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.oO1.Startin OvA [27 Aug 2003|01:11pm]
heyy! i just got one of this cuz dead journal sucks ass and got fucked up. neways summer is almost ova and it sucks ass..it went by WAYYY too fast..Last night was fun except me and Roger got in a fight :(..neways i worked 2:30 till 9..and then i picked up Roger and we parked somewhere and did whateva ;) lol then i had to go back to stop -n- shop and get coffee for my mom and then we went to burger king cuz i was hungry..Then his friend Brewster met us there and he drove my car and shit..then i slapped Roger so he got pissed and almost hit me and got out of my car shut the door in my face..then we both left..i went home..was in a pissy mood..then Roger called..then i talk to his friend cuz Roger was being a shithead..then i went to bed cuz i didnt wanna deal w/it nemore..i woke up at 5 this morning and i had 12 new messages..10 from Roger and 2 from Jeff..me n jeff dont even talk nemore!! wtf?!! he was soo drunk..one was like "hey the kerrigan family..how r u? ellen is soooo cool" and i dont evben remember the otha one..so everything is pretty w/me n Roger but i guess we dont go out..oh ya now i remember why cuz as he was leaving last night he was like "ur A fuckin bitch dont eva fuckin talk to me ever again" so today im working 2 till 8:30..i gotta ready too but neways im gonna finish then im going out w/Jewels..prob gonna smoke up or something..then we are going to some guys party from work..and Rogers going to some other party that me n Jewels are gonna try to find..then thats my night..ill write when i get home if im not too tired..lata
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