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waho0 [16 Oct 2003|02:59pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | yay! ]

so, here i am, in the computer lab...at school with rachel.and her beads. i just found out that brianne blocked me thinger on her blurty, but thats alright..ima get a new one soon..=] yay! lol, so i'm apparently supp0sed to be doing a project that is due on monday..but since i am stupid ..i refuse... oh..i just passed my science test..and my math test i was .5 off from passing..stupid..stupid..stupid teachers.. heheheheh..ohhhh look tis bo0mer.. bo0mer is a bit of a queer.. lol..typing on the computerage..i kinda wanna know how old he REALLY is.. maybe.. 6 =] but he ish a cute..anyways..i be gettin me internut back zees weekend!! COSTCO RAWKS!!!! waho0! yeah...anyways..i'm done for now..check out the link..tis finch<3 (should be atleast)
anyways, done for now

xh3id0 l0ves c0dfishx

www.artistdirect.com/music/artist/ card/0,,1563769,00.html

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i wish I WAS QUEER [06 Oct 2003|08:20pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | billy talent- livin in the shad0ws. ]

yeah so here i am..making fun of stupid people..who make fun of joe. hehehe..yes..i mean you dawn..you're gay. i hope you die. i want you dead. and brianne.i hate you. i hope you die. you're a queer. you're nothing but a fucking dyke. and i hate you. also. i miss my dog. i hate all of you stupid people that hit animals. even if it IS a frog. its LIVING.. DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS GET HIT.. AND MAKE SURE YOU'RE KIDS HAVE LEASHES ON THEM. THATS RIGHT.. BIG HONKIN ONES. LMFAO..I AM WARNING YOU NOW..KEEP YOUR FATHERS TIED UP. with a little dog house..and feed it daily. =] yip..anyways

bye stupid people =]

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"X-TINA" SUCKS ASS..YEAH THATS RIGHT DAWN"eh" [28 Sep 2003|11:34am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | ...franco..un american..if you can tell..from..my blurty.. ]

well..i WAS on the phone with him..
anyways..it was fun last night..we went to the punk show..and these hot guys..dan and kyle were there..hehe *email addresses..SCORED*..bwaha! kerry just came..baring gifts..mmm..fo0d N ICE AUSTRALIANS!!

time to go..i need...



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wahoo. [20 Sep 2003|01:17pm]
alrighty..i'm here..babysitting with kerry..she slept over..t'was..fun..i talked to cody..for an hour..and a half and i ignored kerry =] lol..and i find out..the bitch dumped joe..i don't really wanna call her that..but..for some reason..she deserves it..
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..hmm... [06 Sep 2003|08:14pm]
well, i am at kerry's.. yet again.. heh.. yeah tis fun..i've been here since yesterday at like 4.. lol..i live here.. i hate my house. i hope it burns down =D ..ugh..my dad is gay..and so is my mom..and kerry is..odd...she was watching me today.. =| than..than she mollested the bird cage.. she was "trying to get the dog jealous" HONESTLY i think she has something for her animals =\ OH GAWD! WHY DO I COME HERE..yeah..and than..she fuckin wanted to kill her dog..
heh heh..i love her dog..it smells like piss =D..rightio..than we walked to the store.. =) kerry bought me stuff cuz i am poor..and..cuz...didn't bring money..but last night..we made this hot ass guy..SO MUCH HOTTER it was incredible..we put some hot lip stick on him..gawd.. kerry was moanin..i don't know why.. i am kidding.. she didn't moan..but i swear..she thought he was hot..heh he..shes got bad taste =)

GAWD MY DAD IS A FUCKING DUMBASS.. i hope he falls down stairs.. heh hehheh..SUCKER..

anyways..my dads gay.. thats all i have to say..i say that a lot..i'm gonna call him a fuck face tonight =)

heidi.->and if i don't make it..know that i've loved you all along
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j0e ownz. [30 Aug 2003|05:08pm]
and the enlightful conversation abo0t "dawneh!" KILL HER GOOD

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i hate: [30 Aug 2003|12:19pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | taking back sunday-your own disaster ]

at the moment i hate:

being sick.
being at my uncles.
knowing that when i go home...school will start 2 days later.
being at my uncles.

things i love at the moment:
good charlotte.
new found glory.
taking back sunday.
being out of ear shot of my uncle/dad/aunt/mom.
knowing that i am going home in less than 24 hours.
going to kerry's house.
hangin out wif eve and kerry.
going home.
listening to music too loud that i have an ear ache/head ache/almost bleeding ears

i hope dawn dies.
=] thanks a bunch for reading ->if you did

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bah! [30 Aug 2003|11:39am]
alrighty, so i'm at my uncles..yeah..its fun.. =\..i have nothing to do. i was soo happy when i got to actually come on the computer..cuz i miss cody right..than i find out..that somehow..in the THREE DAYS i haven't been on. i almost got dumped. GRRRRRR kerry...don't talk to cody anymore. 2)i think cody..hates me. FOR FUCK SAKES


