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b0red* [26 Mar 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Go0dCharlotte -- Motivate Me ]

wEll i didnt go to sko0l cause i didnt feel like puttin up with aNy shyt today. i think i missed two tests but who gives a fCk.. haha. anyways last nite Mom oreder me a pair of ChuckS.. suM Spiked braclets.. a fEw shirts.. & a dress that i hada get for that cruise thing. i really didnt want the dress tho. but im really happy that she ordered me that stuff. haha. i kinnda wished i woulda went to sko0l tho cause im SO bored right now. i got up at 12:30 and got on icq 0h course no one was on so ive been sittin here ever since l0l. but i think im gonna go. lAer-

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