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Wednesday, January 8th, 2003

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    *cough cough cough cough* * cry cry cry* *cough* and all that a few more times
    oh so sick...blah...i have a 102 temp last time i checked...and have strep throat and/or tonsil thingy..but they arent gonna remove them...lets see...i've been asleep for about two the doc's office i fell asleep on a bed taht was like | | <--that big..i should of just layed down on the floor. .and..why do the doc's have to be oh so ruff with the stupid shots? i had to get one in my hip/butt/back area..if you know what i am talking about..its weird..and its sore. but..i have finals to take tommrow..errrr..I CANT DO IT!! i am going to fail..and....I WISH I COULD FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE THIS JOURNAL THINGY SO THAT PEOPLE CAN POST ON IT!!!!! i am just frustrated right now..the mahogany level is pretty high ..considering how out of it i am. hahaha(i think the only person in the world who would get that is jana) i feel like i need to throw up..but..its not gonna happen. its like i'm resisting ..i CANT stand throwing up..gah..anyhoo..i'm gonna go pop a sleep..i'll be back later!!


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