging By A Moment ]

Sarah icon pimpage.

Turns out Iyari is still alive. So happy belated birthday to her. Psh if she didn't give us a scare about leaving I would have said it yesterday. -Shakes head- Bad Iyari.

Oh, I forgot to mention, Christian has a house party thing the other day. I was kind of sick but eh, I remember snippets. Major point --> Home movies, really.. really suck. I gave Ste his birthday gift. >:). He knows he loved it, hahaha. Don't hate, mmk Joe?

Congrats to Ali and Paul. I knew before all of you. :D. Sorry, had to gloat; it's a thing ya know?

Oops i'm not gonna see POTC :x

I sang Olivia Newton John to Adam and Danny. It's the delirium, honest.

I've gone back to posts of no substance that only involve pimping of others. Sad, isn't it? Oops and I saw Mia's movie today :P. New Best Friend. Hee.

EDIT // -Sung "Wind Beneath My Wings" to Tom and Ali.. oops ;o-

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Wee ;] [07 Jul 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Thursday __ Understanding in a Crash ]

God another post from Eliza. You all really love me don't lie :].

First, welcome back to the bestestestest Michelle ever ok thanks. I missed you. Now please take Greg away from everyone so he doesn't get killed?.

My friends page was loaded with emo posts. We're all so emo I secretly love it.

As you can see this isn't turning into much of an update. It's really just to pimp my new layout but I guess I can't do that suddley anymore. I started feeling really sick lastnight. Er -- this morning, and yeah I haven't been any better since :\. Although Vince's post did make me feel better. No, I won't go emo on you all again, hah. -Stops self from typing more mushy things. So very hard.-

There. New paragraph. God I wish I had more to talk about. I talked to Jesse this morning. Makes me miss Nate more; sob. I'll make his layout eventually. Jesse's too. And Marla. I've just been kind of out of it the past week, and now being sick doesn't make it any better.

And yes, I am obsessed with Coro. I was listening to them all day yesterday. I couldn't turn it off sob. But now i'm listening to emo over and over. And over. And then some more. And for some reason my favorite song now is "Thursday __ Understanding In A Crash". Don't ask why. I'm in love with it. Leave me alone.

I know there was something mildly important I wanted to write about. But I forgot. And alot of people need journals >:o. Obviously the cult is almost complete but we need "Bring it On" people. And DJ Qualls. I miss him :'[. And you know lots more people ok thanks bye. Oh and this icon is my favorite, don't ask why.

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-Confetti?- [06 Jul 2003|10:36am]
[ mood | tired ]

Too tired for a real post. Yes Vince i'm about to go to sleep :-*

Happy birthday Adam and Greg. I'm special because I was the first person to IM Adam at 1:30 this morning and say it. I own kthx. Greg jesus christ i'll kick your ass, dude.

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[04 Jul 2003|09:41pm]
[ mood | emo ]
[ music | Common Rotation __ Princess of Venice ]

I've been avoiding this. Making a post that actually has a point to it. I know how you all hate reading long posts. So you don't have to. Eventhough this post actually means something. And I will actually tell you how I really do feel. Truthfully and honestly. So you can read or not it just depends on whether or not you care about what I think.

Ok, so, first, about my friends? That way by the time I get to the end you all will be like "I already read about me so I won't be bad about stopping." Which is fine, i'm not gonna force you to read. Right, well you really can't live without friends. And they're everywhere; i've been around for 7 months. Ok, 7 months and three days. And i've really gotten to know a hell of alot of people; even if alot of them kept coming and going. Most of them stayed and are gonna be here for the long haul. And i'd sit and write about why I love each and every one of you, because I do; really. But that'd take too much time. And energy which I don't seem to have. But just know that I do. I mean, I won't lie, this is where honesty comes into play; there are alot of times where I do get bugged and just won't say anything. Because I love you and I don't want to stop talking to you, even when i'm sad I need you guys around. Like, right now i'm feeling particularly emo; and i'm playing some of Adam's Coro. I just feel better knowing you guys care. And you even notice when i'm out of it or even something little is bothering me. You just know me that well. And yeah; sometimes people do pry when I want to be left alone but I know it's only because you care. Although this is me getting irritated.. sometimes people just need to be left alone. That's why I used to lurk so much. I just like being by myself. But there are some people -- I know this is gonna make some people feel kind of bad, but sometimes i'm in a mood where I don't want to talk to everyone. Just. Maybe two or three or maybe even four people are the only ones I can stand. And I just need you guys to know that I do love you; just.. I need some space sometimes? I'd just appreciate it if I didn't get mass IMed everytime I sign on and people try to carry on conversations that are dead. I understand that it's 'cause we're friends [no one particular, just saying..] and we talk and what have you but if we have nothing to say I just can't handle being bothered with it sometimes. Ugh, that came out completely wrong. Just -- sometimes. I need space. Even if i'm signed on. I need my space. And i'd appreciate it if people gave it to me.

