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~*Wildfyre*~'s Journal

12th May, 2003. 10:14 pm. Today's Annoying Blog...

Gah! I hate colds! How is it that during cold season, I never get it, and all of a sudden, right in the middle of spring I get it!!!! So tired... -_-;;

Anyway birthday is in 2 days (YEA FOR ME!!!) so I'm restless. But tired... does that make sense? Didn't think so.

HOL Blogs

Poor Arianna is in a dilemma about Summer League teams. I would help but... nyah! If I give her the wrong decision then I'm gonna be one to blame. Although I did suggest the chose a number between 1 and 1 000 000 option but she went with the 1 and 20 (1 000 000 is just so much more exotic)

How can you make a Sharon Black sign seem funny? o.O

Need to borrow a digi cam. Oi... *tries to find an excuse to give her bf to use his*

Anyway, I am proud to say that me and Chloe is in the top 17!! :) Aren't we good or what?

Work to do: Finish of SoAM work (as in the optional stuff), Complete FB work (as in type it up), scan FB picture, complete CoD2 stuff, bug Prof. Atlas about my Timeline points, finish AoC Exam stuff (though who says I started ^^;;), make the HoM exam (a thing I've been procrastinating), hand in a spell she made to Blue, take a picture of the 'Sharon Black' sign, check PP for any new jobs to do, and... check up on Symbolism.

Too much work o.O;;

RL Blogs:

VOTE VENTY, JOHN BAIG-GINS, NIA (or anyone BUT Rachel Stulberg), DI and ELLA for the SC!!!!

I hate hate hate Finite!!! Why'd I have to take a Grade 12 math... *sobs*

Marty... *pokes* LUFF YOU LOTSA!!!! <3 <3 <3

I wanna be sick tomorrow so I don't have to go to school but I dun wanna be sick... does that work???

Things to do: Edit my website, do Finite homework (ha! Not likely), Chemistry homework (at school probably -_-;;), Scan a picture for my website, English Chapbook (AUUUUUGH!!!!), Find out about Tech Crew!!!

Quote of Today:

Jess: Your room is covered in clothes...

Clara: YOU'RE covered in clothes!

Current mood: tired.
Current music: 'Give A Reason' from Slayers Next.

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