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[22 Jan 2004|12:57am]
[ music | bright eyes - one foot in front of the other ]

im back! YESSS! i had the scariest dream today when i came home from school.

it was freezing in my house so i ran up to my room and jumped under the covers and fell asleep. i dreamt that i got on my bus after finals, much like i did today, and i fell asleep on the bus. when i woke up, it was dark out, and we were driving around in some creepy place. with axe murderers and metrosexuals and shootings. this fat lardo kid from band was sitting next to me and i was scared. i got up and complained to the bus driver. "WE'VE BEEN ON THIS BUS FOR HOURS. IT TAKES 10 MINUTES TO GET FROM CYPRESS BAY TO MY HOUSE. TAKE ME HOME. NOW. SLUTBAG." so i stood up there and told him "take a right, take a left, go straight, turn back" etc. even though i had no idea what i was doing. we ended up in this shopping plaza in plantation near my dad's jewelry store, so i called my mom and put her on the phone with my bus driver and she told him how to get back to weston from there. he hung up and i said "so are you okay with the directions?" and he said "no" and got back on the bus. i stayed outside, and that's when i saw my aunt karen, and preceded to run up to her screaming "AUNT KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE ME!!!!!!" and she replied "OKAY!!!!!!!!!" so she took me home. by the time i got home it was 4 am.

thankfully i don't have to ride the bus home tomorrow

wish me luck on my last two finals

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