On a slightly related note Maj deserves the best and you all should give it to her. All mass IMing aside, she really deserves it all. I hope things get better for her 'cause I hate seeing her down in the dumps. Ok, I guess this is a shout out thing now? God, this is gonna take forever. If I don't say anything about you give me a break it's the 4h of July i'm emo and I just can't function. David, cult member, is really ubercool and even if we joke around about things alot I do love him. Nate, my brother -- how can I describe you? I can't, you're always there and it's more than I deserve. Marc is an ass but I still appreciate him as a friend. Adam your boyfriend can flash you all he wants I just don't want to be flashed. Alexis we never talk anymore it makes me sad :\ I miss you. Aly is always there, enough said. Amber and I never talk except when I force her to look at my fan pages; WHY? :o Amelinda and I need to meet or something, I want to buy you pretty things. Amy lurks but thats ok.. except now I have nothing to say about her. Chari is going to sing "I feel pretty" with me and we will make lots and lots of cash and she always trys to make me feel better. Danny and I fight hardcore some times but I really do love him in that platonic your fiance is my best guy friend way. Emma and I never went shopping or anything like we were supposed to but that's ok now she has her own life and i'm happy for her. Eric is a lost cult member even if he was only in the first two shows he's still a culty in my book. Iyari is a godess and she needs to realize it before I make her Is leaving.. and i'm crying over it :'[. James I do love you and your hotpockets. Joss is god and that's just all there is to it. Julie should be happy with James and have many-a-hot pockets together. Kelly is my nicky replacement and I love him just as much even if I didn't devirginize him on tv. Mercedes is dead and if she lives i'll go places with her. Michelle and I have been here together for 7 months.. and I can't even start on how she's helped me even though she's just a youngin' and what have you she means so much to me so don't hate on her or i'll kill you :-* Nicky is Nicky.. devirginized him and he takes me to lunch to make me feel better. Sarah.. oh god; I can't even start on Sarah. She's just. Eh. I can't even find words for her, <3. Seth my anon-man I am sure we'll be anonymous again some day. You amuse me, I love it. Tom is my best guy friend because we love eachother and he asked me to be his maid of honor type best person thing; after all the hair braiding and hot pockets he always trys to make me feel better and like i'm worth it even if I totally contradict everything he's saying. No one knows what that means to me. Ali and I never hung out but we have a blast talking and she and I always have the best conversations. Hahahaha ok i'll stop now. Em and I get scared by our own movies. but she makes me "hee" and what have you, and I hope everything works out for her with David. James is dead.. but even after I make him cry and whatnot he still trys to make me feel better about myself too. Don't lurk ok? Thanks. Jesse is my unbiological brother and I don't want to share him with anyone. I'm so possessive. Seriously Jess I love how you care for me like i'm really your sister :-* <3 Kiki keeps leaving and coming but she better stick around this time. Shannon and I are silly together but when it all comes down to it she's there for me too. Anna and I had matching icons until forever. The catsuit days, and goose girl, and the lovely embarrassing picture wars; so again don't lurk. Holly can not crush Faith she lies but it's ok we're violent and that's fine too as long as she doesn't forget I <3 her Keri is the sweetest girl ever, hee. Marla is sort of new but I have gotten so attached to her that even a day apart is awkward for me. We are so alike it's uncanny, and I hope she doesn't leave or else I don't know what I'd do. Rachael has had some rough times and i've tried to help I only hope it gets better for her, she deserves great things ;-*. Paul should praise me more.. no i'm kidding he is great and funny and him and Ali are going to be happy for a long time or else i'll hurt him. Shiri I still love you even if you refuse to IM me and you lurk alot and alot but that's ok, Love.<3. Ste still looks like Joe, oops. But thats ok. Scott called me fat >:o but he made up for it with lots of presents and diamonds and plus I hooked him up with Marla and he's chill.. :x

That took so long I ended up not saying anything of meaning. Again if I forgot you I apologize i'm TRYING to go off the top of my head here but it's not working so well..

