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hi!! [09 May 2005|07:16pm]

[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | "comedown" Bush ]

hi. im ashley. im new to this community. i have a lot of feelings, im really EMOtional. hehe. i really low self esteem, and i dont believe it when anyone tells me in pretty. im not easily annoyed, but it doesnt take much to make me cry. my friends are my favorite people in the world, and i would die without them. i absolutely looove music. another thing i would die without. <3

im madly in love with this guy. hehe. i have been for a long time. he knows..im not big about keeping things away from people. i guess you could say me and this guy are friends with benefits. i dont really mind though. it scares me though casue i cant say no to him. he has this hold on me thats like...scary.

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Good Day! [24 Jun 2004|01:22pm]

Hello, I'm Emily - im sixteen - and belong to emo lyrics. I surf, write, skate, and overanalyze things. And yes im new here so i thoguht i would say a little bio about myself. well that was it haha. I need some advice about this thing we call love. Sorry for complaining but i dont know where else to go.

I had the best boyfriend in the world, or so it seemed, this summer. His name was bobby. After we broke up, let me tell you i lived in my own hell for 6 months. it was scray looking back on it. i was trying to get over him this whole year, and i know it sounds bitchy - but i made myself like people. I went out with two of them and turned out i shouldnt have at all, i wasnt over bobby or anything. So i promised after those two very short and non meaningful relationships i wouldnt get into anything unless i was ready. Well i fell for peter, the one i have always had a place in my heart for since i laided eyes on him. everything was perfect. we were together for a month, and then he asked me out - our two month will be tomorrow (the 25th) During my stages of tryign to get over bobby, there was my friend mike. the one that you have liked on and off for like 4 years but hes your best friend and you dont do anything with him. Well me and him went through alot of shit. we hooked up, thought he didnt have a gf but unknown to me did. we have made each other cry, made each other think about cutting everything. And I love him more than anything, he has such a big place in my heart. probably more as a a friend though. Well anyways, me and peters relationship has been going slow since we havent seen each other for such a long time. and it sorta makes me wonder if we should stay together for the summer. So i guess what i really need advice in is this,

do i stay together with peter through the summer, i dont want to run away from another relationship but it seems like its hurting us more to stay together when we dont see each other. do i let myself fall for mike again, and there is also ryan - who ive known for a while, but three weeks ago i saw him in a whole new light. me and him see each other more than me and peter and i think we both know there is soemthing there, but he doesnt know i have a boyfriend. and im scared to tell him because, i do have feelings for him and i dont want to screw up chances of having something for him in the future. plus, what if im all wrong and he doesnt have feelings for me im falling for something false. arrghhh :(
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[13 Feb 2004|03:28pm]

Pictures on the wall, all these faces smiling, BARBIE DOLL faces
In the back of this mind you only hear whispers to yourself
I guess this is all im going to get, it's punishment i delcair
Reflection,Translation,Rotation, just words on the board
they could mean more though, a meaning of like, somekind of meaning
but i need someone to figure it out cause my thoughts have scars
and yet more words,more phrases, hiding in the back of my mind
"Let the choises you make today, be choises you live with tomorrow."
but my choices, these choices, they, just dont make sense
i've changed to much lately
and tomorrow? thats a word of the future
i love living in the moment
hey sat you are who you choose to be
what if they are all pushing you to be something else?I guess thats life...

Comment- tell me what you think
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I miss EVERYTHING [08 Feb 2004|07:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]
[ music | nop ]

Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
Gutted like a pig, all you want is the world to bleed, someone somewhere stole your desire
The pain akin to, being punched in the throat, and stabbed in the chest
You would rather bleed than be without her
Gone are the tender whispers dancing in your ears Replaced with lackluster memories you cry, your screams play in your empty room
It's so hard to see when your eyes are rolling in the back of your head It's even harder to speak when everything you say just comes out wrong
Y our bed swallows you whole as the days bleed together, torment on the lips
Of a loved one, and if you try hard enough,
you can almost taste her, feel her pass and
Scream, Oh God Why Me

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[07 Feb 2004|02:57pm]

[ mood | content ]
[ music | Mae ]

Hello -waves- I'm Jill ;] + I'm 17 years old. I'm fascinated by emo music and listen to all types of bands. I always love to learn about more, so if you have any suggestions, don't be afraid to let me know! Anyways, I'm a pretty quiet, sensitive girl until you get to know me. I'm nice to anyone and everyone as long as you have given me the same sincerity. I love meeting new, different people with interesting ideas and philosophies. I like to be able to carry on conversations with someone about almost anything. I'm a dreamer//thinker. I'm looking for friends, so add me and I'll add ya back :D

Mkay, some of my favorite bands include; Brand New, Mae, Yellowcard, Saves the Day, Taking Back Sunday, Rooney, Matchbox Romance, Straylight Run, New Amsterdams, The Get Up Kids, Something Corporate, The Postal Service, The Early November, Death Cab for Cutie, The Weakerthans, etc..

