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** I hate BoiZ ** [28 Jul 2003|02:09am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Deborah Cox- nobodys supposed 2 be here (remix) ]

we got ready to go to the fair, and then we went to shaw's and saw danny! haha.. but anyways we got another bottle of pucker, we put some in a bottle and drank it at the fair. Colleens mum was wicked drunk I hung out with Jared and William for a bit. jared was 2 pussy to go on ne rides haha.. Col and I got a couple more mardi graw beads haha.. and we got on some rides for free.. other people we saw were, tj, nick, nikki, jessica, tonya and some other people. we went on the zipper and the skyemaster and the cliff hanger today. we left and went back to colleens house and smoked 2 bowls. Rick let fucking Colleen drive to the store! haha it was crazy... and then she drove back to her house after.. we saw Chris C. driving by. Col and I drank a little and then my mum came and picked us up.. IWe tripped for a little whiile haha im not ne moer tho.. oh yea I talked with Brad tonight.. i think he is coming over tomorrow.. i hope.. i really miss him.. even after all the fights adn shit him and I have had recently.. i still miss and like him a lot.. ugh.. i hate boiz
<3 eAo

NoTiCe Me<3*

[27 Jul 2003|01:59pm]
-LAST NIGHT- Slept in late again.. (lazy bitches!) ha, i took a shower, and keri and lacey came over to my house. we left for the fair around 6, and then went to the fair. we kept getting on rides for free. ha it was cool. we went on the zipper and the apollo and sea dragon. it was really fun. Keri, Col and I got some beads from this guy.. humm. we had to earn them right girls! haha (even if we didnt do shit! lol) we stayed at the fair for a while and then met up with tj and corey. they had some beer so they shared some with us, and then brought us to the lanes. I was having a shitty time haha.. dude i saw fucking colleens thongs hanging out and so i went to go give her a wedgie and then they kinda broke haha so her and I were fucking running around the parking lot and she ended up ripping mine haha.. and then Col and i smoked with jon, darren, and tony. we smoked like 3 bowls but each bowl went around like 4 or 5 times. we went back to the lanes and just hung out for a while. chris, drew, adam, billy, and scott were there right before we left. we talked with them for awhile. then jr dropped us off at Colleen's house. Today I wanan go to the fair with Jared.. haha Cols mum has pucker for us lol... dude wtf when i woke up this morning i looked over and there was a shit load of pot leafs on colleens dresser lol (for some joke.) but il be back at cha

NoTiCe Me<3*

...uh-o... BoUnTy.. uh-o... [26 Jul 2003|03:06am]
[ music | lil jon and eastside boiz- get low ]

Tonight was alright i guess... Col and I went to the fair for a little bit.. Ran into some people that we knew haha.. dude some guy started to talk to colleen and he asked for her number and then shes liek ahh.. i go "if you give her a cig she will give yu her number" so he gave us one and then she gave him my bedroom line (the one that I'm always online with haha.." and then we walked over to the bounty.. Bounty was good i got to see a buncha people that i havnt seen in a while. Chirs Curtis was there so was his brother Drew (both hotties haha).. Drew was like "I love you, I lvoe you" every 5 seconds outside haha.. wtf.. humm.. and Kurk was like keep getting close to me and matt was laughing haha.. them kurk got mad becuase i called him stupid haha.,.. Col and I were going to go to Mikes party or Becky's house but my mum was being dumb,.. i told her that was going to Keris house and then she got all pissy.. so i was like whatever fuck it come pick me up lol.. so now COl and I are just sitting here chillin.. i think i wanna go to the mall tomorrow cuz i fucking lost my purse.. someone stole it at the bounty and it had a buncha my fuckign shit in it.. im PISSED!!.. but whatever.. ugh.. i wanna go to the lanes 2.. illl be back at cha..

<3 erykah

NoTiCe Me<3*

::my Vac. in HaWaII:: [26 Jul 2003|02:43am]
[ music | b2k- girlfriend ]

Finally I have tyme to do this haha..

