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[30 Jun 2003|06:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | bjork ]

i always get the good ones, ladies and gents.

the guy i was supposed to be dating just wrote in his juornal about how he liked someone else. `she`s hot and i think i have a crush on her.` pft. whatev. he was supposed to come and see me, right. he went to the beach instead. getting drunk, and probably doesn`t care if i`m pissed right now or not.

i told him to call me while i was at the beach.

he`d much rather get drunk. makeout with every lady he gets the chance with. stare at other ladies. do god-knows-what with another lady, and i`m supposed to be okay with it?

what the fucking ever. shut your face, rc. as i`ve said before, you`re not allowed to tell me you love me. you`re not allowed to tell me `you`re the only one i want`, you`re not allowed to tell me you want to come and see me, you should be surprised that you`re allowed to talk to me.

honestly. if you didn`t want anyone to know we were dating, since i just know how to figure this shit out, you should just not date me.

oh right. we aren`t dating, public of mine. hint. nudge. wink.

sod off. tell me what you want next time before you make the decision to be my boy. i don`t need nonsense.

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[30 Jun 2003|10:20pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | mates of state ]

omg hi. i`m ashlynn.

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