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Birthdays [15 Feb 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | three days grace ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTNEY !!! SWEET SIX-TEEN lol well today i had to work yay... not really anywho my weekend was crapy besides friday and some of saturday because i had brittney and moe over. It was a blast i want to do it again someother time. CALL ME lol well i'm sitting here sniffing sniffing because i have a cold . I swear i sneezed 20 times in an hour. lol everyone at work was like bless u lol i'm like thanks. Well last week my life was pretty crapy but i realized i had to dig deep to think of what was in my face. The Friends i always had but never really gave it a second look, but i am now. As for the rest of my weekend well work work work i'm trying to save for a car. My brother is giving me his system for my new car YAY.. i wonder what he is getting me for my birthday mm i wonder.. Well moe and ash and I were spose to do something !!! but noone ever called me? don't know oh well i guess i really want to be ash friend but its werid. How do u become friends with someone that u haven't been friends with for a long time.. someone HElp lol Well taking back sunday is on tv. well i'm so bored. I was driving today righ well it was a green light i made sure it was clear. My mom started freakin out she is like u have to yield i'm like i did! i was like whatever geeze BORED BORED Welll i just got a email from my friend selin She goes to our school she is from turkey. I had physical science with her she is so nice. We walk to the bus all the time she always sends me gretting cards and that lol . Well i have to update lj if anyone every wants my livejournal its www.livejournal/user/

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