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I have a problem. A big problem. And I need some help/advice.

Okay. My dad and his sister and brother all have this: On their legs, where ever there is hair, there's a red dot. I have it too. Whenever I shave, no matter how gently or slowly I shave, it ends up looking like I've butchered my legs. It basically looks like I have razor burn. And I have to shave everyday because it grows fast, but of course not fast enough for me to be able to wax. I've tried waxing and it just doesn't work for me. (I wax myself. lol.) And the bigger problem is this "razor burn" occurs on my bikini line, too. Even cremes preventing this doesn't work. Guys, I need serious help. lol I want this "Razor burn" thing to go away. I never wear shorts because of this - and I never want to go swimming because then I've have to wear a bikini. This totally sucks. My mom's legs are perfect. For once in my life I wish I took after her...

If anybody knows of any solutions, please tell me. I'm so freaking desperate. (And my aunt [who has a pool] is throwing a birthday/4 of july party on Friday.) I wanna die.

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Hey, phreaks.

I have a needless panic account. (Or two, or three, or 98. :D) You can view it by clicking here. I'm not saying I'm a follower, but I heard about this site a while back and made some accounts, and now that Blurty is being a real douche and not giving out any more EA accounts, everyone is leaving to go to NP. So, I thought I'd come a long. I'll probably still write in this journal, too. Like, alternate or something. I'm not sure. So, if you have an account on NP, comment to be added. :D

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As we trudge along through the mud and we tried to call it home, but we weren't alright. Not at all. Not for one second. Never have been one to write it down. Now I think I can. I know I'm stronger now. Who's looking south? Not me. I'm not looking back. I'm done denying the truth to anyone. 'Cause I'm alive. You showed me how. You seemed to find a hole. But I just laughed and smiled. Begged and rolled my eyes. Even cried. Denied the truth to you. Just like the truth to me; mostly lied. I'm not going to look back. White it out like glittering wax butterflies. Marry me. Stay with me. Lie to me and try to say you never will. And it's all in how you mix the two. And it starts just where the light exists. You'll never find it if you're looking for it. Goodbye to you. You're taking up my time. You took it back. How could you go and do something like that? Change. Run around again in circles. Play this game over again. I'm pulling my hair. I let you just a million times.

I love you. Even though it isn't fair.

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Hey. I need a little help. Today in school a girl was telling me about a book and I think she said the name of it was THE BEING OF NOTHING. She said the book basically tells you you're a worthless piece of shit and her brother had to read it for psychology(?). She said that if you wanna be a psychologist, the professors will make you read it to see if you're strong enough to help a patient. She also said that you have to be a certain age to buy the book because people have committed suicide after reading it.

Now me, being the ever-so-curious one that I am, tried searching for the book online (Amazon.com, Google.com, etc.) and I can't seem to find it. So, I'm thinking I might have gotten the title wrong. So, if any of you may know of the book, please tell me. I wanna learn more about it.

Thank you.

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Yes. So, if you wish to be added, comment.
If you are a friend to my other journal, you are already added.
If you have been deleted and wish to be added once more, comment.

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