Ok, I know you all noticed that I didn't rant about Vince yet. God I hope you knew he was gonna get a paragraph of his own because otherwise you're all too slow. I was planning this honesty post for a couple of days. Some things are kind of hard to admit, which is why even now as I begin to write this out I don't know how to say alot of things. I'll start with the things that are bad and go to the good? I know, gasp, some thing actually are bad.. most of you were around for the fights. Yeah, not good times. But in a way they did make things better. It just lets you know what things to do and not to do. It's wrong for me to say I enjoyed them. I didn't enjoy them. They really did hurt me most of the time but I enjoy the fact that now I know what makes him happy. And now I can say without any hesitation that I really do think I make him happy. I mean i'm the kind of girl that needs constant reassurance, and our personalitys clash some times but I can't say that's in a bad way. He just.. ugh, ok, trying to grasp words here. Having a difficult time. I know you can't forget the sappiness that was the first post from when he came back. What was it? How much did it make me cry? Rhetorical questions by the way.. but everything I said was true. Even if some times it doesn't seem like it, and I don't say it; I mean it. Again with the opposite personalities; I won't say something to him unless I know he wants to hear it. And he isn't going to ask me to say it so sometimes I just don't know what to do, but I know; or atleast hope that he knows even when we're in a fight or what not -- which hopefully won't happen atleast anytime in the near future, how I loathe those fights -- that i'm deeply and truly in love with him. Yeah, mush and sap all in one. I'm not really the kind of girl that usually stays in love. I mean we've all seen my interviews (or you better have) where I say it takes a very special person to keep me in love.. and he is. He makes me feel like I am this extra special person that deserves everything. And he won't let me say this anymore but it is my post therefore I can, I really don't deserve all he's given me. That one night he came back; yeah, I cried. He just took my by surprise and I never felt anything remotely the same to what I felt then. It was just like this enormous gift that I wasn't expecting. Well it wasn't a gift persay, it was just; him. And wow am I on an emotrip. I already wrote too much and I know you've probably stopped reading by now but since i'm here I might as well continue. The fact is we have our moments good and bad and sometimes we can be nauseatingly cute and sometimes we can be.. bleh, but, either way, at the end of the day I forget about everything when he's there. It's like; i've got this whole hectic schedule all day long and everythings going by so quickly and rushed, and then he'll hold me and it'll allllll slow down and be perfect so I can enjoy the moment. God, ok, i'll stop now to spare you all. I apologize for whoever i'm making vomit.

Happy 4th of July. Happy Birthday Ste. And with that, I bid you farewell.

EDIT // Cheesecake is cool, much like Kelly who I already mentioned but oops i'm doing it again. And Nick Carter wants to be one of my bitches. I used to have him as a whore when we sang Britney Spears together and he spammed but I guess he wasn't good enough for me >:o Hah but look now he's crawlin' back ;]. Ok I accept you Nick

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Excuse me.. [03 Jul 2003|06:02pm]
[ music | Common Rotation __ Post Modern ]


Except you know if you're dating me. Or anyone else. But then if you're not then go jump into her pants right now ok thanks.

P.S. Her aim = kiki brings it

.. NEVERMIND! :D She's taken, wee.

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Ok, ok. [30 Jun 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

So here I am updating. I've been meaning to for a couple of days now. Except I have no idea what's happened. That's why I constantly update :\ Because I forget everything I want to say. And then that sucks. See look fuck I don't even remember what I was going to say. And the fact that I just tried to update; and blurty ate it.. really doesn't help me >:o Fucker.

And Vince is setting up an intervention I think. He's forcing me to sleep. I love him, and everything, but he takes too good care of me. I know sleeping is good. And staying up for three days in a row ontop of the rest of the nonsleeping is bad. But sometimes I just want to stay up and yea I can't apparently. And I really don't care if staying up is bad. But he does so I have to go to sleep for him. God damnit, this is my admitting post. I am whipped. Very much >:o. But if you say it to me i'll kill you. Really no, I will. Ask anyone. I really; really will.. i'm so violent.

