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an afternoon laughing [14 Apr 2003|10:56am]
[ mood | thirsty ]
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Sooo I had a swell day. my monday was quite packed...I went to school..thats always fun. heh. went to my brothers soccer game after school then to guitar. I remember when I was in soccer back at sjs. we probably won 3 games the 3 years I played, and 8th grade year we only scored one goal the whole season. thats pretty sad I know, but it was fun though. as long as you have good times is all that matters right? but after that I went to guitar. I learned diff hand picking techniques, its great i can't wait to get good(which will take years)!!!! AHHH ok so then after that my dad and I went to this auction..i love them. they had so much old school stuff, i wanted to bid on everything. especially this ::very:: old camera, these sparkly fish statues, painted vase, and sweet chairs. (only a few of the many great finds) i'll be back next time though!! well tomorrow is going to be somewhere in the 80's so its going to be nice and waaaarmm. yayness. peace out kids.

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