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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

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    .: Emo KiDS :.
    Emo kids and the disgusting emo scene are the ultimate cause of all problems.

    Emo kids are known to lie every time they open their mouths. They steal from good upstanding citizens and steal from eachother as well. The guilt of the Emo Kids lies in the fact that they have "agitated" the masses into this madness. Emo's are the root of all evils today!! They are the cause of poverty and pestilance in 3rd world countries as well as our own. They subvert the morals of the just and strong to attain their vile and perverse goals. Emo's are well known to be international terrorists as well! They are known to hold some of the highest positions in Al Qada, the Hamas, and Hezbollah!

    Emo's are the fulcrum for what has become the first stages of the 3rd world war and their pansy-pillowbiting will not be tolerated!!

    Come and join the fight!!

    .: The Emo Hate Reich :.


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