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guys suck buh flordia is soo much fun! [24 Dec 2003|10:47am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | rent // light my candle ]

its funny how guys try to play off the things like nothing is ever wrong! please lol grow up! lol i dont play ur lil 2 yr old games ..damn boii got me soo mad i chucked mah cell across the room nd cracked mah case .. so i had to get a new one ... oh well shyt happens what do u expect .. OMG FLORDIA IS SOO MUCH FUN! ALLIE IS WITH ME ND WERE HAVIN SOO MUCH FUN.. FRIDAY WERE GOIN TO THIS GREEK RESTURANT ND U DANCE ON TABLES ND SHYT SOO MUCH FUN LOL.. SUCKS THE WEATHER ISNT TOO GOOD TODAY CUZ WE WAS GOIN TO GO SWIMMIN OH WELL IT HAPPENS LOL .. NE WAYS I DO MISS PHILLY THOUGH.. last nite we did hunnkkah (cant spell) i got some nicee stuff .. jlo jacket thing .. shorts .. purse wif 69 all over it .. money .. i got a gold necklace wif mah naiim nd etc .. ahh i love the holidays lol .. okay well im goin to go juss wanted to update because its been 325324646 yrs lol .. miss yall!
x0 embiie

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FLORDIA [24 Dec 2003|12:11am]
im in FLORIDAA ahhh soo much fun! okay i wanted to update becuase its been fo lke ever! iight 1 mwa x0

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hello [07 Dec 2003|10:37am]
[ mood | tired ]

Sry I havent written fo like ever .. i was in CALI for 5 days whata blast .. Universal Studios, City Walks , nd Disney Land was sooo much fukin fun! The bat mitzvah was amazing it was in Sound Studio 6! Oh yeah i made VARISTY basketball for school nd im playin JJBl team 94 .. LIZ IS ON MAH TEAM HAHAHAHA...I really dont have much to say ill write later .. 1

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im in CALi [30 Nov 2003|08:04pm]

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quiz cuz i was bored [22 Nov 2003|06:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | simple plan // perfect ]

->> 411....
FiRst NaMe* -> ember

LaSt NaMe* -> allen
BeSt kNowN aS* -> em . emmie . emba . embiie . lil one
SeX* ->girl
CaNdLeS* -> 15

FiRsT bReaTh* -> 11 . 14 . 88

HaIr CoLoR* -> brown
EYe CoLoR* -> green
HeiGhT* ->4'11
sHoe SizE* -> 4 1/2
GlaSsEs Or CoNtaCts* -> yerp
Got BrAcEs?* -> nope
qotta cell phone -> yeah
RePpIn wHat CiTy* ..- PHILLY
HoOd* -> pine valley .. hahah thats the old name no new name
OcCupaTiOn* -> high school student
HiGh sChoOL* -> washington
GraDe sChoOL* -> PACS
PaReNts NaMes* -> vicki nd barry
SibLiNgs* -> 1 brother

PeTs* -> hell no

->> FrieNds....
Ur BeSt* -> joce nat kat allie dave brian ben rolando michelle
FrIeNdS* -> meg melissa chris bridget steph mary ash kim etc
ScHoOL budDiEs* -> theres a bunch.
KnoWn ThE LoNgEsT* -> ashley nd michelle
KnoWn ThE sHoRtEst* -> sarah
Ur aLwAyS wIth* -> joce nd nat
CrAzY OnE* -> joce
ALwAyS LaUgHiN* -> haha nat nd me
FuNny OnE* -> nat joce michlle
SeRiOuS oNe* -> none
ALwAyS hAs a MaN* -> porlly me lol
SmArTy PaNts* -...> duno
SwEaThEaRt* -> dar
MeAnEsT* -> duno
AsShOLe/BitCh* -> duno
KuTeSt* -> a lot
sHoRtesT* -> meeeeeee nd kate
TaLLeSt* -> allie
OLd HeAd* -> julie
YoUnGiN* -> nat
1st ReAL fRiEnD* -> michelle
tHeRe FrOm ThE sTaRt* -> michelle nd ashley
tRuSt w/ eVeRyThInG* -> joce
ALwAyS sMiLiN :) * -> jocelyn
ALwAyS SaDd :[ * -> duno
LivEs tHe FaReSt* -.....> ashley
LiVeS tHe CLosEsT* -> michelle
WhO wOuLd u GiVe uR LiFe 2? * -> bunch of ppl
WhO dO u WisH u WeRe CLoSeR 2? * -> no one

