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[ calendar | blurty calendar ] now i just fucked with the look of my diary... [04 Feb 2003|04:57pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | midtown-become what you hate ]

yeah...i'm still way confused about everything...i want to make the text bigger but i'm not sure how to do that...meh...i was getting so frusturated...i think i spelled that wrong...too bad for you!!...i went through like every style that freaking was annoying...and now i think i did some stuff that i really did not have to do...damn me....oh well...well i'm gonna try something and i hope this works this any bigger then before??...i hope so...ok...well the next few entries are gonna be some test entries...k...peace out for now...

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ok then.... [04 Feb 2003|05:03pm]
...ok...well i see that font size 12 was a little too big...i am tring a different style all together...but it's not showing up...cuz seems if i try to do too much to change the style it like goes backwards and let's see if this works at all....
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ok!!!... [04 Feb 2003|05:06pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | no doubt-excuse me mr. ] i'm gonna stick with this is all good...i can read the font and it is all good!! i just had to say now i am gonna go make a real entry...woohoo!!!

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so now a real entry... [04 Feb 2003|05:10pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | no doubt-sunday morning ]

today was a pretty good all i did in french was talk about how me and my friend adam are gonna go get super faded before going to school on's gonna rock...then i didn't dress for p.e cuz i'm dropping out of the class...and i got to talk to my friend matt about people and stuff...and then in play production...another class of nothing!!!...woohoo!!...meh...i have to go blow dry my hair...i'll do it in a little bit...i'll have to get it wet again...i just really don't feel like getting off my ass right now...heh...god it has been so dry out!!...yesterday everytime i got out of my car i got sucks!!...when i was little i used to love to get shocked...i was a strange ass little i would walk around the mall with my parents and rub my feet on the carpet then get in an elevator and touch the metal...i would do it like 5 i said...i was a strange's only like 5...damn...blablabla...i'm tired...but i had i'm pretty much's just when i sit on my ass getting pissed off at this site cuz there are so many ways to change the style of your diary it's like in another language...i was so i kept hitting the back button and pressing different things and just going around in circles and doing the same thing over and over again...and changing the style cuz some of em are kinda ugly...but i'm satisfied with this's fine for's readable...and like it's all i don't have to worry about anything now...right?? i found out so much shit today about people getting in trouble with the's this girl chelsea that i used to be really good friends with...well i found out that first of all she is a crack she smokes crack all the she moved to burbank to live with her mom and i guess she and her mom got in a fight and chelsea beat the shit out of her she went to juvie for 3 nights...didn't do i think she's back in the palisades with her dad which isn't any better cuz she and her dad fight so much...and i think she has a warrant out for her arrest on some other charge...people are fucked up man...and she used to be a pretty good all she used to do was smoke pot but now she like does coke and crack and who knows what then i was talking to my friend matt...found out he is still on probation...stupid fuck...and then this kid named justin who is really cute who i met on friday turned out to be a shroom dealer...and just all this hectic stuff...aren't the people i know great?? think this is turning out to be a really long entry...even though i think meghan is the only one reading this...but it's all good...i need to go make some new friends on this thing...well i'll stop blabering...peace out...

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boys... [04 Feb 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | nothing ]

man...boys blow...i like this kid casey...yeah and he doesn't want a girlfriend...damn to me...i need to meet some more hot'm gonna have a fun b-day...heh...yeah...

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