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Monday, May 21st, 2012

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    a couple pairs price of 256 yuan loaded insole
    bright colors, bold stitch, simple fitness, demonstrate clear decorative Lu embroidering folk art rather than from the practical style. Lu embroidery is recorded in historical documents of the earliest varieties of embroidery, Qilu has Hing Spring and Autumn Period, known as the "Wan Qi" or "Lu stripe" to the Qin Sheng, to the Han has been quite popular. Lu embroidered CASINO "Su, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hunan," the head of the four famous embroidery, but a unique, ancient Chinese embroidery is an important part of culture. Embroidery insole leads to a small business this year, Zhang Hong, 22, who is the Wanzhou District, Chongqing, after high school went to work, because the boss can not stand stingy, home help with household chores. Zhang Hong's mother is a typical peasant woman, ingenuity, will be beautiful hand sewing, embroidery insoles in her home praised the women. One day last year, I heard an old gentleman in town to Mrs. Chang insole embroidery well, they come here to buy. Mrs. Chang, the old man gave 10 yuan deposit, made 5 pairs, that do a good job and then pay 20 dollars, and then happy to leave. It left a bright ZHANG heart, LED signs

    she thought: These embroidery insoles also made it? Better get the city to sell, sell ... ... Anyway, there may be idle is idle, give it a try. Zhang Hong, and her mother usually embroidered insoles fit in a large number of packages, find a stall friend, borrowed a corner of the place laid out to sell. No two days later, who set up a stall friend told Zhang Hong, a man to buy insoles, to dozens of pairs, ask her is there. Zhang Hong at this time are not thought to operate eight children insole, she suddenly see the light of orders from heaven. In hearing from home, every family the women are embroidered insoles. Mother and daughter from house to house then put away the insole. Day, mother and daughter had received more than 200 pairs. Improved insole as an alternative commodity back to the city, Zhang marked according to the different quality insole different prices for a simple packaging on the insole, while a certain amount of booth fees paid to friends, the official stand selling from the insole . At that time, the monthly cost to remove, Zhang basically earn 2000-3000 yuan. Market gradually opens, Zhang began to examine their products: shoe style single, uneven quality, short supply,embroidery digitizing

    Zhang decided to conduct a thorough home improvement insole. After the operation, shorten the construction period, production increased, quality improved by a mile. In mid-December last year, the first custom-made shoe collection back, and that more than 100 pairs of beautiful shoe, color rich, both suitable for the elderly, but also the appetite of young people, ethnic style, not only retained the pattern is also doped Sales of some fashion elements into the fire that badly. Foothold with stores "brand" is the word order ZHANG a large customer in the visit after the thought, she effort, with the help of the Women's Federation, and finally finalized the "clever sister," the name. Then, Zhang went to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan, investigation, the expedition, so she saw the embroidery insoles in the country's market potential, then in nearly 10 towns and streets run from the embroidery course, soon have more than 6,000 embroidery staff. December 30 last year, "a clever sister," trademark registration, Wanzhou, Chongqing Qiao sister handmade crafts Co., Ltd. established. And through the packaging process and a market of embroidery insole, but also became the darling of cute, prices have gone up: the most expensive shoe sold 148 per pair, minimum 90,LED Writing Board

    a couple pairs price of 256 yuan loaded insole. Today, the "clever sister" insole has been in Chongqing, Chengdu and other domestic stores open more than ten provinces and cities. The company opened 4 months, sales of more than 30,000 pairs of soles, insoles of the present export million pairs a month or so. Dong Tiangang reporter - a reporter's notes of Sichuan migrant workers each year to millions of people, but few are willing to spend some time and ask yourself whether Laojia have the opportunity to get rich. Most people look at the rural home of things, always felt that "rustic", "old", with such a vision to look at, which naturally can not see the commercial value of deposits. Zhang Hong's success proved that it is those around the humble folk art, native village, but it has enormous business opportunities. embroidered lady eighty one hundred works 2007-01-04 09:12:27 who lived in the 80-year-old lady clean the county, the use of free time, no need to wear reading glasses, actually embroidered hundreds of vivid embroidery pieces , neighbors, LED Message Board

    bottom which has a cloth as well as woven
    "Now even simpler stitch, helpful to have their very own pin range, the availablility of yarn, wiring, it exams the serenity and perseverance of men and women, but right now the products are complete Chushou's, has the benefit of a committed drawing, simply Zhao Determine embroidery like you can complete a good embroidery in the period can be much before. "Da she said Wednesday, Cross-stitch is actually simple, entry is easy, so longer as sewing buttons, you can sew any stitch, but to embroider their very own style, obtain more praise, or takes thought, and also the need to explore within practice slowly but surely and increase in build up. Zhang Aunt works mainly in wildlife, plants, landscaping and nature modeling, these kinds of vigorous perform, are to waste several tens morning oersted or even a year as well as so, by using each stitch carefully barbed stitch out fine, she was happy are "thriving", "long".business signs

    "West Lake" and various works, bright colors of these works, three-dimensional experiencing, very practical, have been her family collections. To individuals who would choose to pay with regard to her embroidery, jane is are almost all politely turned down. "Money are unable to measure whatever, give family is essentially the most honorable present. " Embroidered over the years, Zhang Sister usually do not feel exhausted, but greater momentum greater embroidery. She said, Cross-stitch is often a small entry effort, may cultivate some people's patience in addition to concentration, can relieve the stress of living and in the the embroidery method, the person might be completely immersed in the joy produced into embroidery. stitch embroidery towel was grid, grid face Founder, and also the corresponding routine, pattern size might be cut.vector artwork

    Kinds are usually 6 sizing's 9CT, 11CT, 14CT, 18CT, 22CT, 32CT. Cross-stitch towel, there a variety of brands, among Germany's Tangerine ZW Korean side of Christ cloth, DMC certainly, the People from france have produced the tangerine side regarding fabric common in general. There a variety of types regarding cloth, for example ordinary towel, plastic sheeting, linen cloth, wire cloth and various color might be selected reported by need. Comparison in addition to identification regarding various stitch DMC stitch towel woven side is the type of square orange stickers in the side, openings large in addition to Founder, feels somewhat like cannabis (by using cotton pulp) feel thin, with not one but two yarns in the the not one but two next regarding Jingwei Sheet yarn approach, four good cotton yarn, tightness is not strong.embroidery digitizing

    Embroidered fabric after experiencing soft. A cloth might be dual-use (if the bottom which has a cloth as well as woven), Germany stitch towel edge is often a small tangerine square side holes smaller approach DMC, experiencing the solid of several, a minor somewhat the feeling of silk as well as polyester, hardness is not DMC good, with not one but two yarn yarn in the last two being released in the Jingwei Sheet Act, 4 cotton a little rough, good tightness. Once embroidered fabrics feel fluffy. South Korea stitch towel edge is actually wavy dark-colored side, holes between the house DMC and also the German towel, feels comparatively thin, fluffy, purchase value at a bonus because that operators are more into this specific fabric. Domestic stitch selvage side is orange wave pattern might be no bright edges, feel softer, nonetheless real solid cotton yarn, embroidery martial arts styles good people implement it with regard to * mat and various household products, choose the most beneficial logo embroidered face less that map, this fabric is not suitable with regard to framing pictures, canvas effortless pilling.embroidery designs

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