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    Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
    3:10 am
    Why do boys have to suck?
    I mean seriously. You meet a guy and give him the best head of his life and what do you get back? Nothing. How did his fraternity brothers find out about it? Maybe it was the one who walked in while we were getting busy and said "Whoa, sorry ." Why would my friends tell? They have enough fun with it just by making fun of me. And why did Coty`s guy not call her? Seriously. I`ve decided I want a bf but now`s a really inconveinent time for that since I`m so busy and no nice guys exist! Or if they do they want me to give them head and then tell me they don`t want a relationship. Seriously. Later, kids.

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    Sunday, July 27th, 2003
    10:57 pm
    I talked to Mike the day before yesterday. Basically it's over...really before it started, but that's okay. We'll see each other during Gravelrama and just might possibly get it on in the woods. Do any other of you women have that fantasy? Getting busy in the woods, wearing jeans, getting dirty, maybe some mud, maybe at dusk...add a motorcycle for transportation and that just may be perfect. Mmm...mud...and men...mmm

    Gravelrama starts Aug 23rd. I'm sooo pumped. I've always loved driving fast but I've found something I love better: riding with someone who's driving fast. Then it's still dangerous, but I'm not in control. If we flip, it's not my fault. Flying through the rugged outdoors with the possibility of death on the horizon awakens all my senses. It is awesome! Gravelrama itself is a bunch of races through hills, pits, trees, sand, gravel, mud, water on either quads or in Jeeps. Fun fun fun! I know it sounds hick, but seriously, there are some hot guys out there! They're all buff, tan, and usually workers--which I have found myself liking more and more recently. Slackers need not call me, I need a man with motivation who will do things to reach his goal! And it seems there are a lot around me down here, they're just relaly hard to find. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of slack jawed, sloppy men with mullets at the races, but sorting through them can lead you to a good one :) A good man is hard to find. But finding him has great rewards. A hard man is good to fnd.

    Alright kids, I'm outta here. I think I'm gonna go find information on becoming an EMT. I like helping people.

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    Tuesday, July 22nd, 2003
    7:16 pm
    Pour me something tall and strong,
    Make it a hurricane, before I go insane.

    Me friend Coty and I took my new car out for it's first roadtrip on Sunday :) We can't afford a real vacation so we decided to go to Peru and Mexico, Indiana (go ahead, laugh...). So off we went. Both places sucked beyond belief and we couldnt get a refund on the hotel. So we trashed it and headed to Indianapolis for the night. We ended up getting drunk at a comedy club in Broad Ripple even though we're only 19 (had my first hurricane!). Bought some porn, met some guys. Went downtown. Mistake, because not only was I driving with a buzz, the Black Expo was going on. 1000 black people on the streets and 2 white girls. Not that I have anything against different races but it was 2:1000 and I was kinda like "Hmmm, that hasnt happened before to me in Indiana." Ohio, yes, but Indiana? Diversity is not our strongpoint. Plus cops were posted at EVERY intersection and I passed about 30 (at a distance of about 3 feet) while driving intoxicated. Kind of ironic. But all in all a successful roadtrip.

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    Saturday, July 19th, 2003
    1:54 pm
    Don't you hate...
    when you buy small curd cottage cheese but open it and it's really large curd? Now THAT'S annoying...

    But what really annoys me is when you get home from work and have plans. Plans to hang out by yourself, do your own thing, and get your shit accomplished. But then when you arrive home, your older sister, visiting for the wknd, informs you that you must drive her to your grandma's because she doesn't want to waste HER gas in her car. And that we have to leave NOW. And that while she sits on the couch, you need to go get her pizza out of the oven so it doesn't burn. And do the dishes so your mother, who was in a car accident 2 days ago, doesn't have to do them when she gets home. And the whole time your sister laughing her ass off at a gay movie about pinatas and monkeys. And expects you to laugh, too.

    Yeah, that would suck if that happened.

    Current Mood: sarcastic
    Friday, July 18th, 2003
    5:40 pm
    Welcome to me
    Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to Blurty but not to blogging. I've taken a break from being online so much, but my friends all tell me my life is entertaining so I feel the need to share it with you :) Keep in mind that while all my stories tend to involve alcohol, sex, and other such things, I swear I'm not an alcoholic whore! Would you really read this journal if it were about me reading my microbiology textbook? I didn't think so...

    So today I'm thinking about what I want out of life. I have these 2 friends. One is 19, one is 18 and they're sisters. The 19YO is single, living in Texas (instead of Indiana, where we live), in the Airforce, and studying dental forensics. The 18YO lives in farmtown with me, works at BP with me (she's there permanently, I'm there for the summer), owns a bait shop with her fiance, and enjoys sitting in her swing on her porch with her cats and dogs at night. Which sister are you more like? I've always thought I wanted a LTR, but right now, not a chance. I'm like the 19YO and I love it. I could be happy being single until I'm 30. I love having my own money, living my own life, and having the freedom to take off to Mexico or hook up with my best friend's little brother at a moment's notice. Wives don't have either option. Sure someday I'll be able to live with that, but now? I like Mexicans and Mike so rock on. And speaking of Mike, I recently came to a realization. I'm talking to a guy in Indianapolis (where I go to school). His name is Mike and he is 27 and I'll prolly never mention him again in this blog. I'm also seeing a guy here. His name is Mike and he is 17. That's a 10 year difference and both of these guys have potential to be more (not likely, I know, but still...). Makes me wonder. I'm 19, btw.

    So possibly this weekend I'm going on vacation. I really think I'm going to get my nipples pierced. Any feedback on that? I put a pol in my AIM profile but the only ppl who responded were my bible thumper friends so they don't count. Not that I have anything against religious ppl, but I'm not going to be sleeping with them so ??

    Peace out :)

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