Oh, and a new layout. I liked the setup of the other one so obviously I didn't change much, just the picture and colors. I kept the other one up for a week or however long because Vince said he liked it and asked me not to change it. So I didn't.

Bring it on was on yesterday. And today. And probably tomorrow. And apparently True Lies was on too? I don't know, Adam said so. And he gave me pixie sticks. That's cool. Eventhough now he knows my one weakness :/ fuck. Ok there's more than one but you all don't know that.. or you do now. Damnit.

I know how you all love my sap :D /end sarcasm. And I was prepared to make a bunch of sap. And I did. And blurty ate it. Blurty is a hungry whore, so hold your posts tight. And I know Vince doesn't like reading long posts so he probably wouldn't read it anyways.

Tom. Tom. Tom. I love him even if he never hangs out with me anymore and doesn't braid hair and never talks about me. And where did the monopoly go? And the hot pockets? And ok I don't care 'cause he loves me the best. Well you know after Danny. And probably Adam. But then me. Well probably like 50 more people. BUT THEN ME.

Shannons here. Now it's Shannon, Ali, Ken and myself. Lee needs to get here. And of course Jennifer. Then we can have the catsuit bragade again. And I can have an excuse to bring back that icon I love so god damn much.

This post is totally pointless. Three days worth of nothing is in here. My email is dead. I am slowly, slowly dying. And I forgot the end of this paragraph. That bites. Hard. Leo doesn't talk to me anymore. Jesse; hi. Nate; hi. Annas dead also. What the hell? Clares god. Amelindas here though. Hi Amelinda. How are you? Good? Me too. Charisma got new icons 'CAUSE SHE'S AN ICON WHORE. And then denys it. Kirsten is coming back. Good; that bitch isn't allowed to leave again.

I am checking my email still I mean what no Vince i'm not really -cough- and I just got a comment from Adam that says he knows I can kick his ass. I wonder if I really could.. probably not. And oh yeah, Eric would pummel me. And then i'd die. And be bruised. Like in Davids new icon. David has hot icons go look at them. And his user info is the bomb also. Go David.<3

I think i'm done. :\. More pointlessness tomorrow. P.S. I really do love this icon too much.

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[30 Jun 2003|12:57am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Just want to tell people. Still. Save your stuff to your own server. I really can't give you any more warnings. And I really won't make you another layout.

P.S. Bring it on was on today :x Hee, oops i'm gonna make Jesse and Nate blind with this icon.

EDIT // oops more new icons.

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[29 Jun 2003|02:33am]
[ mood | cranky ]

More post later, for now; just letting you all know my server is running out. Within the next two or three days it will be gone, so the following people need to save their journal top images and backgrounds onto their own server, or i'll be gone forever and i'm not gonna make another one because you couldn't save it.

- Alyson Hannigan
- Brittany Murphy
- Claire Danes
- David Boreanaz
- Emma Caulfield
- Holly Marie Combs
- Katie Holmes
- Linda Cardellini
- Michelle Trachtenberg
- Nate Dushku
- Rachael Leigh Cook
- Sarah Michelle Gellar
- Shannon Elizabeth
- Shiri Appleby

And I think I told everyone else in instant messages.. if not, you know whether or not I made a layout for you, so be wise and save it now.

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Hurrish? [27 Jun 2003|07:59pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | .. i feel pretty x: ]

First, the icon. Yes I changed a couple of my icons, haha, are you all shocked?! Yeah.. I didn't think so. This one makes me want to busy out with "I feel pretty; oh so pretty!" I mean, not like i'd ever do that. 'Cause I don't sing. -Eyes Vince- I. don't. sing.

Speaking of which, heee hi Tom. I didn't just sing to Tom my Nirvana CD. o_o. Nope, I didn't. I didn't dance to it too because I dance less than I sing. But I don't sing at all so dancing would never happen either. So both, nope, didn't happen. Marla probably did though 'cause she has her own band. Damn Marla and her band, I want a band. I still love you Marla butican'tmakeoutwithyou but we need to hang out. -Dedicated this paragraph to Marla-

Aw, I feel special, I love my friends ok. :-*. Even if I am too social and I get mass IMed and I can never get anything done I still love you guys, hah. Haha ok so there are some people I don't love. o_o. What? I mean no I love you all, even if (what i'm repeatative) you mass IM me and I never get anything done. Ever. Ever. -Cough- What sorry i'm having a very nonproductive day. I like to get things done. I mean, haha wow, this turned bitter didn't it? Ok yes I admit it I am having a nervy day. Beware :D. Love you all still. AND NO AMY I'M NOT A WHORE. Just because I love people doesn't mean i'm in love with them. >:o. Like I love Amy even if she thinks I make naked icons of her but i'm in love with Vince. Heee. ;-*. Ew i'm not giddy I swear.