Friday July 11th- Kim and I stayed up all night so we could sleep on the plane ride there. Our first plane was about 3 1/2 hours to Ohio. From there we went to Salt lake city. and then to honolulu. Then we took another plane to take us to the Big Island. It was fucking morning all day for us. Kinda shitty haha. Because of the tyme change (6 hours differance).. Once we got offa the plane our baggage wasnt there yet. So we had to wair around for that. We went and got the rental car still waited around for a bit until we got our stuff. From there we drove to the place to get the key to the condo. We ate dinnerr. OMG the place that we stayed at was sweet.. Kim and I had our own room with 2 different beds. our own little bathroom and shit it was pretty kewl. Kim and I went ot the pool to look for guys..

saturday 12th- Got ready for the day, we went to some meeting about all the different things that we can do while we are on the big Island. Werid thing is that one of the guys knew my dad! haha.. we got into talking with him and about me having some family on Ohau. haha it was fucking werid. Kim and i got really close and talked about different things mstly her guys in her life haha... Later on we went back to the condo and got our bathing suits on and walked out to go swim. The pool was closed and we were walking back 3 guys started to talk to us. Peter, Jay and Wolf. They were all so cute haha.. Wolf had a WICKED nice body 2! haha

Sunday 13th- We got up around 8ish and got ready and all that good stuff. I wore my white adn red bathing suit with my A&F White skirt and my black eeathervane tank top.We went to some other condo place and swam like all day. Kim and I met a buncha little kids haha.. little bois that were like 4 5 and 6 lol.. We also burnt our faces a bit.. We went shopping.. after that we didnt go back to the condo kim and I went right to our pool. We thought that we saw some hotties in the pool but they turened out to be pretty GROSS! lol.I wanted to see Peter and the other guys from the night before. WE ended up walking back to the convo to get some pop we saw wolf and hes like "did I met u last night" haha we started looking around for peter after that.. we went back to the pool area. All 3 of the guys coming in the pool when we got there.. Peter came right over and talked with us. about 10 seconds later 2 dumb bitched came in.. ugh haha,... whatever.. so the guys did pay much attion to us becuase they were with them. Whiel we were in the hot tub jay said something about them just living next door.. i dunno lol.. when we were about to leave we saw wolf and he asked us for a slipper he asked why and we see a huge bug!!! and it was so0o cute he goes "well the cats see them and they play with them and get stung" so he startetd to kill it haha..

Monday 14th- we went on this stupid plane ride type thing that took us around the island. I got a little sick haha. but becuase Kim was there she helped me haha. We got to see some lava flows and shit to. After the plane thing we had to go to the hiltonto get paula we got to see some dolphins and the turtles.. haha.. on the way out we saw peter iwth different guys we talked with him for liek 2.2 seconds lol.. then we went back to the condo to go swimming.. after a little bit we saw wolf come in and he hurt his leg and was holding a paper towel on it after a bit those dumb bitched came back and we left we walked around for a little while and whent back in the pool area the girls and wolf were gone and we just sat down and 3 guys in the hot tub were looking at us.. One was like "hello ladies" and jumped in the pool.. the other guys were like.. yuh he hasnt talked to a girl for a while and it was hard for him or something haha.. i clapped for him.. Peter came in after and he came and talked with us. We walked back to the condo and wolf came to. We saw on the lawn wolf left and we layed there for a bit.. all cuddled up looking at the starts haha.. them the sprinklers came on we all hid under the covers. Then we moved onto the hill.. then Kim got up and started to talk around she took a blanket and peter and I were cold we got up and we went to a level ground place (on the gold course) Him and I rolled up close together and then kim back back adn threw the blanket on us.. whatever the night went on and he had to go pee he got up and went.. Kim came back and then we stayed and watched the stars more.. Peter went pee in the golf hole!!! haha it was so0o funny.. then i had to pee so i started to walk inside, kim told me to go towards the light so i did.. i heard somethign in the grass but i ignored it and then 5 seconds later i triped adn a motion light came on i lok down and i see a toad on its back and i screamed and jumped away and ran insdide haha.. i got another blanket.. and then when we were just sitting ther when i got back we saw a flashlight and it was paula and rick.. we got into trouble. it was bad haha.. They took peters cd player and cellphone..

tuesday 15th- we got up and went to the pool... they never relaly sadi ne thing to us about the night before tho.. kim and I walked back to the condo room and then we wrote peter a letter and brought his cellphone and cd player to wolfs condo room.. Rick Paula and nana were still at the pool... a bit laterwe heard a knock on the door.. it was peter wanting his stuff back and he wanted to say sorry to rick and paula. we helped him think of some things to say to my aunt and uncle lol.. and then he left to go to the pool to talk to them. I layed out in the sun and then we all took showers and got ready.. that night we went to some ranch thigny.. (boring) there was this punkish guy there.. he was cute lol.. and we took a little walk with him and talked to him for a bit.. his name was mike. he was 15..