->> LovE Life....
TaKeN ?? * -> yerp
By WhO?* -> jay
SinCe wHeN? 11 . 20 . 03

* --GoTtA cRuSh?* mah babii
WhO iS iT?* mah babii
WoUlD yOu H/u WiTh ThEm?* mha babii of course
SiNcE wHeN?*
WhO WaS yOuR fIrSt KiSs?* HASON
WhEn?* wen i was 8
DiD yOu gUyS gO oUt?* yeah
FoR HoW LoNg?* dono
WeRe YoU tHe dUmPeE oR tHe dUmPeR?* dumper
ArE yOu GuYs sTiLL fRiEnDs?* naw

->> Did u eVeR....
SmOkE* -> yeah
StEaL* -> no i was juss there wif mah friends who did
GeT dRuNk* -> yeah
dRiNk* -> yea
SmOkEd WeEd* -> yeah
HaD sEx* -> yeah
FLaSh sOmEoNe* -> haha yeah
LoSt a BeStfRiEnD* -> yea
HavE a FrIeNd KiSs ThE bOy u LikE* -> yeah
GavE a LaP dAnCe* -> lol yea
GoT iN a CaR aCciDeNt* -> yea
PiSsEd sOmEoNe OfF* -> of course im ember
ChEaTeD oN sOmEonE* -> yeah
GeT iN sOmeOneS faCe* -> yea

->> ThE LaSt TiMe I....
tOoK a ShOwEr* -> this morning
AtE* -> yesterday
DrAnK* -> .....
CaLLeD sOmEoNe* -> lil bit ago
SoMeOnE CaLLeD u* -> lil bit aho
GoTteN dRuNk* -> um last wekeend
HuGgEd SoMe1* -> this moirnign
LaUghEd* -> 2 min ago
CrIeD* -> couple nites ago
ReGrEtEd SoMetHiNg* -> um havent regreted notin
SmiLeD fOr No ReAsOn* -> today <3 i love ya babe
ToLd SoMe1 u LoVeD tHeM* -> yesterday
SoMe1 tOlD u ThEy LoVeD u* -> yesterda

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my day yesterday [15 Nov 2003|12:46pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | nelly // iz u ]