=) if cody loves me..*cough if cough*..i will be so happy

other than the fact that i love death right now
i love cody.
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happy today. [26 Aug 2003|02:27pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | don't give up-new found glory ]

wee, today is such a good day. i woke up, and my sister was being nice and shit and my dad was gone for like an hour so i didn't have to listen to his bitching, and than i went on|ine and i was looking at my codsta's profile..gawd he's awesome =) hehe..than..i left. came on. and he was on. therefore..i was talking to him =) yesterday i went to ko0p3r's house.. we hung out wif evelyn and than she went home. i biked all zee way to kerry's house..from my house..gawd..thats like...a 5 minute DRIVE. bah. anyways, than we went to the store all funky looking and i was wearin my gc hat *ish a winter hat baha!* and this guy was like "why are you wearing a toque* and kerry was like.. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A DICK..lol..then he drove away..and than she started screaming like nate *Drools* from Finch..lmfao it was great. than jake/nathan/victoria/alex/peter showed up at her house..prety preppy people..jake doesn't hate me anymore. baha! than we did nothing t'was fun.

anyways,..other than that nothing happene.d.wo0 i found 10 bucks on zee ground HA!

i love cody.-> forever x0x.

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at kerrrrrry's [23 Aug 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | touched ]
[ music | BUDDY HOLLLLLYY WEEEEZER-hahaha i'm touched ;) ]

wo0..so i'm at kerry's..tis fun..DO NOT GO TO THE AVRIL LAVIGNE WEBSITE..we thought..oooh lets send hate mail..and than when it came up
so anyways... we thought we'd start to make fun of this carlos fellow.. heeh PPOOO POOOO and than we found a shirt that says poo poo..therefore..we started to laugh..hehe laugh laugh OW HAND SPAZM

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weeeeeeeee [22 Aug 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | afi-silver and cold ]

general admission -aka..close to thu stage-
$38..i love laura.
wo0sh...43 days till zee concert.

nothing much happened except fucking vogl is going to the fucking concert..UGH I HATE HER. HATE HER. DIE.
well..don't die..you could have a purpose..but still. i don't have to like you.

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x-wo0t gc c0ncert-x [19 Aug 2003|07:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | that 70's show theme song..good sh0w =) ]

Me+Laura..possibly other people
TO A GOOD CHARLOTTE CONCERT..->if there is..one..which i believe there is
which means
TWO good charlotte concerts in LESS THAN A YEAR
my life..is actually..getting
but most likely..it will start to fai| again. =(damn.

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wo0..eric.. [17 Aug 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | spanish shit on zee tv..wo0sha ]

alrighty..so my best friend eric..(you're awesome eric)..who hates me..well..i don't kn0w if he hates me..but ya know..if he talked to me still...i might be able to answer a question ERIC DO YOU HATE ME?..but noo0 he doesn't talk to me..just thinks he's heartless..which he's not..but..maybe if he talked to me..i could make him think differently...i love the guy..he's my best friend..he knows that. but sometimes, he just needs to calm down..possibly talk to me..cuz for some reason..i am good at talking to people about problems..probly cuz i have a fuck load myself.

other than that

i went to bed at 4
got up at 12:30 (latest i've ever slept in)
and yet..i'm still tired
i miss cody..cuz he went out
and my brother is a mental case..who is addicted to yaho0 chat

i love c0dy x0x

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x:*b0ring*:x [16 Aug 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | some dude..talkin about golf..ugh..golf SUCKS ]

waho0, so last night the power went off, came on again. my bro..who broke his car..(sucker) ..decided he would walk to Waterdown/Carlisle..which..walking...would be from 45 mins(carlisle)....and..uh..a long time to Waterdown...but luckily for him..his.."pre-s0ber" friend picked him up like 5 seconds after he started walkin..so they went to a party..he got plastered..puked in muh sisters car..i heard about it this m0rnin..after waking up after my dad would NOT stop saying "he fucking keeps fucking pissing the fuck out of me" i'm like..AND I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SAY SHUT UP!..arrrrrg. so than me/jaime/scott went to zee mall..i was leaving when i saw Brianne on the ph0ne..i would've stopped to say hi but my sister who was getting her hair cut..APPARENTLY couldn't have waited 2 seconds..even though it took 10 minutes to get to where she was gettin her hair cut..eeeerrrgg..anyways..i came home and slept..t'was fun. o00oo0 and this chick at the mall..was preppy..but she was "er..punk" she had like a bright ass blue and pink shirt on..with green army pants on..*ugh* and 50 necklaces and bracelets and shit..and i'm like..heh. LOSER..OOOOH i went to spencers *=)* and than i saw a made shirt..oh oh..getting it..its a butt0n up one..and/or a good charlotte shirt (i have one already) but ziss one has a pic of them..and where they are touring..weeee toronto was on it.oh yeah baby.i was there.. woo0 great time with the little Laura and Shannon..and KOOOOPER and Evelyn..ugh..yeah..Alex wasn't meant to be there.and kate..kate too..but we're not really..eh..you know..anyways..thats all ...=\..

