05:11pm 25/01/2003
  i want to update but i dont know about what. . someone im me and tell me what to update about. .  

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08:15pm 24/01/2003
music: Sublime-Santaria
yes noone talks to me. i shall sulk later, maybe if i make a hottlist people will love me? ah well im bored so here goes

2.Tie Sarah And Brit
4.another tie between pierre and chester
5.Nick B.

okay i cant think of anymore. . ANYWAY! gum is scrumptious, everyone should chew gum. Grr i need a cigarette. My brother is being annoying. i think ill go make curtians. .

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07:05pm 23/01/2003
  aim decided to be nice so like I/m me at edible eliza  

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06:34pm 22/01/2003
mood: bouncy
music: good charlotte-the anthem
yep im eliza, *nods* working on aim name, since aim likes to be difficult it will probably be tomorow ish before it decides to work

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