omg wha a great birthday! so i woke up in the morning nd i saw on the fl there was sumthin yellowish i pick it up its a b-day card from mah dad it was such a sweet card awww..then i ran into mah parents rooom nd jumped onto the bed nd they were like u want ur present now i was lile yeah .. they got me 3 shirts plus stuff i alreayd got .. then i get dress nd mah cell rings its like 6 30 nd it was evan lol he juss called to say happy b-day nd leave to ggo down to michelles nd she got me mah balloons lol!! so then we get to school nd i scanned in nd the machine started singing then i was walkin down the music hall nd tim says really loud happy birthday ember lol then i went down the music hall nd kelly got me sumthin aww she so sweet.. then mark nd pat came down nd i got hit in the ass .. then spencer gave me a hug nd told me happy b-day .. then brian came down nd was like happy b-day nd then rona came down nd was like HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMBER ND gave me a hugh she knocked me over lol .. then me nd her were walkin pass all these ppl nd they started signin happy b-day lol ..half of them said "amber" lol ..then we had assembly nd nat came in nd gave me ballons nd a present lol aww i love her..then in first period mayson kept stealing mah balloons nd lol then pat walks over nd gives me this paper wif a drawing it was like happy b-day ember this is what its goin to look like wen were married in georgia it was hillarious .. then 2nd period was normal got yelled at like always lol .. lunch was great so muhc fun!! .. then bio was pretty good lol nd so was geometry .. then health singletary wasnt there no teacher in the room so we was all chillin nd i lost one balloon lol .. then was texting wif arielle .. then i was goin to english nd jane nd rona came down the hallway nd stopped me nd started singin happy b-day camp..it was hillarious .. they scurred me!..then english was english .. get yelled at cuz of brian talkin .. that bytch hhaha lol ... then i got home nd mah uncle glenn called song me happy b-day nd all talked to him for like 10 min ...then mark l. mah moms friend called nd wished me happy b-day .. then later on my nannie nd poppie called nd wished me a happy b-day they were at mah uncle glenns nd they all screamed happy b-day lol .. then sara jennna jocelyn and allie came over! lol it was soooooooooooo much fun ilu grls .. then sara nd jenna left allie nd joce were sleeping over ... lol me nd joce were hyper as shyt we was dancing lol haha till like 2 then went online .. ahh what a great b-day! lol ilu all hehehe..well i gotta go .. gettin ready fo soccer

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME! [14 Nov 2003|03:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | ITS MAH BIRTHDAY ]


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NO SCHOOL [11 Nov 2003|09:29am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | perfect // simple plan ]

yo whats up all ya .. havent written since i dono .. lol ive been busy .. mah weekend was funn well espicaly sautrdaii .. fridaii joce came over it was fun for the most part lol .. saturdaii i i had rona sweet sixteen that was funNN! then i selpt over natalies .. lol whoa i had to much fun wif the web cam lol ahhh so much more ...MAH B-DAII IS FRIDAII! oh yeah .. last nite me nd katie went to the mall to get mah b-daii prsent .. i saw mike sheffsky (however u spell it) .. haha spencers was fun lmao! thats ghetto they aint have mah nelly poster booo hooo lol .. i was havin spaze attacks lmao ..LOL wen me palmer nd kate was walkin home from school todaii i tripped over everything it was hillarious then wen me nd kate was walkin to wait fo the bus i was talkin to her nd i walked into a damn bush lol .. kate almost got hit by a car nd if she did she would of been rollin down that mother fukin street yo i couldnt stop laughin! that was a great nitee.. im over katies right now her ass is styll sleepin.. im kinda styll have dead lol oh well .. dont kno what im doin todaii because theres no school buh i have a denist oppioment at 4 00 yay what funn haha naw .. iiqht well i juss wanted to up date .. one

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NO SCHOOL [11 Nov 2003|09:29am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | perfect // simple plan ]

yo whats up all ya .. havent written since i dono .. lol ive been busy .. mah weekend was funn well espicaly sautrdaii .. fridaii joce came over it was fun for the most part lol .. saturdaii i i had rona sweet sixteen that was funNN! then i selpt over natalies .. lol whoa i had to much fun wif the web cam lol ahhh so much more ...MAH B-DAII IS FRIDAII! oh yeah .. last nite me nd katie went to the mall to get mah b-daii prsent .. i saw mike sheffsky (however u spell it) .. haha spencers was fun lmao! thats ghetto they aint have mah nelly poster booo hooo lol .. i was havin spaze attacks lmao ..LOL wen me palmer nd kate was walkin home from school todaii i tripped over everything it was hillarious then wen me nd kate was walkin to wait fo the bus i was talkin to her nd i walked into a damn bush lol .. kate almost got hit by a car nd if she did she would of been rollin down that mother fukin street yo i couldnt stop laughin! that was a great nitee.. im over katies right now her ass is styll sleepin.. im kinda styll have dead lol oh well .. dont kno what im doin todaii because theres no school buh i have a denist oppioment at 4 00 yay what funn haha naw .. iiqht well i juss wanted to up date .. one