I need to talk to Nicky. And Emma. And Kelly. And Seth. And Iyari. And everyone else. I just talked to Emmy, hee Emmy. She tells me her secrets, I feel special :]. Sorry look I went back to the giddyness. I mean, I was never giddy before. DAMNIT you caught me in my lie :[. I got sleep lastnight so now i'm all weird. Sleep makes me weird. Vince look I get weird for you :'[. Haha I don't know why I put the crying face there. It's the weirdness.

Wow, look, I just reread this entry and it is weird. Atleast I refrained from mentioning brainsex Chari alot. Oh Chari blurty was an ass and I never got to finish singing to you in that spam er talking to you. Oh and Marla I made your layout and your aim icon. I think someone else asked me for one but I forget.. so if anyone wants anything; icons, layouts, etc, let me know, i'm kinda bored; eventhough I got nothing done. -Coughcough- But yes hi.

I am such a dork and I admit it. Are you all satisfied? I was going to make a mushy post about Vince 'cause I told him I would but I don't think he wants me to so i'll wait until later 'cause right now I just don't want to heee. Ok, yes, bored. eliza cheers.

-Skips off, humming "i feel pretty; oh so pretty"-


YouLenkIt (8:12:19 PM): Lala
eliza cheers (8:13:30 PM): heeee why are we such love birds?!
YouLenkIt (8:13:56 PM): Because we're whipped.
eliza cheers (8:14:05 PM): i'm whipped..? o_o
YouLenkIt (8:14:20 PM): God yes. o_o

EDIT __ Fine, I can admit i'm whipped. But i'm not the only one. Heehee.

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Hm [24 Jun 2003|11:30pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

So this is my not so emo update, since Vince isn't on yet I thought i'd post before he emoed me up. Although i'm being distracted i'll try anyways.

This first part here is for Marla. I hope you all love her because you should. She is so cool and she makes me go "heee" and that's cute you know you love the "heee". I think Marla and I need to go out all stripclubs aside and reek havoc with our coolness. Love on Marla eventhough she's too busy for me with her date :x. And I hope Marla gets to be as happy as I am although that's unlikely since i'm so uberly happy because someone made me emo lastnight and ever since then I can't stop " :] "ing. Oh, and Scott shouldn't wear green it makes him look like he wants to be pimp. Speaking of which, Paul and Scott missed worship Eliza day >:o. Oh and this icon is for mah baby Marla.

James has been unlurking for me, you all need to follow his example. And Amy, don't think I didn't notice..

While Vince left I learned how to type. You know you all noticed. Now that he's back i'm illiterate again :[. -Tries to type properly still-

Fuck I had alot to say. :\ But I forget it, sad right? I'm still overly social. I'm still Jesse's unbiological sister. I still think Nate shouldn't die so god damn much. I think Sarah needs to not lurk from me, do I need another icon of us or something? -Shakes her head- Don't make me. I made this Leo icon and now he doesn't lurk. Well not as much as before.


Holly and I are talking about "The Unsaid". Besides the fact that it was a Vince movie I did like it. Except for the TOTALLY wrong and disgusting incest. It could have been the violence. Which I don't like 'cause hey who likes violence? -Shifty eyes- NotjealousofLinda, notjealousofLinda. Yeah, i'm thinking of getting more Vince movies. Gotta ask him which ones I won't freak over. Lucky Town almost sent me off my rocker -Cough-. I hear Ricky6 is good, if I can find it anywhere I think that's first on my list. Again, not 'cause the violence :x. Hehehe.

P.s. I love Maj. And Holly. Not as much as Vince but who are we kidding ;-* No one is loved that much.

