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Update!? [16 Mar 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Rasmus - Falling ]

I have loadsz to say damn it. Well, Okay, Went to Centerparcs last week. There was this hot guy there. He was called Sam i heard someone call him lol. And he was so fit. But i never saw him again. Also why i was away i found out Vicky and Rachel went over Karls house... Was i pissed off... Yes i was. And to be honest i still am. It has done my head in so much. Also i hate the way Vicky is with him it's like agh... i dunnooo but it annoys me 'cause them two talk about like... eveything and it annoys me loads and loads. But meh well. I guess tehres nothing i can do about it huh. Also theres this boy Tom. I may have mentioned him before but i will again. He's my cousins mate but i added him to my msn way before then though. He's not that bad looking, And he has a great personality toooo. Me and him are like best mates. I tell him everything 'cause i trust him and we talk and joke around lol. He's like the male me. But i was gonna see him on Friday but he finished school early so i couldn't but you know i'm going up there in the ssummer and we'll meet up then. =) But yeah. Dunno what to say now. I'm just talking to Karl on msn and a few others. Um so... I dunno what to say now. Um. Bye x x x

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