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good quiz... [27 Sep 2003|08:35pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | riding in cars with boys on tv ]

the bank robbers
wooohaaa! you are the bank robbers! you like a band
who sings about life and love experiences. you
also like the pop punk sound. go check them out

which one of my favorite underground bands are you
brought to you by Quizilla

i love the bank robbers. there fucking amazing!

<3 - SaM

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.swear word. [17 Sep 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | 'Failure By Design' - Brand New(nizzle) ]

this made me laugh

your asshole.

What swear word are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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.brand nizzle. [17 Sep 2003|03:31pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | 'seventy times seven' - brand new(nizzle) ]

...blankety blank....

<3 - SaM

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.wow. [16 Sep 2003|06:08pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | 'P.I.M.P.' - fity cent ]

alright jess's little sister was on her screen name and look what she said jess was doing..

MuffinSka4Losers: omg my sister is in the bathroom crapping

<3 - SaM

fuck the grey hound bus... also meaning drop me a line?

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uh [16 Sep 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | 'hard headed' - never heard of it ]

blurty sucks

It didn't work on September 15th. My birthday I tell ya! Anyway nothing much has happened. Really. I'm bored, very bored. Wakefield and NHOI are playing a show at Birch Hill, I want to go. I told Jenn i'd pay for her if she went with me. Ho hohn wont go, cause she sucks.

school sucked today. Jenn and the sophmore council got a date for the show!!!! woo! in our cafeteria! Danny, Day by Day.. my school. Danny... hott. Woo. I'm on the phone with Jenn right now, she called me. My dad answered the phone and scared her... anyway. Today in gym we had to find away to get the rope clipped off the rope and me being the smart person I am, thought of the cheerleader lift. So me and Aaron Antigua lifted Jason Berges while he had some spotters.

Also in gym it sucked and well yeah in gym I had to be a spotted and people kept holding my shoulder to walk on a wire. Anyway i'm done with updateing my journal... so later.

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus

family? sucks!! [14 Sep 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | 'hands down' - dashboard confessional ]

ALRIGHT! Tomrrow = my birthday.

Tonight = me chilled with the family at Lone Star... oh and jenn.

See this was it, I only went to Lone Star in hopes of Don working. We got there, asked for Don, he went back to college, stupid prick. Now I don't want to go to Lone Star anymore. I got alot of stuff, witch is cool. Some gift cards, money. 50 Cent cd and Dashboard cd. amazingness.

See Bloomingdales sucks and don't have my shoes, so looks like I might just have my mom order me the Macbeth shoes i've been dieing to get since the summer. ahh! There even hotter then the stupid Ben Sherman shoes. Yeah Brian Wrensen sucks because he has the Macbeth sneakers and so does some asshole from new direxion. People suck!

OH tonight at Dinner me and jenn got into an argument about something and we started talking about hoes, and the waitress was like.. staring at us. It was funny. Also some ladies hair looked like a rats nest it was funny! haha! Anthor thing was my aunt made them sing to me.... and they brought some big brownie ice cream thingy out, and me and jenn we're fighting over the brownie. I WIN(special ed) anway I really did though, I got most of the brownie. hahahaha. But I did let her get a little. I of course had my grilled cheese for dinner woo!! Anyway i'm going to get back to my dashboard. lata!

<3 - SaM

If I were a [feminine] gay man... by 38886
Your name
Your Gay Man NameKenny
Your Gay Man OccupationCanadian Priest
Your Stereotypical Gay Man TraitRainbow decor
Your Gay Man Music of ChoiceMest
Your Gay Man Cause of DeathHate Crime
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

that made me laugh... haha

"my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so wont you kill me, so I die happy" - Dashboard Confessional

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..holy shizzle... [14 Sep 2003|02:11pm]
[ mood | shocked ]
[ music | yankee game on tv ]

Your rockstar husband by girl_rotten
HusbandPierre of Simple Plan
Wedding DayApril 4, 2024
Number of Kids6
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

OH MY! I don't want Pierre as my husband, and I don't want to have six of his children. I mean I want seb, and pierre has my extra marital affair. This is bad. haha. lol

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus

ugh [14 Sep 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | 'reason' - mest ]

wow. today my mom is making me go out with the family for dinner. But Jenn's coming so that's good too. I wont be all ahh and bored. I got to pick the place, and of course I picked Lone Star.

