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Heya. [03 Mar 2004|08:16pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

'K well. Me and Cara are mates now which i am glad about 'cause things started to suck. And well me and Karl are like, Okay aswell i think. Although i'm still pissed off with what he did, I'll tell you. Okay well, The other day he asked me what days i was free and i said well Fridays the best day 'cause we're not at school. So okay, everything was good until the other day when he decided to say to me the i couldn't go to his 'cause he was going round Adams, 'cause adams parents are away. So he'd rather be with his mates than be with me so you know. What can i do about it. I am going away next week so i'm not gonna see him for like, 10 days, and it bothers me alot. I get the feeling he's gonna start going off me, realizing that he's probly better off without me, I think that he's gonna get bored soon, 'cause i dunno. Just we've been together for what... 5 Months, pretty long eh?! And well, i think he'll start likeing other girls, I dunno though. You know what i would like, For me and him to have the perfect relationship. Like no fighting, Being close, Going places together or seeing eachother alot. And for it to last forever or something, I'd like that but he'll dump be soon i think. I'd neevr dump him unless he cheated on me, and you know i don't think he'd do that, although i'm not 100% sure. But i'd never cheat on him and i hope he knows that too. Bye x

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