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hello sunshine [06 Nov 2003|07:47pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | milkshake // forget who sings it ]

hey well how do use like mah journal? thanks donny it loosk great! i love it nd i love nelly! hahah hes so damn sexii .. well i hurt mah ankle tear drop tear drop its drivin me in complete sane u have no idea .. i wanan cry because im not able to be mah self it hurts to walk sometimes and right now its bball tryout nd stuff nd like thhe coach nkows i hurt it nd i try mah best buh then iget the worse pains thru it! why do i always gotta get hurt its not fair... ahahahah everyone is callin me " LIL ONE " yo juss cuz im 4'11 hahahaha .. . yo ima drop kick some people (haha allie) .. i love u lifestyle lmao ... i kno u love mah trogan ways lmao ... FLORDIA SOON AND SO IS CALI! I CANT WAIT! i miss GSC soooooooooooooooooooo much! i got a b-daii card from them yesterdaiii nd it made me think of sooooooooooooooooooo much shyt from camp the best place on earth .... MAH B-DAII IS IN 8 DAIIZ WHOA GO ME ILL FINALLY BE 15 LMAO im soo damn younq .. dont kno who im liken ne more hahaha .. thats a first lol oh well im tryin to get my mind straight .. i had touturinq todaii so much fun let me tell ya .. tomorrow half daii jocelyn commin over hahaha okaii well im done byeee mwa x0


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HELLO SUNSHINE [06 Nov 2003|07:22pm]

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HAPPY HOLLOWEEN [31 Oct 2003|01:46pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hey hey hey .. sry havent written ahh so much stuff been qoin out i juss havent found the time till now .. because its a HALF DAII yay lol .. well lets start off wif mah SEPTA ride home ahahah ... well i sware to q-d there was sumthin wronq wif that dude he looked like he was qonna hijack the bus yo i aint playin .. he was taken us down all the wronq streets and shyt lol EVERYONE was cursinq him out nd shyt so then he drop us ALL off at baldi well i dont like to walk so me nd melissa are screaminq all this shyt at the bus lol nd we all walked across the street wen the light was chanqinq yo they can wait i aint runnin its that stupid ass dudes fault tlol .. it was kinda funny to think bouh it now lol.. todaii was pretty qood lol ..haha durinq biology we had these riddle things here they all nd if u kno the answer comment nd ill tell ya if its right i onlii remeber 2 ... 1St one .. ottffss_ _ _ fill in the see missinq letters .. they have to do wif numbers ... ne questions ask me and heres the 2nd one .. 5 + 5 + 5 = 550 .. u have to put a line in somewhere .. haha ne questions comment or im me ( xoshortie69ox) hahaha ... ne waiiz lol mah american history teacher qave me the wronq test todaii so i had to take 2 test lol oh well .. i cheated ne waiiz .. lol i cheated on mah english test too hahah katie thanks fo the cheat cheat .. lol lunch was hillarious me nd jocelyn were dieinq .. it all started because of the choclate bar we were eatin had letters on it nd she was like slut .. i was like hoe nd we keep qoin wif all the names nd juss started sayin sum pretty funny ass shyt .. u had to be there lol .. ne waiiz i had basketball condioninq tusedaii nd wed . i couldnt qo thursdaii cuzi had toutorinq .. hahah tusedaii we ran a mile then went to the weight room and then wed .. we ran 5 laps around outside all the gyms nd then ran 10 laps of steps and then the weight room lol .. ne waiiz im done for now IM GOIN TRICK OR TREATING TONITE MAH ASS WANTS CANDY LMAO!! ahhaha .. leave me so l0ve <33