wed. 16th- ass crack of dawn once more.. got ready and went on some all day bus tour.. it was alright i dont wanna get into details haha.. later on after we got home from that Kim and I went to the pool and we ran into those 2 dumb bitches.. they come up to us and started to talk to us about peter and getting him into trouble.. kim bitched back at them haha.. we were going to fight them but Kim didnt wanna get kicked out or ne thing.. a white car drove up and someone goes "Peter who?!?!" the girls didnt know ahah.. they parked the car and peter steps out ahah and 2 other guys and 2 girls.. the one that yelled outta the window looked JUST like fucking Nick sullivan it was CRAZY! lol.. but whatever. he talked to us for a little while about fighting those girls.. we found out that one of those girls names is Erica.. ugh! haha.. im tired and i dont wanna write a lot so im going to make shit short now lol.. 3 words kim.. "Chanel and Panel" haha or "Stephine and Monica" haha.. wtf.. this curly headed guy was so0o0 funny..

Thusday 17th- was the last day on the bigisland we went snorking and that was pretty fun. I got lots of pictures and stuff.. when we got back we got to see peter... I took a picture of him 2. We snuck back out in the middle of the night to see him. Kim an him had a long talk/goodbye i feel asleep haha

Friday 18th- we took a plane to Ohau and then we got ine new van and went to the hotel for a little while.. wecalled my grandma. Her and my couzin Chanel came and picked me up. we got my other couzin and then went to go watch my other 2 little couzins dance. (damn those little girls came shake it! haha i slep over at my grandma's house with chanel. we talked a lot and caught up on some shit..

saturday 19th-Woke up early and went to watch the girls damne again.. some little 2 year old won the comp. she even won over 20 year olds! haha.. We went to the mall for llike 2.2 seconds. then back to grandma's house.. I showed chanel all about Aim and everything lol.. her and i took a "jog" to some park type thing.. we actually went to see her boifreind.. he reminds me of saito lol... whateve.r. humm.. after that Rick, my nana, Kim and Paula came to pick me up.. i felt sick that night so i went to bed fine..

Sunday- we got up had breakfast and then went to the swap meet thingy.. I got a purple jade braclet. after that we drove around did a little more shopping and then we went walking about at night..

Monday 21st- we we to some place haha i forgot what its called. so0o0o many hottie! lol. i forgot what else we did haha.

Tuesday 22nd- man we got to go surfing!!! hhaha it was the shit dude!! I stood up the first tyme haha.. the people who taught it to us were nice looking fire fighters haha.. after that we went shopping at Local Motion and shit.. thenback to the hotel room to do some packing.. and then we went home haha thats about it.. BORING yuh? lol

NoTiCe Me<3*

2nd night home... [25 Jul 2003|04:35pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | genuine- pony ]

ok.. haha sorry I still havnt written about Hawaii yet.. i havnt had tyme sense i've been back.. well the night i got back from hawaiii I just kinda got home and went on the puter to talk with peoples.. then around 1ish I told John to go get Colleen and pick her up so he did.. then her and I just hung around for a bit haha... Crazy yet sad but we ended up watching Spice World haha... We stayedup until like 6 in the morning and then we slep until 3 in the afternoon.. We went to the mall, met up with Lacey and then I left to go to my house adn get clothes, so then my mum brought me over to Colleens house.. After a little while of being there Zach showed up.. We were trying to get some weed.. that took a while haha... we ended up calling Matt (we told him that we were going to buy some from him.. but we didnt). When Zach and the other to people he was with went to go get treez Col, lay and I called matt again and told him to meet us at the end of the new boston road... so we had to fucking walk down there just to see them lol.. We talked to them for a little bit.. then we saw that Zach's friend drove by and we had to get back to the house.. Lacey stole some weed form matt.. i dont think that he knows haha... so we went back and then smoked.. Col Lay and I just hung around in her room.. after a bit we heard Rick come in and he had blood all over him.. we asked what happened but we didnt get a good enough answer... dude it was fucking crazy haha.. we had to go get Col's mum on the other side of the park. and she was so trashed!! ... Long story im not going to get into more details.. just.. talking, bitching, guns, and cops... we stayed up until around 7ish (in the morning) and slep until like 3 (2 hours ago) lol... geesh haha.. well ill be back at cha..
<3 eAo