See I like Lone Star because Don works there, he's fcuking hot. I hope he's working tonight, he's 19, total hotness or wait I think he's 20 now. ahhaha His birthday was in August. haha. Funny stuff? lol. Anyway I don't have anything to say so i'm gonna go now. Later Days.

<3 - SaM
Who will you have a threesome with? by i_rape_sporks
DateNovember 5, 2014
WhereA Tour Bus
First PersonNick Gigler
Second PersonJeremiah Rangel
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

that's so disgusting. Nick and Jeremiah are so ugly. Plus Nick is all Jenn not me. And Mandi likes Nick. I'd rather Seb from Simple Plan and no one else. Me and Seb is all good.

fuck the greyhound bus

im white chocolate! [14 Sep 2003|01:23am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | 'magic stick' - 50 Cent ]

xOdaydreamer81Ox: according to this quiz im gonna have a threesome w/ matt lovato and joel madden hehe
UnspokenFeeIings: HOTNESS!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: i know!! haha
UnspokenFeeIings: i wanna have a three way with Tony Lovato and Benji Madden. mm, yum. Or hell just Matt and Tony.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha
UnspokenFeeIings: i mean i'm all about the lovatos.
UnspokenFeeIings: or hell even both maddens. i'm down.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: me2
UnspokenFeeIings: expermentation. =D
UnspokenFeeIings: or wait, i'll have a orgry, me, matt, tony, joel and benji SCORE!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha nice
UnspokenFeeIings: hell yeah, talk about a dream come true.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: lol
UnspokenFeeIings: yo my friend britt asked me 'if you were a body part, what would you be?' i said 'Sebastien Lefebvre right hand' haha lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: hahaha
UnspokenFeeIings: :-) i wasn't lieing either. lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: hahaha i know, you're crazy lol
UnspokenFeeIings: dude... i want on seb, from simple plan. lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: lol i know
UnspokenFeeIings: he's sexy. lol. fcking travis.. the locker box dude from wapred looked like him!! you saw the pic of travis on my binder!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: yeahhhh lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: i even said is that seb before u told me it wasnt lol
UnspokenFeeIings: yeah man I was about to flip on you. I mean there is only one seb. lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha tru
UnspokenFeeIings: yeah man, and im all about that seb. heh
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha
xOdaydreamer81Ox: i want on nate from finch lol
UnspokenFeeIings: haha. not me. i want seb. eveyone knows i want seb. seb knows i want seb. hah
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha very true
UnspokenFeeIings: seb's my soulmate. haha
xOdaydreamer81Ox: lol ok if u say so
UnspokenFeeIings: hahaha
UnspokenFeeIings: i'm right and you know it.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: ok lol
UnspokenFeeIings: yeah, you can come to my wedding once we have it.. lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: ok haha ill be there
UnspokenFeeIings: yepp! it's gonna be purty too.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: sick
UnspokenFeeIings: you can be my brides maid.. lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: woot woot im all ready lol.. ill just be staring at pierre the hole time lol and dave too
UnspokenFeeIings: im sure pierre will be a grooms men, you can walk down the asile together!
UnspokenFeeIings: or wait no.. walk with dave... jenn gets pierre.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: ok fine w/ me lol
UnspokenFeeIings: alright good. lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: so ur weddings all set lol woo hoo
UnspokenFeeIings: yepp! I know the color of the brides maid dresses too!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: what color?
UnspokenFeeIings: baby blue!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: yay lol
UnspokenFeeIings: yepp!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: lol
UnspokenFeeIings: and it's gonna be on a beach.
UnspokenFeeIings: under silky tents.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha nice
UnspokenFeeIings: yepp! and the sun will be setting.
xOdaydreamer81Ox: lol ur scaring me
UnspokenFeeIings: why? lol
xOdaydreamer81Ox: cuz u have evrything planned lol
UnspokenFeeIings: what, im an orginized women!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha true
xOdaydreamer81Ox: ok what else do uhave planned? lol
UnspokenFeeIings: uhm... oh! i'm gona have an affair with pierre most likely! and seb wont find out..
xOdaydreamer81Ox: hahahaha
UnspokenFeeIings: see, all figured out!
xOdaydreamer81Ox: haha

that was me and shannon, dicussing my future! wooo!!

<3 - SaM

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yo mah nizzle! [13 Sep 2003|06:53pm]
[ mood | impressed ]
[ music | Fat Joe ft. Ashanti - Whats Luv ]

me and britt...