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im soooo HAPPY [27 Oct 2003|06:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | 504 boyz // i can tell ]

i had an awsome weekend .. buh i dont need to put it all in here .. juss wanna write bouh what ive been thinkin bouh .. DONT WORRY EVERYTHING IS GOOD cuz ive been soo happy since saturdaii ..
ive been thinkin whii should i care nd be upset wen all i have to do is put the BIGGEST smile on mah face .. i finally found the smile .. its not over anii quy ne thinq its juss beinq wif ppl who make me the person i am .. julie qrl this nothin more i ask in a friend ur like the qreatest ever nd im qlad were styll friends and we will always be .. i love u like mah sister .. and u kno mah mom and dad do to! so many qreat times wif u .. nd were toqether its nothin buh lauqhs .. haha STOP DROP AND ROLL! haha what the hell was i doin lol we couldnt stop lauqhin .. spetember 5th a DAII WILL NEVER forget lol .. hahah omq qrl i love ya 2 death bfffaeaeaea .. its people like here who make what i am .. i used to be sooooooo shy till i became friends wif her .. no im loud nd crazy hahah .. haha yesterdaii brouqht bacc memorys wif ashley cuz mah mom said sumthin nd the ash said sumthin nd then mah mom was like ash i remember wen u were really little nd used to take ur clothes off nd dance on the bed naked me nd ash were lauqhin so hard it was soo funny .. ive known that qrl since i was 2 .. haha love ya qrly .. im juss sittin here thinkin bouh all mah old memorys and how much fun ive always had .. ive always been soo happy .. jocelyn . sara . nat . katie . michelle . meghan . mary . melissa . bridget . dar . alexis . illona . sami . brian . dave . spencer .pat . kelly . aliie and EVERYONE else are the people who make me more then happy .. i lvoe all of u 2 deaht nd i couldnt ask fo ne better friends .. well thats all fo now cuz im juss sooooooo HAPPPPPY
l0ve yaz ...
EA challenqe everythinq lol

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why the fukk do u ppl do this shyt? [24 Oct 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | sad ]

whats the point of this ne more .. i cant deal wif these ppl .. i hate wen ppl dicc u the fucc over .. like seriosuly yo why couldnt u of fukin called me .. is to hard to picc up ur damn phone nd saii sometinq that shyt is corney nd u kno who u r! q-d im fuccin pissed as hell there went a fridaii nite wasted .. i had plans nd cancled them juss so i can chill wif use nd wtf happens yo thats fuked up! im sicc of all these damn ppl .. i juss sat her nd cried a couple of min aqo fo how much shyt is qoin on! i cant take nothinq ne more .. everythinq nd everyone is qettin to me! i feel like i dono even kno ne more! i feel so damn werid ..mah heart is achinq from all the pain! u can look me in the eyes and see im hurt from head to toes .. i juss wanna qet awaii from ALL this damn drama ALL this damn people everythinq.. i dont think i can take it no more .. i wanan be at GSC so bad! it dose nothin but take the pain away! if u knew me u would see behin those fake smiles .. in camp its all real! the people are nothinq more then i ask fo! they are litteraly the best thinq there is nd the best people i kno! i miss them all soo much .. amanda and caitlin i dont kno what i would do wif out either of u there ! i feel so complete wif ppl like u areound nd no lie i look up to use! i dont qet why mah life is fallin apart so much the pain is stronqer then anythinq in this world juss fucc it i cant type no more im so fukin upset pc ..

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fucc yall [22 Oct 2003|05:23pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

what the fuk is wronq wif ppl these fukin daiiz! it they make we wanna fukin die i sware yo fuk all yall .. nd qrow the fuk up!

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mah juss dandy daii [21 Oct 2003|09:02pm]
[ mood | scared ]
[ music | on th phone ]

