Edd J.M.


13th November 2003

7:41am: Another post
Last night in the DC chat room it was like old times. It is pretty funny how me and my friends are so fucking gross. We talk about things like the Cleveland Cement Truck and the St. Louis Humidifer and things that someone did to Mrs. Farber's ponch. So I started telling people about this stuff and a few of them I could tell were pretty well versed in the shock value comedy. It was great, I was cracking up. I am glad there are at least some people left who know good humor, not the ice cream. THis one guy was getting so offended, it was great!

I am sick of school.
Current Mood: pleased
Current Music: The Grateful Dead - 1979.11.09 - U.S. Blues
7:46am: Oh yea
Homer: There are three ways to do something, the right way, the wrong way, and the max power way!
Bart: Isn't the max power way just the wrong way?
Homer: Yes, but FASTER!
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