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    Friday, August 22nd, 2003
    2:53 pm

    My team won the basketball game last night, I sat on the end of the bench by my friends and this girl on the other team kept staring at me, she really got on my nerves and was really really ugly, she really bothered me.

    But anyway we where put in together and I looked over at her when I was dribbling down the court when I notived she was flopping and wasnt wearing a bra. Poor her, she needed one.

    Anyway, after we won we went to the DQ, filled with ugly boys. This boy around our age walked in and he had on the tight black pants with pade sticking out. I didnt know guys could have periods...

    It was very very funny. Then we started chugging down things of lemon juice, I won as usual and I got something great.... nothing. Then this hot guy walked in, he looked around my age. We talked and he asked for my number. Oh goody...

    Current Mood: bored

    Thursday, August 21st, 2003
    12:01 pm

    I FINALLY found a site that gives out free journals! HURRAY!!!! :-D Anyway... I have a basketball game tonight, its the first game of the season and i am the tallest and best player on the team, so... if I miss it I am dead. Anyway... I was going through some pictures I took a while back and found some of my friends from last year at halloween. They where all dressed up as pimps and so I started talking to them on aim telling them about my find and they want me to draw a pic of them as pimp dogs lol. So... they each want one of them indavidually and then one of all three of them together.

    Whoo... I am going to be busy. Lets see... school doesnt start for me for a while so im just jellin here at home.

    I am actually dreading school to start, the summer seems to have flown by so fast AND I have the meanest teacher for home room you could EVER imagine. Lovely, also none of my friends are in my homeroom! How am I going to survive!!! LOL.

    Anyway today when I was working on my webpage I got these entries in my guestbook that where so rude, this person said "F*** you, you b****. Shut down your f***ing page before I f***ing kill you." I hope she knowns that it left her IP address and I can get her little butt in a lot of trouble. Oh well...

    Well... I better close.

    Current Mood: crappy

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