okaii well i wasnt qoin to write todaii cuz i didnt exactly feel like it buh now i do .. lol today was iiqht .. 10th,11th, and 12th all had to come in at 9 00 because 9th qrade testinq i was soo happy i qot to S L E E P then mah mom took me too school because i didnt feel like walkinq wif michelle and them .. shyt yo i aint qoin to qive up a ride .. its beats wuh walkin fo a half hr .. haha so well i came in to school and quess wuh mah ID dont work .. nd i wasnt qettin a temp so i was marked absent all day oh well .. adviosry mah teacher call me a bad qrl because i was in the hallway messin around wif a bunch of quys lol .. nd then in 1st period me nd jocelyn were like diein! PLANKTON ahahah .. we said that at the same time lol.. then reasource same old same old .. lunch was iiqht .. dave was pokin me nd then pete was nd then i dont kno wuh happen i qot all confused and i didnt kno wuh was qoin on! i dont know wuhs wronq wif me these daiiz .. then bioloqy was kinda bad i had no idea wuh was qoin on and i didnt understand wuh we were doin at all .. then qeometry another class im real spacey in i dont understand him AT ALL .. he talks like were freakin in colleqe and kno wuh is qoin on .. then health was fine i juss really dont care any more nd then enqlish i had a test so i went down to reasoucre i juss cant deal wif ne on shyt riqht now i dont exactly kno wuhs wronq wif me .. its qettin pretty close to mah b-daii .. mah parents havent stopped fiqhtin .. nd mah mom is always sayin she wants to qet a divorce i hate that shyt so much! i feel like braken nd down nd cryin! its pretty bad .. iiqht im done fo now
one <3 ember

comment plzzzzz

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i sinqle [20 Oct 2003|06:31pm]
[ mood | cold ]

y0 well i aint wif brian ne more i dumped him todaii i juss wasnt feelin it
heres the letter i wrote him:

Hey babe,
brian i d0nt kn0 h0w t0 put this in w0rds in pers0n nd i kn0 it aint riqht t0 d0 it like this buh i d0n0 i have tr0uble explainin mah self ...i like u and all buh this is q0in n0where .. its styll like ur n0thin m0re then mah friend .. buh its all werid .. i d0n0 if u kn0 wuh i mean buh this is h0w i feel ..im s0 used t0 talkin t0 u b0uh mah quy pr0blems nd everythinq buh n0w its like wen mah quy pr0blems nd everythinq i have t0 d0 0n mah 0wn .. i d0nt wanna l0se mah friendship 0r ne thinq wif u buh i d0n0 this juss d0sent feel riqht f0 me ..but after fridaii s0 much shyt has q0ne thru mah mind .. nd if u think its cuz the letter u read earlier it wasnt .. i d0nt like that b0ii at all ..he came up t0 me t0daii nd asked me wuh mah answer wus nd it was a straiqht 0ut n0.. u can even ask katie nd j0celyn they were sittin riqht there.. i quess u can saii im n0t t0 q00d wif reali0nshipps .. well ever since ive been wif this b0ii i expect every0ne t0 be juss like him .. i d0n0 wuh t0 d0 n0 m0re .. ive been s0 stressed and c0nfused (VERY c0nfused) latelty .. i d0nt really kn0 wuh t0 d0 wif mah self lately .. i quess part 0f this is makin everythinq feel is werid is because i d0nt really talk t0 u ne m0re nd i d0nt exactly see u n0 m0re .. nd well i d0nt kn0 wuh else t0 saii.. i h0pe we styll can be friends nd all.. nd im sry babe
i l0ve ya,
babe im s0 c0nfused im sry f0 ne thinq ive d0ne .. mah life is juss a mess riqht n0w nd wuh i need riqht n0w is friend .. nd i l0ve y0u!

he aqreed! it was pretty pointless and all .. well ne ways mah b-day is in like 3 weeks nd 4 daiiz i cant wait .. i qot yellled at pretty much all daii well that bouh it

-ember loves

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s0ccerr qame yesterday [20 Oct 2003|02:57am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | kelis // milkshake ]

yesterdaii qame was qreat we finally w0n a qame ... 6-0 .. i sc0red 3 .. ash s0cred 2 nd adjua sc0red 1 it was qreat i q0t an0ther qame s00n so im out byeee
i l0ve u brian

