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easter [19 Apr 2003|01:46pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | justin timberlake - right for me ]

been with catie for the past 3 days. girls crazy!! i <3 her tho!! wendensday she came over here, we chilled. went out with sheldon n mike. we went drivin around n had some wendys. =) thursday we went to her crib n chilled. we went to the mall and lookin, seein what we should get the next time we go. so many fine guys were there. some guys walked by n were barkin at us, tryin to holla. =X they was nasty. s'all good tho. =D i guess wen we were at the mall, arli gabe and someone else were together (iono them but catie does) and they saw us, and gabe thought i looked real good, so he told kelly what he thought, and he even knew my name since i have never met him, yet he knew my name. i seen him before, and he does look good, i was kinda surprised. =) caties gonna give him my number, hopefully that goes through. =D i haven't talked to "weezy" (iono WHY he calls himself that but oh wellz) all week, and last nite he called me at like 10. i think he was high coz he woz actin kinda stupid. he called me since he wanted me to talk to his cuzzins, which i thought was pathetic but oh wellz. i guess he been tellin them about me. he wants to get together again. hopefully monday he'll be able to chill afterschool, iono i dont really wanna be with him. its confusing. today we're celebrating easter, my whole familys comin over. i really dont feel like gettin outta bed, since i've only gotten 11 hours of sleep outta the past 3 days. =/ i think im gonna takea nap before the come over >=)

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all i need [15 Apr 2003|09:46pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | fat joe, armageddon & tony sunshine - all i need ]

today was a long day. i woke up, ate some, left anessa's and came home. i didn't really wanna leave but i hadda come home. it's was hot out all day, but very windy. it felt like it was about to blow the car over. anyways i got home, put everything away and talked to marcus on the phone. it feels so good not to like him anymore. at least not as much as i used to. then when my mom got home we went out to wegamans to get some food. yummy. got all the italian deserts and shit. ;P i downloaded one classic 80's song. its by foreigner. called i wanna know what love is. heeheez. yup i'ma dork but ooh wellz i love this song. tonight i learned onea my friends is moving. =( not far away, actually closer to my house, but that house has so many memories. =/ oh well, shes moving into this half-a-billion doller house. i can't wait to go into her spa bathtub. =D

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i feel for you [07 Apr 2003|05:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | justin timberlake - senorita ]

ooh yay! mommies comin home with some burger king ;p today was completly boring, although i got to update all my wishlists on alloy, urban outfitters, and delias. i talked on the phone for a bit but not much. just giving out tad bits of advice to some friends and acting like a complete idiot. i've been really happy lately, as scary as that sounds. it feels scary too. =X i needa catch up on my reading though, i got 3 books that i still have to read, they all look so good, and i'm only half-way through one of them. my friends daddie is comin over soon to pick up the generator we had to use the past couple days and i'm still in my pjs with no make up on, i don't even have my contacts in!! i should prolly pick up and get ready. =/

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new [06 Apr 2003|09:32pm]
new! be bacc lata!
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