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    Monday, November 24th, 2003
    4:18 pm
    well i know you're all dying to know that, yes, i actually was able to do my own calc homework. some of it anyways. today was a good day, except for english...i'm going to beat linehan up one day. today he was babbling about somethng irrelevant as usual and i of course was not listening but talking to jess. so linehan goes, "emily...what did i just say?" ew are we in 3rd grade? i mean really. i knew what he was talking about anyways. jerk. yea calc was fine, if i had any clue what was going on that would be nice but oh well. i got an unexpected present from my new best friend steve prokopiak...he got me batman floor mats for my car which was totally awesome of him, but very unneccesary. it made my day. chem went as usual and spanish was fun. after school i called up jenny bc i was hungry and being the reliable best friend she is, went with me to inzillos! they charged us full price but i'll let it go just this once. then we hit up walmart just because walmart is amazing and now i'm here procrastinating on my psych hw and watching oprah. i'll prob end up going to walmart again later with steve-o, we'll see. i might also go to the fall sports awards but only if i finish psych. blah. time to go procrastinte some more!

    Current Mood: silly
    Current Music: Mr. Big: To Be With You
    Sunday, November 23rd, 2003
    11:24 am
    well yesterday didn't go as bad as i anticipated. i just hung around and watched tv which was something new for me. until 3 that is when i babysat for 8 HOURS! but they were good and i ended up having fun {super babysitter} we spent the whole day playing outside, playing with meg's kareoke machine, and watching daddy day care...which was a very cute movie. i was hoping they would get home early enough for me to go out after, but theres always another time. i skipped church today bc i'm extremely exhausted and i'm going tonight anyways. i'm skipping taco bell also :( bc thats not my kind of breakfast...so i should prob read macbeth. and do my calc homework...which i dont think is possible to do by myself but i'll give it a whirl. more later.

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: Yellowcard: Way Away
    Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
    9:06 am
    ok i bit off of angie by making this thing, but hey immatation is the highest form of flattery right?? lol ok lets see...yesterday sucked...school was pretty blah, and i found out a few very upsetting things afterward. i think i'm almost over it. i went with some friends to get chinese though so that was nice. then when i got home jenny called and said maria was stuck at toms river north so we took a little trip to go get her. when we were there we decided it would be fun to tour the student parking lot flaunting our jacksonness, but all the students were gone :(
    when i got home i didnt feel up to going out so i sat around and watched christmas movies...exciting, eh? then i went to bed at 8:30 which i have not done in quite some time. ooo one scary thing was that i went to cumberland farms and i thought i locked my keys in the car...so i started hyperventilating, but they turned out to be in my pocket. as mrs niemiec would say i was having one of our "blonde moments." well since i am up extremely early bc i went to bed extremely early, i'm going to find something to do. breakfast, possibly. i'll holla at you lata.

    Current Mood: pensive
    Current Music: Coldplay: The Scientist
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