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hell0 .. welc0me t0 this w0rld ADEN SAMUEL <3 10//13//03 [15 Oct 2003|06:20pm]
y0 well wh0 kn0ws were ive been lately .. cuz i d0nt seem lke im t0tally mah self .. theres s0 much stress lately .. like every0ne is real happy or really depressed nd i think im juss mutral ...l0l i d0n0 .. damn m00d swinqs piss me 0ff .. well ne waiiz i was 0n the ph0ne with julz friend nd julz f0 a while last nite nd then he hunq up s0 it was juss me nd julz nd we were bein r dumb selfs nd calln mah cell leavin juss dumb messaqes havin fun 0f b0red0m l0l they were s0 funny t0 listen t0 i was fukin diein ..then we called evan nd we had him listen t0 them he was like what the fuk l0l it was s00 funny ..well t0day was iiqht .. this m0rninq i came in nd i walked d0wn the music hall with karelene and amanda and then there was kelly s0 i was chillin with her nd we was talkjin b0uh her nd pat nd then all sudden theres pat nd we juss started lauqhin it was really funny .. then brian came d0wn nd i chilled with him f0 a lil then i left cuz i had t0 see if the counsouler was there ..b0uh 0f c0urse she wasnt dumb bytch .. hist0ry was iiqht .. reas0urce there was a fukin asssembyl f0 all special educati0n .. im n0t in that shyt i juss have 0ne fukin learninq supp0rt class nd thats cuz i had an IEP thats n0t mah fault i was pissed as hell .. then i came d0wn t0 lunch it was iiqht bio was iiqht qeometry was iiqht health was iiqht english was iiqht .. i quess u can say mah daii was iiqht l0l .. brian q0t inh0use suspenssi0n t0m0rr0w dumbass sh0uldnt cutt l0l .. after sch00l there was a bball meetin pratices start next week f0 try-0uts 0h boii time t0 qet in shape .. i q0t 2 s0ccer qames this weekend .. q0in to julz fridaii nd allies saturdaii .. this wekend sh0uld be funn .. well i q0t n0thin else t0 say s0 im 0ut byee
<3 ember

I love ya brian <33


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b0ii i have a l0t 0n mah mind [12 Oct 2003|09:04pm]
[ mood | confused ]

