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holy fuckin shit [31 Dec 2003|02:35am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Catch 22 - Day In Day Out ]

hola, well no1 is going to read this so its ALL COO. well whoever wants to read this, well you either know who i am or ya dont and your lazy off your fuckin ass. its been like fuckin a shit load of a long time since i wrote in this. FROM THE LAST TIME I WROTE IN THIS, a shit load happened, had summer school, got a girlfriend, broke up with the girlfriend, play A SHIT LOAD MORE OF BASS, YES A SHIT LOAD, started the band with John which is now Me, John, Kyle, Neal and Topher and we are THE JIVE TURKEYS lol. well if been gettin better on bass, i havnt been skating much CUZ ITS FUCKIN RAINING, uh... nothing exciting has been happening...i read this and saw that my very gnarly friend jamie was like the person who replied to a shit load of my stuff and she made this so she is still hella cool, lol. uh...what else, diane and john are goin out finally after THE FUCKIN YEAR THEYVE LIKED EACHOTHER, fuck...lol. matt has been pimpin it with like fuckin 5 chicks, ryans gettin his licence, kyle, has been in brent wood alot, josh moved to dublin and left us, geez. lol uh...mckenzie is gone to some play i cant remember the name and gets back in like 2 days and basically everyone else....i dont know, lol a year passed, and basically nothing really fun has been happening...well catch ya later bros

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the boring things we do [08 Jun 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Less Than Jake- Gainsville Rock City ]

well this MONTH i havnt wrote in it was preaty stupid i guess. we skated and did stupid stuff. went to shows, messed around, got in trouble, skated and did nothing. i got dan to be the drummer in out band and ryan is getting tyler to be sax so SKA-nkin' is gona be done soon maybe hopefully. the last show we went to was fun. yesturday was fun with john diane and matt. god damn me and matt fight everywhere, its fun lol. then we almost got kicked out of barnes and nobles because the fat ass got pist cuz diane said hell or ass or something and it was helarious. then today was GAY AS SHIT cuz all we did was work on the lame ass project thats gay and we was boring. i learned like 4 or 5 new songs on my bass so more stuff to make people pist of at me cuz i get it wrong most the time because i play it to fast and stuff. so i guess its been stupid, 1 more week of school then a week of summer then 5 or 6 weeks of history for 4 hours a fuckin day then 2 or 3 weeks of summer and registration and shit then hello sophmore year and time to make fun of the new gay ass preppy posin faggity ass freshmen! lol, i dedicate this journal writing thing to jamie becuase if it wasnt for her, i wouldnt be writing in it right lol, lol later everyone

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hiya retards [12 May 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Less Than Jake- Shes Gonna Break Soon ]

well hows it hangin? well its been goin not that great fer me, some stuff good! i got my amp finally. and we just got a skate spot thats so fuckin cool to hang out at. me matt and dan had a war with 2 girls in a car and they won...for now! WE ARE GOING TO DESTROY THEIR CAR ONCE WE SEE THEM AGAIN. ryan's gettin his permit soon so me and him are gona go riding around when he gets his licence. we're gona go destroy the track and go all over the place and he said hes gona go at a turn at 50 in his mini. and we're gona ride behind cars and stuff and record all this stupid ass shit thats gona be funny as hell. well thats all i can to write in it for now. later days everyone!

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this weekend [04 May 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | Less Than Jake- Scott Farcas Takes It On The Chin ]