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:[! [24 Jun 2003|01:50am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ok, this is a Vince post. My boyfriend is way better than yours. I can't even begin to describe how much I don't deserve him. He is way too good to me, and no one on the planet should feel as special as he makes me feel. :[. Look i'm getting mushy, but I continue. He is complimenting me to no end and there is no way I deserve the praise that he is giving me, and yet he keeps on. He says things no one ever has before and it's more than I deserve. I can't even put words together now, because of this. So I digress, but, just know, he is sweet and special and i'm gonna go cry tears of joy now, thank you.

EDIT __ Ok I wasn't done I just got too emo to finish before, because he does that to me, he makes me lose my train of thought which is a good thing. Look, he's doing it again. I have just come to the conclusion that words can not express what I want to say, especially at a moment like this. He makes me so happy that it makes my faces go like this :[ just so that blush. I'm too happy, too too happy.. look, I thought I had posted fifteen paragraphs in here, but I haven't because the words "he's too perfect" just sum it all up. Look at that, just look. Now excuse me while I go be emo.

EDIT 2 __ I wasn't completely done. But I don't know where to finish. I don't even know how I found a starting point. It's been three hours and i'm still giddy, more so now than before. I can't help it, it's like when he's gone I go on these horrible downs, now that he's back i'm on a bigger high than I was before. I never realized what it was like without him. Only five days with him not being here and I cracked. I kept myself overly busy and slept none, I tried not to notice it but I was kind of empty without him. It just wasn't the same, and now that he's here I don't ever want to let him go, ever. And I won't. Well, i'll have to eventually, but not unless then. Emoemoemo.

EDIT 3 __ [6/25; 4:01am] Vince said instead of telling him how much I love him which would cause him to blush and be embarassed I could come and edit this entry again. So I will. Eventhough he is adorable when he blushes, i'll refrain from making him do that. Heeee. GOD DAMNIT I heee'ed :[. He keeps making me heeeee. I have an icon where it looks like i'm about to heeee, i'll upload it on my next icon switch. -Nods-. So, still on the emo music. I recited Romeo and Juliet to him since I for some god awful reason knew 32 lines of it by heart. Don't ask me why, I just did, ok? And he is still better than you and your boyfriends, dont' hate; he's miiiine. Even if he tries to be pimp :x. I mean what no sweetie you are pimp? Haha.. O:-). He even gave in to my Hot Pocket addiction and now keeps his freezer stocked with them. :-* And i'm not a dork for remembering this but the first thing we ate together was funnel cake x:. Heee. Look there it is again! -Runs away to destroy the heeeee-

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Woops.. [23 Jun 2003|12:23pm]
[ mood | discontent ]
[ music | Thursday __ Understanding in a crash ]

Ok, so, I lied, the layout didn't last any longer, I just changed it, and I love this one even more. I went and put a Tru Callings photo on my sidebar because i've gotta keep up the shameless self promotion. You all love it though, don't hate ok?

Lurking is bad and wrong and I will almost never do it again. I am not lurking now, but Anna is. James also. Greg is getting mad at people for lurking but he's lurking too. What the hell man? Loser, I swear. Apparently I missed out on some spin the bottle action, so I get to do the sisterly thing with Jesse now. Partially because I haven't talked to Nate in an ungodly amount of time, and partially because some people who shall remain nameless kellymattandothers were being asses or something. SHAME ON YOU. I'm not afraid to turn on members of my own cult >:o. I will no longer scream "Hack the planet" until you apologize, mmk? -Shakes her head- Shame, shame.. oh, Holly lurked too. What the fuck man? Stop it you people. Tom aswell. Tom's lurking seriously pissed me off, how could you Tom? I sat all alone for hours; Adam signed off at 7 and Jesse just got on; and you were lurking?! >:o. I'm with holding all hot pocket and monopoly privalidges. Bad Tom.

I love my friends, is the bulk of this next paragraph. Everyone is so open and loving, hah, it's great really. Sometimes when I know you really don't give a fuck you go the extra mile, it's nice and I really do appreciate it. And even when I sit here and say how much I suck, and I do say it to the grave, along with my lack of icon skills and -- oh I could go on, you all know this; you do nothing but contradict me. Back in the day Michelle would beat me up and whatnot for saying that. I remember for two months straight I had my "Friends until the bitter fucking apocolyptic end even if monkey with frickin' laser beams attatched to their head try to kill people and stuff" icon collection pimped out. That's the shit right there, even if Michelle is years young [ Wow don't I feel old now.. ] I don't care, she's always been the one I relate to the best [ Sans Vince ]. And if she wasn't on vacation right now i'm over one hundred percent positive she would sit and type out a big mushy reply to this post about how she loves me, because she's done it before, and i'd do the same thing for her. We're like dis ;]. I know I have alot of best friends, but I don't see a downside to it. I miss most of you; Sarah, Kirsten, etc. We had good times, and I wanna get back to that.