UnspokenFeeIings: yo home skillet.
AfSuMrGrL121: holla wats the dizzle my nizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: nothing fo shizzle, how's yo hizzle?
AfSuMrGrL121: fo shizzle its off the hizzle nothin nizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: fo rizzle?
AfSuMrGrL121: shut up foo u kno its off the hizze right hizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: tru tru. yo mah mizzle made me clean ma rizzle todizzle.
AfSuMrGrL121: o shizzle that sizzles, i drovizzle todizzle w/ my dadizzle fo shizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: fo rizzle, sounds off da hizzle mah nizzle!
AfSuMrGrL121: holla! it wasizzle!
AfSuMrGrL121: i almost ranizzle ova a carizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: oh shizzle!!
AfSuMrGrL121: thats watizzle i saidizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: yo foo! don't be a dumbizzle.
AfSuMrGrL121: yo u da only foo in dis jointizzle
UnspokenFeeIings: aww hell no!
AfSuMrGrL121: :-P

fuck the greyhound bus

boucing? [13 Sep 2003|12:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | 'boucing off the walls' - sugarcult ]

dude. my mood is boucny and look what i'm listening too!! Total hottness man! Alright so i'm still sick, it blows goats. I really don't enjoy being sick. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, having to blow my nose and get a drink, cause well im all stuffed up and I got a sore throat.

Jenn and Jess went to the show at Knights last night and this hot dude from Keansburg was there. I don't live to far from him, since I live in East Keansburg, cool eh? Anyway she called me and told me he was there. Hot Hot Hot! Anyway i'm jealous they saw him and I didn't. Damn hoes. haha.

Other news, my mother is going to buy me the FITY cent cd! Even more hottness. Oh, i'm supposed to get these hot shows from Bloomigndales(spelling?) but the one in Bergen County didn't have them. So when we're in the city in October, my mom's going to check the one there and maybe get me them. These sneakers are so hot! I really hope they have them, I mean i'll cry if they don't.

Also I slept today, until about 11:30. I mean waking up at that time for me is EARLY. Like everyday durning the summer I would sleep until maybe 2 or 3 ish. People would call and I wouldn't answer because i'm still asleep. funny stuff. Anyway I don't know why i'm all hyper right now, I just am. Hmmm? ANYWHO i'm gonna go be cool and bounce off the walls.

Also this is the last thing, I promise. I uh, you guys remeber that song from 1997, called 'Truely Madly Deeply' by Savage Garden? Yeah well last night I was looking through my old CDs and found that one. I mean the only reason I got that CD back in the day was for that one song. Me and Shannon we're talking about that song last night too. haha. I love that song, I had it on repeat allllll night last night. haha well. now i'm done. later days.

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus

woohooo!! [12 Sep 2003|02:29pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | 'goodbye' - wakefield ]

sick again!!! I didn't go to school!! I have a fever and it sucks. My nose is all stuffed up and a sore throat. Tonight Jenn's going to a show. I'm not. haha. But on Sunday my mom's makin the family get to togther on Sunday for my birthday. ugh. My birthday is monday. Get me something. haha.

Today I slept almost all day, and listen to music. Watched some TV. See first I was sleeping then I woke up and Simple Plan's 'Perfect' music video came on, then after that 'Hands Down' by Dashboard Confessional. I was like score, good time to wake up! haha! Alright i'm done now.

buy me flowers, i'm sick. haha. also get me a present for my birthday on Monday. I would also like to tell you all who read this, that my computer clock is SLOW. right now it's 3 o'clock and my computer clock said 2:32. Also i'm on the phone with jenn so later...

<3 - SaM

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yo dude [11 Sep 2003|03:56pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | wade robson project on tv ]

alright I haven't updated in awhile and right now i'm scanning a picture to put on my timeline for school tomrrow. Speaking of witch, on Tuesday I saw the kid I like in the halls like 5 times. Then on Wensday I saw him once.

Today I didn't go to school. I chilled at home all day. I slept, and did my timeline. haha. Tomrrow's gonna suck monkey balls. Or wait, should I say it's gonna blow goats? Maybe both. haha Anyway i'm gonna go to sleep or something. My throat fucking hurts like a bizzotch. And my nose is stuffed up. last night I had a fever. Later Days.

