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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003

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    suddenly i am fighting this fight alone. . .
    so this is the scrollie! thats nifty. i never knew this before...ha!

    wow...i like watchin it go around and im a dork. hey jana! sorry i didnt see you after school to get the pictures..ill try tommrow.i should be back after lunch. we're goin to the bass hall. woohoo. it wont be bad..atleast i wont have to go to spanish! me and trina and chris and tony hung out again after trina's house....they were (they as in tony, and chris was telling him what to do) doin wrestling moves on me! it was it was funny..they did one called the wall of jerico. it was cool..i used to know how to spell that..i think thats how it goes..yeaup. and a figure four that they couldnt figure out... it was funny..because i had my stomache on the floor and my legs up beind me in the air..i had to see it was soo funny. they wanted (still they as in tony doin something and chris tellin him what to do) to do a stunner..but..ohh no..and at "to the max footwear" he was gonna do a german suplex. wasnt really gonna do it..i think that would kill was fun.

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: complete silence...(really...its really quiet over here..)

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