WELL HIDIE HOE YA HOBOS! this weekend was awesome. friday well on friday i got out of school and went home and found out my amp is comin on wensday. then called matt to see if we we're goin to the show. he came over and i kept on land 360 flips and that was fun. then went to the teen center where we found dan john and kyle. found out dan almost got in a fight with a tall skin head and the place got closed down. we hung out for a little then they left and me and matt walked to the cellar. when we got there we hung out with jon. then he went in and came out with travis nate josh kristin and anothe person who i dont know. so we hung out and we walked in the rain and then went home and stuff. SATURDAY holy shit. lol. well saturday was the best day iv had in a long long long long time. me and jamie went around that mall for like 3 or 4 hours then she found her friends. we hung out with them then they left and we were there for a little in hot topic. then she figured out that the people workin there where following us so we walked back and forth in the store untill i got a stick and a rent-a-pig came in and only talked to us. so then we left and we went to i think pacsun or somethin and found jamie's friends again! and we hung out with them and made a little group in the store and sat down and talked. then the lady told us to move to a corner so we wouldnt be in people's way. so we moved to the back corner by the dressing room. i heard these girls in the dressing room laughing about the most stupid stuff so all of a sudden i started laughing really loud. then after that i remember hwo when i was a kid i would hide in the pant racks and stuff. so then i crawled into one and started movin my hands out so it looked weird. then all this other crazy stuff. then we went outside the store and hung out. then i left. then i came home and i dont remember i think i came on er somethin. then comes sunday OH YAY! well saturday was the best day iv had in a hella long time so yea. sunday i did nothing i sat on my ass and did nothing at all. so much fun hu? then i talked to friends and stuff. and something else but i dont think i can talk about that because its between me and someone. and my goal right now is that so yea. WOW I SET A GOAL! one that really isnt stupid like "lets see how long it takes me to get the rent-a-pigs attention with my rent-a-pig shirt" or "lets make a movie THAT WE'LL NEVER FINISH" well that one is true but we actually tried finishing it but im gona do this "goal" good cuz im gona try! BUM BUM BUM. so yea. gracias to all the people who made my weekend so fuckin fun. and if any of you people readin this wana talk to el muzzioni THEN TALK. now its off to finishing what i set out for and planning the destruction of the gathering of prom at my housefor my sister and her friends...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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bwahahah [28 Apr 2003|02:40pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | the sound of the computer ]

well hey, im writing in this once again becuase of my friend jamie, shes sick so i hope she gets better soon. this weekend i went to a show, we moshed and it was great. jon moved back into kyle, then me and we all fell on the bench it was great. and we had fun. then the rest of the weekend i did nothing, sunday i got 2 stickers which are fuckin cool and thats about it! well later

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OOOHHHHHHH BLOODY DICKENS! [23 Apr 2003|06:38pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Rocket From The Crypt- Savoir Faire ]

well, im writing in this because my loving best friend is making me :), this spring break SUCKED FAT ASS. i really did nothing and when i did it was stupid and almost got in hella trouble. lately iv been skating more for some reason and im getting better at some of the tricks i sucked at. so its been fun doin that, SAT 9 TESTS ARE SO FUCKIN FUN! OH YAY! the only good thing is we have 40 minute periods HELL YEA NO FUCKIN HOUR WITH MS HAUT. and i finally got a fuckin C+ in like a fuckin long time on a big test in geometry so that made my day better. and iv usually been fuckin stupid doing stupid things. so its been fun...well thats it! LATER

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WOW [07 Apr 2003|06:57pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | choking victim- 500 channels ]

hola amigos, well! this whole week and weekend sucked ass! and today wasnt that great either. week-sucked ass, didnt do shit, everythin sucked. weekend-everyone did something, i staid home and sat on a chair looking at the walls or layed on the couch and watched tv or slept THATS HOW EXCITING IT WAS! WAHOOO! most of my friends suck, the ones that suck know what they did thos damn people DAMN YOU ALL, so yea...ok so yea later

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i dont know [30 Mar 2003|02:16pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | dead kennedys- too drunk to fuck ]

