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    Wednesday, December 31st, 2003
    3:27 pm
    'don't bother caring about somebody who doesn't care for you back.'
    I really hate people tellin me that, cos to do that, you would have to be an emotionless drone... its hard to not care for someone, even if they dont care for you... it really isnt that simple... but people dont understand it... but the funny thing is, when they're in a similar situation, and u tell them that, they think exactly what ive jus said - 'its not that simple'. I should have listened to my instincts (again) and given up when i wanted to, i.e. when i knew he wasnt interested but no, instead i had people telling me "that would be a bad idea" and "i know he's interested". I really should learn to listen to myself not other people.

    Apart from that, this would be my last entry before 2004 beckons. wo0o0o i have work :( SO not looking forward to it. Sold out to 450 capacity and i know its just going to be chaotic- also the thought of that one night 24 hour license hanging over me/us doesnt help matters! Who knows when the chaos is going to end!?! =oS Just wana get it over with then i can have my week and a half off to rest- well not really cos i start back at college on Monday aswell. But i suppose i have my shopping trip in Manc to look forward to and my new piercing on friday *hehee*. I dread to think what work will say about it. Ahh well i'm there to do a job not to look pretty! Dont think they see it that way though. I'm wearing a little black skirt, Red fish nets over black tights, red off the shoulder top and my black skull and cross bone boots folded down =oS so that'll probably start the "un-prettyness" ball rolling. Ahh well fun fun.

    Current Mood: anxious
    Sunday, December 28th, 2003
    10:36 pm
    History Repeats itself.....
    led on again, you think i'd learn. Seems no matter how much i get hurt i still fall for people too easily. Same excuses- "not attracted to me in THAT way" or "i think i could appreciate u better as a friend". I shoulda listened to my instincts that told me we were too different to have anything together but no i had to go and tell him all sorts of shit about myself. I need to be less open with people thats my problem. Well from now on i think i'm gonna stick to having my girly nights with Jakey and avoiding boyshapes of all types! That way i dont get hurt or waste my energy on them! I'll just throw myself into my college and work....put my energy to better use. Maybe i'll actually pass my course.

    Current Mood: numb
    Current Music: brand New Play Crack the Sky
    Thursday, December 25th, 2003
    9:06 pm
    wo0o0o christmas.....
    ...bit of an anti-climax really. I knew what most of my presents were, nobody was in the mood for it so instead had sour faces all day- not exactly enough to get you inthe christmas spirit. I have work 2moro, i like it i guess but i just dread going in for some reason or other. I think i'm just in a shit downer type mood.... which i have now and again. Ahh well i'm sure i'll snap out of it sometime 2nite or 2moro. I think the coupleyness of everyone around me was getting to me aswell, i think my parents seperation has only just sunk in properly. They're both happy with their other partners now, my sis has her bf. Ive hardly seen her all day i guess its just not the same as it used to be. Everyone keeps telling me i shouldnt be worried about being in relationships at my age but the people surrounding me are all with people that care about them- i just feel like i'm drifing somewhere out on my own. they're all too bothered with the people they're with- maybe i just want someone to care about me aswell. I dont know.......just a bit up and down as usual. Will go sort myself out now dwelling on it wont help.

    Current Mood: groggy
    Current Music: Brand New- Deja Entendu
    Friday, June 13th, 2003
    11:33 pm
    The Dress
    Well 2day was pretty much the same as yesterday. Did my usual, stayed in bed as long as i could before HAVING to get up for school. Left the house at 8.50 but it doesnt matter cos AGAIN i was only going in for art. Didnt think it would be too bad cos i had plans to go and meet Craig and his m8s in town. I rang him just after 12 and it turned out they'd gone to bloody Southport instead of comin here so that was a bit of a let down.
    My sis rang me about 2pm to tell me she's had a brain wave about my Leavers Do outfit which cheered me up after fucking up 2 days worth of art work!

    Left school at about 3.10 and walked to the village with Johnathon...........whislt having "goth" shouted at me by idiotic uneducated year 7s. They'd get a fuckin shock if they crossed the path of a real goth! I just let it go over my head most of the time! John was ready to deck em but i stopped him...........highly strung scouser *LMAO*!

    Went on MSN for a bit to chat to m8s but there wasnt many people online so i carried on with the manotany that is my artwork. Its all over as of wednesday so i reckon i'll sleep until i have to get up for work on Saturday!

    Anyways, its like stupid o'clock in the mornin so i'm gonna go to bed! o0(work in the mornin) =0(

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Current Music: Hiding With Girls - The Stars Cascade
    12:06 am
    Gettin the hang of this thing.........was beginning to think it was pretty LAME!

    Current Mood: Hungry!
    Current Music: Silence
    Thursday, June 12th, 2003
    9:44 pm
    First Entry......*w00p w00p*
    Well this is my first entry......thanks 2 fatwreckchords. Been lookin for one of these sites for ages!

    Well today i got up at 9am for school, faffed about a bit and who knows when i left the house but it must have been pretty late cosi had Sean ringin me to find out where i was. Not even supposed ot be in the DAMN place but i was thanks to LAMEASS Art moderation. Ahh well i'm finished with the place as of 20th then i'm off for like 10 1/2 weeks or something RANDOM like that =o/ will be bored out my skull by then! but neways.........

    Came home from school, got changed and went on the sunbeds. NEVER thought i'd hear myself say that BUT i did. Dont wanna end up lookin orange but i dont wanna look milk-botte white either for my Leavers DO. Was a bit red but its calmed down now. Since then i havent done much..apart from TRASH my old bedroom furniture, with a large Hammer, in my room. Got rid of some tension so that was art work to do now so i'm buggerin off!!!!!!

    Current Mood: artistic
    Current Music: Thursday- Auto Biography of A Nation
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