Rock on. xxX

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[05 Feb 2004|07:04pm]
Sorry, my post wasnt really an emotion. more like a problem. forgive and forget, eh?
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[05 Feb 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Bright Eyes>< Drunk kids and Catholics ]

Hi guys. Name's Andi. My journal is alwaysaching. I am just using this username because I dont want people i know to see what I post in communities..Problems and such. I really dont know what to write about to introduce myself. Ill just get on with my problem.

It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Maybe because Im just so god damn lonely. Anyways, this kid that I hang out with everday, Joe, well, last year I really liked him. Didnt know him, but ya know, I like him. Now I hang out with him 24/7 and we had some ups and downs in our friendship, but now its over and I really like him. I dont know what to do. He gets freaked out when he knows people like him if he doesnt feel the same way. And plus, our best friend, Dave likes me so it makes things worse because I dont want to hurt him by saying "I dont like you, I like Joe". Cuz that would be just bouge. I dont know what to do. Hes all i can think about. Im not cute, Im pretty much a boring, pathetic loser that nobody has any desire to talk to. It sucks because when people like me were created without pretty faces, personalities and such, they should come without hearts. It would make things alot easier. Anyways, Im venting I guess. Just tell me what I should do if you care. Im not sure you do. You can comment on my blurty, alwaysaching or IM me on AIM @ Ville Is Boss.


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howdy [01 Feb 2004|07:25pm]

[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Eisley-telescope eyes ]

Hi everyone-im new here, i just wanted a place where i could just walk about me "emotions" in stead of having to write a long thing so yeah. im sarah, i like to make friends and yeah ummheres a pic of me just cause i feel like putting one teehee
sarah's a Emo loser! )
So yeah i shall post more later, its time for the super bowl!

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introduction [23 Jan 2004|07:35pm]

[ mood | calm ]
[ music | lit - completely miserable ]

hey everyone. i'm new to the community ^_^. my name is ali. i'm 16 and i'm a girl who just needs a new enviroment. i'll add more later. thanks for reading. have a safe and pleasant day.

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hihi. [20 Jan 2004|01:08am]
[ mood | blah ]

Hello I'm new, my names annetta, like uh net ta, lol. yeah I'll be posting sometimes but nows im tired. Nighty night night.


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hello everyone [21 Dec 2003|11:22am]

[ mood | sad ]
[ music | from autumn to ashes - cherry kiss ]

hi everyone. i`m new here. i`m not sure how often i`ll be posting but yeah. my names jacki and i`m 15. err, don`t know what else to say. so byes for now.

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none [02 Dec 2003|08:55pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Theres No I in team--"Tacking abck sunday" ]

hate is so great

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leanne [02 Dec 2003|08:37pm]

[ mood | angry ]
[ music | blink182" all the small things" ]

im the girl that everyone hates...

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hmmm.... [02 Dec 2003|04:58pm]

[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Cute without the "E"--"Tacking abck sunday" ]

Watch it rush down the drain. every bit of sorrow and pain. blood,skin. and the razer with me. vutting up everything.its an adiction to wont go away, that herting burn and loveing pleasure pain, of each speek of blood rushing down the drain.

tears i cry every night and no-1 cares i need help but i dont want it so bye bye for now..

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hmmm.... [02 Dec 2003|04:58pm]

[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Cute without the "E"--"Tacking abck sunday" ]

Watch it rush down the drain. every bit of sorrow and pain. blood,skin. and the razer with me. vutting up everything.its an adiction to wont go away, that herting burn and loveing pleasure pain, of each speek of blood rushing down the drain.

tears i cry every night and no-1 cares i need help but i dont want it so bye bye for now..

