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    Thursday, June 12th, 2003
    3:01 am
    Hellz da yeah!

    I just deleted my repeat post, now I'm a tad bit happier, I guess....

    Current Mood: accomplished
    2:57 am
    damn it! I posted twice, and I don't know how to delete it!

    Frigging Blurty crackers!



    Current Mood: aggravated
    2:46 am
    First Post
    WOW, this is my first post!!

    Today has been pretty lame.
    I walked with my sister to school, and hung out with my friend Ryan W. Went home with Ben, and worked on my Ragnarok Online Server.
    Ben was unable to help me fix my server error... Oh well...
    A short while after Ben left. Josh came over, and we played with some Lego's that happened to be on my bed, making a crazy looking space ship with nuclear missles!
    Being bored out of my mind, and hot... I ended up falling asleep on my mom's bed with the air conditioner running.

    Later waking up to find that Josh had been mugged by 3 guys on his way walking home.
    He came back to my house, bloody... Police were called, took them an age and a half to get here... and so on... Blah... this just made my day...

    Ohhh wait theres more... my Grandpa called asking for my dad. My dad is staying with him... My grandpa's memory is crap, and getting worse. Which can sorta be expected seeing he is 81, but either way it sux monkey ass. :'

    Current Mood: shocked
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