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04/12/14 at 3:47pm]

we may not have it all together, but together we have it all

beautiful things never last thats why fireflies flash [Monday
04/07/14 at 4:03pm]

I was once full of hopes,dreams, and goals. I dont know how but I am suddenly hopeless and lost. I feel like my soul has left my body. . I have never needed a sign more. Honestly I feel stupid for holding on to things that keep on hurting me.

I want to walk beside you
But the wind's to heavy
Now I'm trying to find you
But the roads too long

I'm on a dried up river
Beside a broken down levee
I got nothing else to give you
Besides a lonesome song

I'm just a little bit worn out
Just a little bit bitter
I gotta let my gaurd down
Gotta loosen my grip

I hear all these voices
They dont sound familiar
I'm making all these choices
Taking all these trips

If I hold you tonight I may not let go

Now its coming on winter
And my heart feels older
I can feel that shiver
Running down my spine

The ground is frozen
And the air is colder
My heart is open
Beating out of time

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