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  2003.09.20  02.28
elliott, mournful and a full collapse....

fuck that. so i went to this great show tonight, the last elliott show ever at least in my area and it started really great.

mournful played and they were so very amazing, they always are, but tonight it felt really good. they had to do an encore, which happend for the 2nd time tonight in their 6years band history, so it was a really great show.
anyway, its so very hot in this place and way too crowded, so i figure it would be smart to stand on the heat to see a bit of elliott. so they start their set and its great, when i suddenly start to feel really sick and dizzy....and that at the beginning of the first i wave to matthias and try to leave the room. the door is...lets say maybe 20meters away, so i started to push people away, because i felt like i was going to collapse. 100s angry looks at me later i finally find my way out....cold sweat all over, all green in the face and shaking like hell....
after 10 minutes i felt better, so i tried to get back in again only to recognize that it would just be same again, so decided itd be smarter to stay outside. the same thing happend to me a few months ago at the isis show and that was annoying, but this time it was worse. the really need airconditioning for this place. damn!! more nice things.
ill fly to america in 5 days to kiss someone i miss everyday for 3months now.
im sure we will have a great time, even though its just for 3 weeks, but hey...thats better than nothing right?
we might visit michael jacksons childhood place...yay...and we might go to chicago for a day...but all of that doesnt matter as long as i can be with him.
and im very excited about going to the symphony to hear mahlers unfinished 10th. i havent been to the symphony in years and i love that kind of stuff so much.

more later, or not...


Mood: grumpy
Music: mournful - monochrome