Wow, went on a rant there did I? And I still have much, much more to say. I'll save it for my post for later on; Anna just signed on and i'm going to uberspam talk to the people Jesse was telling me about. Beware, people. Beware..

EDIT __ How silly of me to forget. Vince hasn't been around for a couple of days, four or five I think? Eh, so I went out and rented "The Unsaid". Usually I steer clear of his movies becauseIgetwickedjealousofallthosesexscenes but a while ago he assured me that this one would be ok. And it was sex scene free! but let me tell you, that was a fucking sick movie.. incest.. -Shudder-. It was, uh, good. Hahaha.. ok gotta talk to Holly and Ali now :-* LITTLE LARTERS.

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.. [22 Jun 2003|03:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Surfin Walker: Eliza has nice boobs. :-X
Surfin Walker: Eliza is my Goddess with perky breasts.
Surfin Walker: She's not.. THAT.. weird.
Smooches Ali: what the fuck

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Hello my friend hello, it's good to need you so [21 Jun 2003|09:15pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Neil Diamond has some serious ownage, if you didn't know. Sorry, I just have that song stuck in my head for quite some time now. Don't diss Neil, ok? I'll let Alanis mocking slide, but not Neil..

This may sound kind of odd, but i've come to the conclusion that I am too social. I know way too many people for my own good; when I try to lurk I feel bad for not talking to the. -Shakes her head- No, that's wrong, then i'll never get to lurk, and i'll be on getting mass IMed forever and never get anything done. Another thing that fuels my over socialness is the fact that at this very moment I am thinking of over 20 people that I need to giv eshout outs to in this post. The hell? That's way too many shout outs. I'm gonna start turning back into Michelle. For those of you that didn't know, back in the day Michelle was the one who would always be on AIM trying to get me to unlurk. Sad how things have changed. I'd try the secret aim thing but apparently I am not good with secrets, so that's shot to hell. So lurk lurk lurk.

Charisma is back. We need to party damnit. Party harty >:o. Hah. Ali needs to come too. -Yells "Little Larters" eventhough she has no fucking idea what that means. Dies laughing-.

I now know what an annoyance most of my posts had become. They're annoying me aswell. I'm going to change the way I do some things, for my own good. OOC ) Oh and I see how you all decided to jip the user info thing. Kristin flaunted the "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" to me, I think that's just so I don't kick her ass. -Snickers at her- 'Cause she knows I will. Unlike Holly who can't kick my ass and won't because i'm too loveable. -Beams proudly-. Right, and, Ali and I are making subprofiles trendy. Ofcourse ours will always be the best, but you all can try.

Looks like this layout actually made it on for a week. Bravo. And i'm still keeping it because I really do like it. Too bad the icons aren't that lucky, and i've already changed them. I love these new ones :]. Mmm icons. Oh, and, HACK THE PLANET...

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HEY!@# [21 Jun 2003|05:31am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Incubus ]

It's Erics birthday. He didn't tell me ;-;. BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC. Keeps Adams chest lawn away from me. Mmk? And Vinces body is still better :x

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[20 Jun 2003|08:26am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

No real time to update, i'll come back and edit this later very indepth-like. I just wanted to flaunt the new layout I put up yesterday. I used a Tru Callings promo photo, so i'm really diggin' this on, mgiht not change it for a whole week! GASP, and Ste looks like Joe >:o.


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Die blurty you post eating whore. [18 Jun 2003|07:46am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

.. I just had possibly the longest and most substancial post I have ever written, and it just got deleted. That's really fucked up. Ali and Tom are the only ones that know that i'm talking about. Now i'm pissed. I want my fucking entry back.

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[17 Jun 2003|08:30am]
[ mood | amused ]

Sorry about the mass posts but I just wanted to let everyone know..


-Hopes Ali has a fun time mocking him-

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