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  2003.08.11  10.08

Andie read my blurty and was like "Awww, that's so sad! Why did you put that?!" *lol* I'm listeneing to Vitamin C. She's aftter Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee (Shake ya Tail Feathers). I just have to say that I now LOVE Dashboard Confessional. I lobe them.... But Coldplay is Still #1. Hillary Duff still sux too, steve. I can't wait for school to start. I'm so done with summer. I didn't even get that great of a tan. Oh well, like I care. And I finally got my Converse All-Stars. Hanna is being a butt. And Vitamin C is making me sad. I miss Evelyn!!! *Tear* :( I can't wait until I'm a senior.. *lol andie.. I love your poem thingy!!!! DBC rox!!!* Yeah, i think that's all for today... 0o0o tupac!!!!

Mood: bouncy

  2003.08.11  10.03
I'm bored

I'm bored... are you?

Mood: bored

  2003.08.10  23.44
1st Entry

Yeah. So I guess this is all there is, isn't it? It's just like everything else in this world we live in. every one assumes that there's going to be more than there really is. And then you get let down. And that hurts. Every thing hurts. Heart break. Love. Clowns. Ok, so you're thinking "clowns" but yeah... clowns... see, and that's another thing, people have to question every single god forsaken thing... people can't just go along with what others say. You have to question. But I have a question...


Mood: artistic
Music: Coldplay- God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

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