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus

i hate buses [08 Sep 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | 'one eight seven' - senses fail ]

today at school it fucking sucked. I had pictures so me and brittany went to last period LATE. we walked so slow on purpose. It was really funny. Anyway!!

Today my bus broke down at school. SO me, demi, shannon and sarah we're all sitting out just being cool chilling. Waiting for a new bus to come. The rest of the bus finally came out and everyone was waiting. The kid Jenn likes was out there, I saw him. He's ugly.

Danielle told me today in lunch that she sits behind the kid I like in Gemoetry. I hate her, I really do. Stupid hoe. Justine see's him everday in the hall. The other day Jenn saw him in her homeroom. He walked in it. This sucks I never see him. I just want to cry!

Anyway school sucks, HW blows goats. Later Days.

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus yo, you know you wanna

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oh my gosh [06 Sep 2003|10:03pm]
[ mood | drunk ]
[ music | my head hurts ]

yo! Me Jenn and Jess hit up Red Bank We bought madd shit yo. My head hurts. hahaha. We're drunk right guys? lol. Can't wait to get the camera developed of Dave on the motorcyle too!! Haha we hung out in RB a few hours then came back to my crib.

We all walked around EK for awhile. Went to dave's house hung with him, he got hot. We watched him motorcylce. hahaha TOok some pcitures. Beeing cool. Jenn kept walking into cars. It was funny.

DUDE! My head hurts, and my hands hurt. We we're on the swings at the park. Swin Swing Swing, haha. We we're playing on the thingy mo bobber where you swing acr5oss anywa im done now. later.

<3 - SaM

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uh.. yeah [06 Sep 2003|02:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | jenn on the phone: pretty in pink on tv! ]

if i were a month id be: may
if i were a day of the week id be: friday
if i were a time of day id be: 7 pm
if i were a planet id be: pluto
if i were a sea animal id be: dolphin?
if i were a direction id be: east
if i were a piece of furniture id be: a bed
if i were a sin id be: uh.. is this a trick question?
if i were a historical figure id be: a dinosuar bone. I don't know. Im confused!
if i were a liquid id be: um... root beer
if i were a tree, id be: a tree??? what the fuck.. i'm having second thoughts about doing this
if i were a bird, id be: flying away from this survey
if i were a tool, id be: screwed right now :-x
if i were a flower/plant, id be: buried in dirt
if i were a kind of weather, id be: rain
if i were a mythical creature, id be: fuck i don't know but i used to like greek mythology, remind me of characters if it's that damn important and i'll pick one
if i were a musical instrument, id be: a guitar
if i were an animal, id be: a donkey! dern jackass
if i were a color, id be: baby blue
if i were an emotion, id be: love or lust
if i were a vegetable, id be: carrot
if i were a sound, id be: a laugh or something
if i were an element, id be: earth, air, fire water. I think i'd pick air.
if i were a car, id be: '69 CAMARO!!
if i were a song, id be: played
if i were a movie, id be: watched
if i were a book, id be: read
if i were a food, id be: ate
if i were a place, id be: home
if i were a material, id be: platinum!!!!!
if i were a taste, id be: fruity
if i were a scent, id be: mens curve. yummmmm
if i were a religion, id be: christian
if i were a word, id be: misspelled
if i were an object, id be: a necklace, so i could be worn everywhere
if i were a body part id be: um.... do you really want me to answer this ;)
if i were a facial expression id be: silly
if i were a subject in school id be: in misery
if i were a cartoon character id be: TOXIC ADVENGER werd
if i were a shape id be a: disformed
if i were a number id be: miscounted
if I were a pattern id be: um... confused. because I am.

alright so today me and jenn are gonna hit up red bank. We're thinking of askinf Jess if we can get through to her. I don't know Maybe. Anyway i'm on the phone with Jenn right now discussing red bank. So I should go now. Also I should get off the phone and shower to. haha!! Later Days.

<3 - SaM

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jenn quotes.. [06 Sep 2003|12:15am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | degrassi on tv!!! ]

UnspokenFeeIings: i'm gangsta
UnspokenFeeIings: lol
UnspokenFeeIings: with my hood up.
BIackest Nights: lol
BIackest Nights: wow
BIackest Nights: ur a hoodlum!

BIackest Nights: wait, now a horny porn star who loves to squeeze coke junkies!

