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[11 Aug 2012|09:28am]

they say Virginia's for lovers
filled with green grass and tall hills
with mountain views to die for
and summer skies that give you chills

they say we're all alone
and we're losing control
and we don't even know it...

so we spent late nights looking for an answer
on the rooftops, hoping for so much more
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[11 Aug 2012|02:58pm]
it really sinks in, ya know
when I see it in stone
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[11 Aug 2012|11:11pm]
I belong with you
you belong with me..
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[11 Aug 2012|11:11pm]
She wears a white dress
She sees the light and it's saying 'come back'
She's out the door but she hasn't left yet
And I start believing her when she says that
The city's gonna save her love
Don't leave her I know just what shes looking for
Oh but all she knows is a picture that keeps fading on
But I can't let her go that's why I'm telling her
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[11 Aug 2012|11:13pm]
I wanna love you more
Than all of the things you wanted
Than all of the things you're not
You want to have it all
But you found it in the city
But the city doesn't talk
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[11 Aug 2012|11:14pm]
She wears a gold cross
She sheds her skin but it never comes off
She hears the angels out on the streets
Tonight as she walks right by oh they sing so softly
They sing "oohh whooah, oohh whooah, oohh whooah
Loves right behind you oohh whooah"
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[11 Aug 2012|11:16pm]
She thought that love was gonna fight
She thought that love was gonna take her home
She thought that love was gonna save her

But love just never showed
She felt that love was always watching
Oh we learned that love was supposed to wait
But sometimes it's the feelings
That are standing in the air
He slips off his worn out suit and tries to rest
She's a million miles away across the bed
She rolls over puts her hand across his chest
It's the truth before the lies
It's the way she doesn't try
It's the wink before the sly
In Philadelphia
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