xi love codyx

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wo0 [15 Aug 2003|07:23pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | m0rningstar-afi <3 ]

alrighty, so apparently half of fucking..north america had a nice black out..it fucking sucked..i went to baseball..fuckin.stupid..annoying baseball..erg..than i came home..we had a generator which wasn't bad cept for the fucking noise..right outside my window!! =\ so i got 5 hours of sleep (3 last night, 2 today)...my head hurts..my eyes are burning..and I AM SUPPOSED TO BE IN PORT ELGIN AT MY UNCLES RELAXING AT THE FUCKING BEACH but nooo since the power screwed up.i'm stuck here. alone..with a headache.. errrrrrg...=\ oh thats great..i found out carlos has like..west nile..fuckin stupid bugs..getting my friends sick..AHHHHHHHHH i hate Canada sometimes..everything fucks up here.

i'm gettin sick of summer..but i hate school..too many people..ugh. i got these fuckin cool leg/arm warmer things..soo cool..Laura bought them for me..i owe her now..but bwahahaha i have no money at the moment..other than that..i'm heidi. heidi is boring. therefore. nothing happened =)

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x:cody:x [10 Aug 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | rancid-fall back down ]


its be like..
2 days since i started going out with cody..but..its been
the greatest time of my life =)
i smile so much now..hehe..
i'm tired.
its not cool staying up till after 12..when yer eyes are burning from lack of sleep
but its worth it..cuz i got to talk to cody for like.2 hours =)..it was fun
=( but hes gone skating..errrrrrrrrrrrg..

i am so fucking tired
and sad
i miss
oh my god
good charlotte
ish good
i listened to lifestyles today
i haven't heard it..forever
cuz laura had my cd
i was
so fucking

i love cody =) x0x

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weeeeeeee qwiz..OH..i love Cody =) weeee [10 Aug 2003|07:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | silver and cold - af-...fuckin ownz. ]

u r sally
You are Sally. You are suspicious and like to
explore whenever I get the chance.

the nightmare before christmas character quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

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x.:blank:.x [08 Aug 2003|08:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Bloody Romance-Senses Fail ]

waho0! hehehehe i'm so fucking pissed off.. my parents.
love me so much
oh my god
they decided waking me up at 7:30..fighting..would start my day off =) oh it did
i bitched at my dad
hehehe t'was fun..
-this time in silence..this time i win-
bloody romance..good song
x0xi love joshx0x

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fuck. [07 Aug 2003|07:53pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | erm..the sounds of my cries.. not a good noise.. ]

today was a good day. i stayed up from 11 (yesterday) till 7 this morning.. i was at Laura's..so yeah..it was pretty cool...but once again the second i came home..the fuckin mood changed. "heidi..your fuckin room is too messy..heidi stop fuckin being stupid do the fuckin laundry"..oh the joy of being home. i was in such a good mood..nothing was wrong..i was so fucking happy..now i'm balling my eyes out..cuz i'm just so fuckin discouraged because of my fuckin pot head parents. i wish i wasn't so fucking depressed..i wish i had the fuckin guts to just either kill myself..or cut myself to just let it all go. of course..if i'm depressed or upset..thats wrong too..cuz i have to perfect for my parents..cuz i can't even wear a fucking sweater without being bitched at. and i got yelled at for being sick..fuck i love them..i love being the youngest child and wanting to die..at such a fucking young age..its soo much fun =|

life is supposed to be some incredible amazing adventure..some..incredible story that your children can tell their children..if..i live to have children..i'm gonna be telling them about how i was only 13 and almost cried because she woke up all the mornings she did. who lost friends because she was ashamed of who she was anymore..who..was forced to choose between..killing herself..or living with the shame of who she was.. yeah..thats gonna be some great stories..i can see it now.

fuck..i hate my parents..fuck if i am such an issue..just put me up for fucking adoption..or send me to boarding school..but no.they love making me believe i'm going to fail everything i ever want in life..

i miss being a kid..and being able to say..that today was a good day.
heh..not that i believe in god...but if i did..

i'd say he hates me.

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[06 Aug 2003|08:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | melissa..talking.. ]

i'm at laura's house again. for a baseball party..tee hee. its so much fun..we watched not another teen movie ..aw god..good charlotte is incredible...hehe...i get to talk to joshie =) but he has friends over..i love joshie..he's so awesome.. =)..hehe..kerry isn't cool with it..even though she says she is..anyways..i'm done.

x0x heidi x0x

i love joshie =).

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