11:06pm 12/06/2003
music: unsound
dreads of course. they smell like refried marijuana.

it was 80s day and i was all "white rap" with my cons and "just woke up" fro! daniel visited the salvation army and looked like a very rich *glorious* man in his get up. but it was good. because it didnt smell like grandmas. as does the salvation army. i lost my earring today and had to wear katys so my oh so rebelious piercing did not close up but it did anyway because the earring was the wrong gage. and i pierced my ear again. and it hurt like hell. blood. and i am hemiphobic. so blah. i was like dying. emo is a sad place to be. it sorta sucks. i colored my nails today with red permenent marker. i hope it comes off. SCHOOL SUCKS> TAKE A BITE OUT OF THAT! saturday oh man. im ready.

what a duck ling as ugly as you truly are KUng POW