BIackest Nights: sometimes, late at night, i think about elvis

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ahh [05 Sep 2003|08:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | jeepers creepers on the tele. ]

jeepers creeps sucks. Anyway i'm chillin here. Alone. My hair was striahgt today. I didn't get to go see Spitalfield. Britt couldn't get money. Oh well. It's cool I guess. I want to go to the mall or the movies, or even both this weekened. I'm so bored right now. Dead Like Me is on soon, I love that show. I think it's one of my favorites. beside Wade Robson Project, because that guys is fcuking hot!

today in history our seats got changed. I sit next to Artie and behind Christina!! So its cool. I also sit infront of Eric. Then this girl Octavia is infront of Arties. She's cool. We we're complaing about History together. haha.

IM MAD! I didn't see the kid I like at all today. it's so upseting. alright i'm off. later days.

<3 - SaM

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first day of school [04 Sep 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | 'heavens coming' - wakefield ]

yeah today.. first day. it sucked! I mean I hate all my classes, except there are some good poeple in some of my classes. in photography me and emily alaia kept playing with the computers.. it was funny. I was sitting next to Andrew Fellhaber, and we kept laughing and pressing buttons and stuff. it was funny. There's this hot kid that sits behind me in photography woo!

In biology i'm seating by some god damn hoe, I think should die. I don't like her. not at all. I hope she dies and rots in hell. stupid hoes. Hoes suck. Hoes need to die. Why are there hoes anyway!?

Spanish 2 is alright, I sit behind dan. But next to Zack and I hate Zack because Zack hates me. The teacher like can't speak english so it pisses me off, because it's hard to understand her. She also keeps saying 'OKAY' at the end of every god damn sentence!

History wasn't too bad at first. I walked in with Corey. Then he sat in the back with me. Then Artie came walking in and sat infront of me. Rhainnon also came in and sat next to me. Then Christina came in and sat across from me. Woo! Then there's this hotass mother fucker Virgil.. woo.. he's in that class with me too!!!! So Historys pretty cool. Now our seats are in order, and i'm by Tara so that's alright.

LUnch is alright. I'm sittin with Shannon and Dannielle. It sucks though, because it's not like last year. last year's lunch was kickass. I miss it so much.

Gym is alright. I was chillin with Demi and brian most the time, because well we just sit around and don't do anything this first week. Then we we're chillin with Kate and Faith. Faith began to talk to some freshman who felt cool that an older girl was talking to him. haha. funny shit.

Algebra sucks!!! Me and Jackie are gonna sit in the back together, the only good thing is we pick our own seats. Mr. Brennan is soooo scarey looking. Like he's bald but he tries to comb his hair over it. It's so scarey. He made us do work on the first day of school!! I hated it. I mostly talked to jackie though.

English I have Ms. Christopher. I heard she's a beart and might try to eat me. So I'm kinda scared. I'm sitting in the back with Dave, Brittany, Steve and Rhiannon though, so it's cool. I was pounding it wiht people. hahah!! It was funny. Dan's in that class too. He sits across from dave. So it's all good. After we finsihed in that class all of us we're standing together talking and stuff. Dave was wearing all 'SHADY' cloths, and put his hood up so I was like. Dave's looking gangsta! haha!!

Yeah the worst part of my day is the kid i've liked since last september is in NONE of my damned classes. I mean he's not even in my lunch. His brothers in my lunch, but not him. Fucking sucks. Well i'm out. Later Days.

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus

tomrrow... [03 Sep 2003|09:26pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | nothing... ]

oh my gosh! tomrrow is the first day of school and i'm scared. VERY scared. I'm talking to kate online right now. She's freaking out just as much as I am! School blows goats! My mom said that most schools are getting ride of backpacks. I said I would laugh in there face if they made me nop bring a back pack. Or I would go to class late everyday and say 'i needed to get my book.. i don't have a bag to put it in' mwhah!

Anyway today me and my mom we're in CVS. I got bored, started looking in a magazine. You all know i'm going to marry Sebastien Lefebvre from Simple Plan. Oh how I wish I was. So i'm looking in the magazine and boom. Little SP picture. Turn the pages a bit, and a locker pin up. I go, mom mom, seb! she say's no. I point out Pierre's boxers and she guys it for me. haha!

Alright now that i'm done babbleing about all this shit that I really doubt you care about. I'm gonna go get my bag ready now, because school tomrrow. Ugh. Brittany Hohn helped me pick out my outfit and how to do my hair. Later Days.

<3 - SaM

fuck the greyhound bus

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