Edd J.M.


2nd December 2003

11:00am: Grades...meh
I got my Biochem test back today and I got a fucking B. Get the fuck out of here, I know the 10 points I missed so well but just didn't state it clear enough on the test! I am annoyed but whatever I don't mind B's they are just stupid. Anyway can get a B, to get an A takes determination and actual work habbits which I still do not have.

I am eatin' lunch with CD Mote today. I am gonna roll up to Adele's in my nasty sandles, dirty pants and my rag dead shirt and be like, YO! CD, WHAT'S UP FO' SHIZZLE. Psyche, well, maybe a little.

I can't belive the semester is pretty much over. It flew by and I can't wait to be able to goto the same school as teh Der! I have to help her find some houseing first though.

Check out last nights setlist from the Albany Phish show. Be prepared to kill yourself for not going.
Current Mood: okay
Current Music: The Grateful Dead - 1973.06.30 - Sugar Magnolia
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