NoTiCe Me<3*

-:-Still in Hawaii!-:- [19 Jul 2003|06:46pm]
Hey Everyone!!! Damn i havnt wrote in a while lol.. well im not going to tell u right now what i have been doing because I dont have time haha and i dont have a good memory.. I have everythign written down, but Im goig to wrtie about that when i get back.. humm.. well Im at my Grandma's house right now... Just got back form talking a walk with my Couzin Chanel. We went for a walk to see her boifreind (cute).. he reminds me of Saito.. oh yuh Kim and I met a guy named Peter.. Ill tell u about him later when i get home from Hawaii.. well Im talkiing to my Bradly right now and Ill get back to you around wedensday or so.. Love u all and miss u lots!! I LOVE YOU BRADLY! haha.. MUAHS!
<3 eAo
(3) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

::Hawaii:: [11 Jul 2003|12:23am]
[ mood | excited ]

First.... Im getting kinda annoyed of some people i know that dont have blurty's that want to read mine and dont want to make one hah so im putting it back open for people to read again.. i would apperate it if people would pleace comment every now adn then. thanks XoOX MUAHS!

alright wel this sucks haha i just got done writing about today and then my fucking webpages are being dumb and when i pressed update journal it didnt work, when i went back nothign was there!! that pisses me off when that happens haha..
WEll today i got up around 12:30ish got ready and waited for my dad to come.. once he got here he gave me a card with $100 dollars to spend in hawaii.. pretty good i guess lol.. then we went on a mortorcycle ride.. we went out to eat to Govorors and stuff lol.. i dont evne knwo where we rode to becuase it was way away.. then we came back and he left and i was by myself.. i sat down at the puter getting ready to update my blurty and i hear my door opening.. i walked down the hallway and i see Col Lay and Jon walking in haha.. werid .. i havnt seen Jon for such a long ass time! lol (hottie!!!) we just hung around for a little bit.. we watched some home videos of Col and I when we were little haha and then one of Col Lay and I making rank phone calls *always great*.. they left sometime after 6.. i waited around for my mum, she got home a little while after that and we went to the mall to go shopping for clothes.. i got some cute outfits.. and then after that we went out to dinner.. and then back home haha.. i got online tlaked to some people and then finished packing for hawaii.. and then i burned 4 cds for the plane.. DAMN IM GETTING EXCITED! haha i cant wait to lay on the beach and get all tanned up lol.. im excited to see my cousin Chanel too.. and my other family memebers.. well Sorry to everyone who i comment on their journals for not commenting for a while beucase im going to be gone...

Dont worry ill write down everything i do so i can update back 2 u guys and tell u evreything haha.. XoOX

<3 eAo

(5) *SeE mENoTiCe Me<3*

<**I LoVeS BrAdLy**> [10 Jul 2003|12:27am]
[ music | thaliah ft. fat joe- i want you ]

I miss Brad so0o00o much!!! I want to see him really bad :(... When i get back from Hawaii i HAVE to see him a lot! lol.. whatever.. im bored.. this shows it too >>>>

I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly I <3 Bradly

haha im out.. Peacce.. Brad I love u haha..

erykah loves brad

NoTiCe Me<3*

Shopping.. [09 Jul 2003|09:59pm]
[ music | Jay z- excuse me miss (remix) ]

I just got back from shopping with my mum.... I also got my pics back from newyrok (and there are 2 from the bounty.. of Col and Drew and Col and I).. haha there is one pic of col and i in China Town (newyork) and we have these huge round clownish sunglasses on haha we look so0o funny.. I sucks tho because its kinda dark.. i wanna bring it to one of those places and get it lightened and stuff... its so0o0 awesome! (the pic)... humm.. i wnat Col to come over tonight becuase im leaving tomorrow night.. well actually its friday morning but same thing lol... i gotta go tho.. Xoox

NoTiCe Me<3*

HAPPY b-DAY TO ME! lol [09 Jul 2003|01:28pm]
[ music | frankie j- dont wanna try ]