im writing in this cuz jamies making me write in it. this week sucked ass, i didnt do anything. then came friday, me and matt went skateboarding from 3 to 7 or 8. so we went skateboarding and we to the little skatepark by mckenzie's house. there i 5-0ed the ledge thingy like 5 times, 50-50 to 180 like twice and one time i sorta kick turned out and smacked my hip on my edge of the ledge. then matt started ludging down all the ramps and almost smacked his face on the ground every time. then the like 5 foot ledge there...holy bageezes. i wouldnt ollie off it. then i didnt do it like 3 times, the 4time my feet came off right when i was about to land. the 5th i sorta almost landed and the 6th my foot fell off. so then i kick fliped off the other side and caught the flip but didnt land it. so then i front side fliped off the side and caught it in the air hella clean. but b 4 we went there we decided to go to west were 4 rent-a-cops drove in and out of for the 30 to 40 mintes we were there. i front side fliped over a speed bump. i kick fliped over it, almost 360 bonelessed over it uh... i meloned over it hella clean. then came saturday, i staied in my house the whole day untill 6 came along were i had to make up my decission to go to the show. i didnt want to then brittany and mckenzie decided to say "we'll give you a pizza pocket and 5 cookies if you come!" so i said "HELL YEA IM GOIN!" so now tomorrow i get a pizza pocket and 5 cookies. the show was great, josh set off the fire alarm at monte vista and i hella ran cuz i was the only one with him and when i got to carl's everyone was like "did he do it?!" and i said "yea go outside its hella beaping" so then 5 mintues later we were like "were the hell is josh hes not here yet!" so all of a sudden we hear "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" looking at the way the sound was coming we see josh running from the ally behind savemart and we went back to the show infront untill we saw like 5 flash lites goin around the school looking for the people. so then we started a mosh pit when we went back in. then we tried starting a cirlce pit but dan had to be smart and hit one of the dudes from the acceptibles dad and we stoped and went outside. so then josh was gona try it again so then we see flash lights and were like "COME BACK DUDE" so yea then we got free sodas fromt he machine and we ran through the iales i savemart but i only ran threw the front then ran back cuz everyone was about to hit me then nate hit john. so we went outside and nate almost hit me with a soda and we all laughed then jon farted and that was funny. then chris that ran fer major told us like 50 stories and showed us his rubber chicken that when u fuck it up the ass with yer finger it gets a toomer. well yea! thats basically it, later

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[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | the silence...oops i farted ]

WELL! what i feel like doing right now is ripping out the little blurty's little balls and feeding them to it. then i am going to rip out his small intestin, make a nuse and hang it by a tree. then get its large intestin and slap it in the face with it. then i will tie it up with it and rip out its tounge and shove it down it's throut. becuz it wont send me the varifying thingy so i can write in jamie's thing. so it is goin to DIE MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA later

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TODAY AND ZE WEEKEND!!!! waaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooo [24 Mar 2003|04:26pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Less Than Jake- Boring Life in a Boring Town ]

well this weekend sucked fat old italian mom cookin ass. my sister found out i failed all my tests in pre-ap biology, and that class is a pain in my pasta lovin italian ass, and im still passin and my mom got pist so i had to read like 2 chapters like 3 times on saturday. then i was supose to go over to el mckenzie's house with matt brittany and natalee. by the time i was gona leave matt left and i didnt feel like just gettin a ride by myself. so i watched the MATRIX lol i finally watched the whole thing instead of the freakin part where he falls off the building and goes AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH and smacks the ground. then sunday i had to write down the definitions (i cant fuckin spell that word lol)on the chapter in a book and that took up like 5 pages. so then after i learned like 10 songs and i only remember 1 lol. so then today! MONDAY it was shit to. i got to school and i was bored. then i found out that they allhad a great time at mckenzie's house cuz they hung out for 4 hours and it was her mom's birthday and they borke a pinata and had el pizzo. so then 2nd period i heard about my friends got drunk and fell asleep in people's back yards and in ditches and that was funny. then PE me matt and travis ran the fuckin mile and a half and we kept on trippin eachother. spanish just sucked ass. lunch...was stupid. geometry was stupid and bio i kept sayin BUM BUM BUM cuz someone's phone kept ringing and my teacher got hella pist. so that was cool i guess... AND HERE I AM! WITH THE BORING DAY! WHOOHOOOOOOOO later lol

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i unno [20 Mar 2003|07:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | my ass farting ]

well i dont know, im bored, nothing really good, playin bass a little more, wanting to skate more so yea, i guess thats it, later oh whats that say on the paper infront of you? can you read it? oh wait, it says SHUT THE HELL UP

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HOLY SHIT! [18 Mar 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | the hives ]

well hey you peoples, i dont know why your lookin at this, maybe cuz jamie made it, and its all cool cuz she did. now if i would of it would of been shit with like shit covered background and all that stuff, lol. well i got el basso todayo. i played the hives while i was listen to it and i was like "HELL YEA FUCK YOU" it was crazy...then i tried play 99 red ballons, that didnt go to well...lol then i tried play some reel big fish and that went sorta ok but i cant remember the tabs so that blows. so yea! suck el ass and if you get any shito spit it out in el toileto. OH THAT WAS COOL no it wasnt you all are like "eww hes nasty what a freak i wana kill him" well if you are, THEN FUCK YOU lol well ill see ya all laters! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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hehe [17 Mar 2003|06:10pm]
Here ya go danny =). Hope ya like it! - Jamie
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