kinda thinkin nd speakin out louddid u ever stop fo a moment nd realize people onlii start drama because they want what u qot .. nd wuh they lack nd wuh u qot they try to take! so will be down on there level..lately ive been doin nothin buh thinkin bouh mah life .. nd i look back to wen i was lil nd realize how i was ALWAYS HAPPY nothinq ever could tear mah smile away! buh then i hit 7th qrade nd the worse thinq in mah life happened .. mah q-pop died! the worse thinq ever it turned not juss me around bouh everythinq around me! it made me look at this world another way.. everytime i hear someone talk bouh death or everytime someone makes me mad nothin more comes to mah mind buh him! i dont understand why i cant be as happy as i was .. i hide all mah feelinqs with a smile a smile thats onlii real once in a while .. buh people these daiiz makes life soo hard .. which i do like cuz then i qet challenqes to take nd over come ..buh i aint taken it no more .. im qoin to pull mah life back like it was nd u kno wuh if ne one wants to talk shyt qo fo it cuz u kno wuh everii thinq u say aint tru so why dont u juss hush ur mouth nd save ur breath cuz reallii no one cares!
well for mah weekend friidaii i qot h0me fr0m sch00l nd mah m0mma dr0ve me d0wn t0 julz in mayfair nd walked fr0m mayfair t0 n0rtheast hiqhsch00l it was fun .. we keep switchin places t0 chill it was me julz jeanette joe john sean nd kat ..it was chill then julz dad pickled us up nd dr0ve me home .. he turned down the same street we tryed to take as a sh0rt cutt i juss started lauqhin remember that daii .. lol well ne ways then saturday mah p0ps w0ke me up r0und 10 s0 i c0uld qet mah hair cut .. nd then went t0 qet s0ccer s0cks nd then fix mah qlasses lol .. well then i came h0me ate nd then called sara .. she came 0ver r0und 3 30 0r sumthin nd mah br0 dr0ve us to like kwrest0wn cuz we had t0 q0 wait fo shawna t0 c0me up at qrant .. buh since we had a l0t 0f time we visit mah m0m at w0rk then we was walkin past wawa nd alissa nd dee came 0ver t0 me nd then natalie did nd talekd t0 them f0 a few nd then me nd sara continue t0 walk d0wn t0 the qas stati0n nd chilled waitin fo shawna .. well we was sittin there nd s0me 0l head came up nd was lke r use sister i was lke naww why d0 we l00k it nd he was yeah i was lke 00 nd he was like i th0ught use were cuz u both qot brown hair nd qreen eyes i was lke um okay lol .. its n0t like ihes the 1st pers0n t0 say it lol .. well then FINALLY shawna came s0 we were walkin bacc to mah h0use nd shawna was walkin 0n s0me0ne qrass nd she bust her ass y0 it was hillari0us it like came 0ut 0f n0where .. she was like damn im sewinq u fukin ppl i was dieinq .. s0 we qet bacc to mah h0use nd we 0rder sum f00d nd then we was wait f0 the b0iiz t0 c0me l[ john jordan nd sum other dude dont remeber his name ]l well they finally q0t to mah h0use nd we was drinkin nd shyt .. mah br0 was like lauhqin at them l0l .. then j0hn nd the 0ther b0ii was upstiars playin the quitar with mah br0 l0l i was like um iiqht .. then shawana left so it was me sara john jordan nd the boii .. so mah br0 then left a lil later .. nd i decide t0 turn the liqhts off nd i q0t mah flashliqht nd i kept p0itin it 0n ppl nd i was like u q0t STD's it was funny..wel lthen the b0iiz left so me nd sara were juss chillin nd kelly imz nd was like sayin all this shyt im like wtf u talkin b0uh why w0uld i waste mah time talkin shyt 0n mah bf plz .. thats mah b0ii why w0uld i d0 that .. seri0usly .. 1st he was mah best friend then mah bf ya kn0 ppl r c0rney .. buh supposily i t0ld katie wh0 told michelle wh0 t0ld alex wh0 t0ld casey wh0 told kelly wh0 t0ld brian wh0 came t0 me .. i w0uldnt d0 tha shyt i have a head 0n mah shoulder that aint q0nna qet l0wer f0 c0rney ass ppl! well ne ways then i went t0 sleep cuz i juss didnt care ne m0re .. so i woke up ate nd went to get mah qlasses fixed AGAIN them fukin retarts! well they fukin scrath them shyts nd all s0 0f c0ruse they had to fix them nd i had s0ccer at 2 30 nd there w0uld be n0 way to qet them till after s0ccer s0 i was kinda madd bouh thta .. so then i went t0 s0ccer we l0st 3-1 .. i asited r q0al! nd played q0alie m0st 0f the time .. n0thin went in the first half .. mah punts were real q00d the raff even t0ld me they was .. then 2nd half i came 0ut f0 a lil nd then after the 0tha team sc0red me nd the qrl wh0 was in the q0al switched .. then s0me0ne 0n mah team hand ball in the b0x s0 they had a direct kikc y0 i was scared as shyt .. she fukin made it i was pissed .. then hte next q0al was cuz i had n0 help on the 0ne side i cant do it all ya kn0 .. well then i came home qot mah sandles 0n nd went to pick mah qlasses up nd then q0 t0 the market .. i q0t h0me nd i was qettin ready to take a sh0wer nd mah ph0ne ranq it was evan i told him i w0uld call him back wen i qet out ..s0 wen i q0t 0ut i q0t dressed came d0wn stares nd called him back so then i wasj uss chillin talkin to natalie darlene and allie well thats bouh it fo now.. tomorrow no school dont kno wuh im q0in to d0 cuz i aint q0tta ride .. im 0ut bye mwa x0

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