Crysta7x: last night i flicked a cig out of your mouth
Violent Love17x: u did? lol
Crysta7x: yeah. you were like HEY!
Violent Love17x: haha
Crysta7x: then you saw it was me
Crysta7x: then you're like THANK YOU CRISTA!
Crysta7x: i was like hhahah
Violent Love17x: haha
Violent Love17x: geeesh
Crysta7x: you thought you were going to puke so you laid down on the bathroom floor
Violent Love17x: OH GAWD! lol
Crysta7x: hahahaha
Crysta7x: it was baaddd
Violent Love17x: yuh.. i can only imagine!
Crysta7x: haha


xxmashleyd515nxx: oohh- did u have fun yesturday?
Violent Love17x: dude i dont even remember a lot of it
Violent Love17x: what happened?
xxmashleyd515nxx: LoL u guys were pretty retarded haha- but it was cute
xxmashleyd515nxx: LoL u told me to hold ur pants up
Violent Love17x: haha wtf!
xxmashleyd515nxx: umm.....lol u and colleen were like kissing each other in a pattern
xxmashleyd515nxx: it was weird


omg... yesterday was fucked up! lol.. well first of all i gotta talk about the 7th...
I went out to eat with my mum and tom to the olive garden.. and then we fucking went to Lacey's hotel.. that sucked becuase i waited outside for a while until someone who went out to smoke a cig opened the door for me lol.. and then i went to their room and knocked.. no one answered it.. i was getting pissed i stayed out there for at least 15-20 mins!! then Chance came in and he didnt know where the girls were either.. i was going to go ride around with with to find them.. but Lays mum and dad we like where r u guys going? and we asked where they were and they were in the pool lol.. so i had to walk all the way to the fucking pool... humm.. those three were really fucked up and trippin on triple C... damn girls.. haha.. I went to "baby-sit" them.. but Lacey was acting alright and responsable about shit so that was kewl.. that night we on lol.. pretty boring.. we waited until 12:00 and then then it was my b-day! haha yay.. Back in the room Ashley and Col were like banging on their tummys (still trippin) and they were like making a song and shit lacey was like stop and then 2 seconds later they both made the same banging noise it was so0o fucking funny.. i think you would have to be there tho,. we stayed up liek all night long.. and then we went to bed adn got up pretty early the next day..

HAPPY B-DAY TO ME!! tuesday. 8th- haha We waited around until 1:00 so Lacey's dad could bring us to the store to get our pills... we went to Hannoford and lacey went to the drug counter thingy and got the pills while COl and I got gum lol.. we saw Matt Joy there.. hes so hott haha.. we all looked liek scrubs too.. we all hadnt taken showers and we were in our sleeping clothes.. well.. after that we went and brough Ashey home and then back to the hotel.. we went swimming for a bit and then we slept well. Col and Lay slep while i watched Seventh Heaven haha.. it was like 430ish by the time they got up.. they were stil sleeping when i was in the shower.. when i got out we all took the pills and then we all finished getting ready.. they started to kick in a while after that.. took me a while to kick in too.. we walked over to the movies and I dont remember a lot that happpened!! lol.. the convos above are about last night.. I remember going in the back and getting high with Matt, kurk, Col, Emily and luke.. Lacey didnt smoke, she just stood there.. i dunno why.. i was fucking scared shitless.. tyme went by so0o0o slow.. it seemed like we were there for a long ass time!! i dont even wanna talk about everything, becuase i dont remember.. we watched some of 2 fast 2 furious.. i sat on the fcucking ground haha... laying with my head between Cols lap.. i was comfy tho haha Chris Cawly was there sitting behind colleen (she was leaning on his legs i think lol).. hes such a cutie! haha werid tho, he wears girls pants haha.. whatever he likes tho haha they looked good on him lol... humm... well.. after the movie we walked back to the hotel and then we ordered pizza! haha.. we sat outside they smoked some cig butts and thats about it.. we went to bed soon after all that shit and then woke up around

Wed.. 9th- 12ish.. lacey left Col and I at the hotel room while she went and hung out with Jamie so she could talk about her problems and shit.. before that tho i got woken up by Lay talking on the phone with Elise.. that phone call didnt seem very good.. whatever.. i was half asleep 2.. humm.. a little bit after Lacey left i called my dad and he came and picked me up Col's mum got her not much longer after that.. and that basically leaves now haha. so many people have talked to me about last night and how i was acting but whatever.. i dont care lol.. i gotta go tho. im out peacce

<3 Erica

NoTiCe Me<3*

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