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**Friends Only [26 Apr 2003|10:02am]
This Journal is FRIENDS ONLY

i've always been a private person by nature... and the thought of people i don't know reading all my thoughts and secrets and the boring and randomness of my daily life just kind of creeps me out. So, if you want to be added..

.x. Comment on this entry, and then add me first.

.x. You must update your journal, at least every so often, so I know that you haven't dissapeared off the face of the earth. And If the only thing you post in your journal is quizzes and surveys, don't bother adding me... i mean, i do post quizzes in my journal, everyone does, but just don't let them be the only thing you ever post. I like to read actual entries as well.

.x. comment on my entries sometimes.. i have no life, and I comment a lot, and I always read everything. And while we're on the subject.. don't insult me, or call me names, because i don't want to have to deal with that.

.x. and the most important rule of all.. avril lavigne is not punk. End of story. She's not. and if you think she is, I definitely am not going to add you.

Yep, thats it. So.. comment, add, whatever. <33

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