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love sux [01 Dec 2003|10:12pm]

[ mood | numb ]
[ music | thursday" cross out the yes" ]

kyle he is the best thing that is suposed to happon to me, but why i feel like shit. i hate to sit alone because it makes me cut more and makes me hate my self more. he loves me i know it . atleast i hope. but i am out of words to say i am going to take a shower and sit in the water and let the blood run down the drain to ease the pain bye bye......cut=cut=cut

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funny" for one of the first times" [01 Dec 2003|06:53pm]

[ mood | geeky ]
[ music | blink182" my pet sally" ]

treechaser14: mmmm cheese
miss one reason: i got donuts
treechaser14: yum!
treechaser14: *trys to steal one*
treechaser14: we can have many meanings
treechaser14: such as "we the group" or "we the people" or my personal favorite "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" *runs around in circles*
miss one reason: tackles dee with chair and steal back donut and eats and is chocking and dee saves her so lee ann buys dee a donut and lee ann tackles her for it
treechaser14: lmao
treechaser14: *runs away with box of donuts and flys to australia*
miss one reason: lee ann follows
miss one reason: and gts new donuts
treechaser14: *gets into camo gear and hides* ha! you cant see me*
miss one reason: lee ann dose the same and finds her cause she knows what dee looks like
treechaser14: ....the blue hair did it right?
miss one reason: yeah
treechaser14: damn.
miss one reason: haha
miss one reason: lee ann eats donuts as dees is tied up as she watchs lee ann scarf d-nuts
treechaser14: *strugles free*
miss one reason: lol
miss one reason: lee ann runs for a clean get away
treechaser14: *pokes you with a twig*
miss one reason: lee ann trips and donuts get dirty
treechaser14: *doesnt care, eats donuts*
miss one reason: lee ann gets up and gets more at a local bakery
treechaser14: lol
treechaser14: *is full from all the donuts*
miss one reason: lol
miss one reason: lee ann is fat from a donut
treechaser14: is full
miss one reason: yes yes
miss one reason: me to
treechaser14: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
miss one reason: woooooooooohooooooooooooo
treechaser14: im gunna go call jon, i'll bbl

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New [01 Dec 2003|05:09pm]

[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | thursday" cross out the yes" ]

Hey people i'm new and i am hopeing that i can make some friends to. i hate that i can not vent and now that i can hells yeah.i do have alot of problems and i hate the.i can not stand that i cry every night and have to seal with it. my tears become blood and i cant help my slef . my friends hate that im changing but i dont think i am.
i hatw who i am im ugly and not a great person. my friends are a bad peoblem in my life if only they left me alone and let me cool down or have space. my boyfriend whata fucking loser he is . he starts to fucking date me and we have seen ewach other once. its 2 weeks and 2 days today whats a waste of time. i could have spent that time on derek, hes thing guy that loves me at leats i hope he dose. i know you all are probley like bitch shut up but come on i have problems. i cut my self. i want to die and the sad thing is no-1 cares.My friends say shit and now im the on to balm what the fuck is this.so I'll slice open my veins. And let the r o m a n c e bleed away..

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[06 Nov 2003|09:50pm]

[ mood | blah ]
[ music | No Trivia - From Autumn to Ashes ]

hey i'm new here. my names Pamela. My favorite bands are the Starting Line, Saves the Day, Senses Fail, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, Amor for Sleep, and many more! I dont have a boyfriend and I dont have a best friend. Maybe I could make some friends in here? Well, I like to write poems and look at old pictures and letters. Actually, I am always looking in the past. I love giving people advice (expecially on friendships and guys.) I will probably talk about all my problems in here since none of my friends seem to understand. Someone read my journal cause no one ever reads it :[

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[28 Oct 2003|07:15pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | yellowcard - avondale ]

i cut myself too much. that's why i resorted to drinking for today's occasion. god i hate my fucking life. killing myself isn't gonna do anything. fuck. i hate life though. i wish... no i shouldn't say. god i hate drinking. my head pounds, my face swells up and gets red, my veins are about to burst at this very moment. but why do i do this? FUCK MAN. i thought maybe.. just maybe i would get away... NOW I'M JUST FUCKING CLOSER. i think i will resort to cutting myself... maybe just this one more time....

"if you're gonna rip my heart out, could you use a knife that's dull and rust in color..."

that's exactly what my razor is. it's rusty. and dull. sometimes i wonder if the rust gets in my bloodstream and what will become of me. god... my heart is pounding so hard... life is... almost pointless... no one knows me.

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