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    Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
    8:30 pm
    Lollapalooza ROCKED!!!!!!! but i'll start at the beggining. Jon and I drove up to west palm tuesday afternoon and passed our exit by about 10 miles. when we got there we checked out all the booths first. We got a free dj lesson, which was cool. I suck at dj'ing though. think i'll stick with the bass. We watched some girls get their chests air brushed, played some games at the x box tent, ate some food, and then went to the main stage. now for the run down of the bands
    The distillers - sucked,
    donnas - ok,
    Jurassic 5 was awesome. they actually have 6 guys in the band which is very misleading. they came out and played 20 minutes continuously. You couldn't even tell were one song ended and the other started. Then their 2 DJ's rocked out for a while and played with some crazy equipment. the most interesting was a childs toy that makes different sounds when you push a button. they some how made this really tight beat with only two of those.
    Queens of the stone age - wasn't impressed,
    Incubus - what can i say about one of my favorite bands other than they kicked ass. THis is the first time i'd seen them without dirk lance. THe new bassist seems cool though. They opened to the Mario theme from the first world. one of the coolest openings ever. They played some stuff off of make yourself and morning view and threw vitamin into the mix. They also played 3 new songs that will be on their next cd. They also had a couple little jam sessions between songs. Wished they would play some stuff from fungus amongus or science. All in all though it was a great show.
    Audio Slave - Tom Morello has to be the best guitarist i've seen in concert. he did things with a guitar i wouldn't have even thought to try. Kinda like hendrix playing with his teeth. who woulda thunk it? Chris Cornell is a great singer. I enjoyed seeing them live. woulda liked to see Rage before they broke up but cornell replaces de la rocha nicely and the band sounds better for it.
    Jane's Addiction - didn't see em. I had to big of a headache from dehydration by that time that i just wanted to go home.

    We stopped by steak 'n shake on the way home. didn't get through one bite before i felt like pukeing, so i packed it up and headed home.

    9 more day's til ORLANDO!!!!

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    Monday, August 4th, 2003
    12:37 am
    Gotta love free tickets
    I took my little brother and his friend to the Poison Skid Row show that my dad got tickets for. GLAM ROCK!!!!! We were gonna go just to make fun of the old hair bands but we ended up having a great time. Vince Neil put on a great show and then Poison just tore the place up. It was an amazing show! I would love to see them again.
    Wish i could have found someone to give our fourth ticket to. Such a waist.

    Now I'm looking forward to this Tuesday. LOLLAPOLOZZA!!!!!!! I was gonna take my big sister, Angela, but she's whimping out on me cuz of a band aid! What's that about? So now i have an extra ticket to lolapolozza. If you wanna go, hit me up. Would hate to go to such a great concert without anyone else.

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    Current Music: String Cheese Incident - Jessica
    Saturday, August 2nd, 2003
    10:39 pm
    Free Tickets x 2 squared
    How much cooler can today get?

    my mom wakes me up to day with a phone call saying that i'm getting two free tickets to Lollapolloza this tuesday. Not only are they just two tickets. but two front row, center, box seats tickets!!!!!!. tickets x 2

    So happily i go off to work and i have to prep just about everything we serve. that takes forever but it was cool cuz i get paid hourly and it was Mama's b-day. CAKE!!! no not cake, but einsteins is just as good. Einsteins x 1

    Ok free tickets, bagels, life's lookin good. I'm workin, doin my thing, earnin money. Dad calls. Free tickets to see Poison and Skid Row tmw night. Hell yeah!!!! tickets squared.

    Who wants to go?

    Learned some Blues bass chords too. yeah..... i'm cool.

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    Friday, August 1st, 2003
    1:00 am
    can you tell me how to get, how to get to Seasame Street
    The Count
    The Count's Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderIt started with a simple affection for counting and
    the terror it induced in others, didn't it?
    But now it's turned into a full-blown life-
    consuming chaotic nightmare of order,
    repetition, zealousness, and perfectionism.
    You used to be so grand, but now you find
    yourself obsessively worrying over the littlest
    things--like, maybe if you don't check the
    light switch at least once every two minutes,
    the electricity will go out (and damnit, you're
    a vampire--that shouldn't be a problem!), or
    maybe if you don't wash your hands until your
    seams are coming out, you'll get some fatal
    disease. Get yourself some treatment.

    Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

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    Thursday, July 31st, 2003
    11:43 pm
    i woke up today about 10 minutes before i had to be at work and was only 5 minutes late but nobody cared. nobody ever cares. I was still half asleep cuz i had almost no sleep last night. Luckily Jay had made some coffee. Not as strong as his fathers day brew but still pretty strong. i'll tell ya about the fathers day brew some other time.

    after work i passed out for a few hours then woke up and went to the mall with my little brother and sister. We came home to find nobody there. So we called around and found that my parents were at the Ale House. so we drove over there and had dinner. It's a pretty cool place, much like the Ale House's in Orlando. go figure, they're the same company.

    The most exciting thing today was i learned how to play some pink floyd and the doors on my bass. Still working on hello, i love you but i got Money down. I love my bass even though my fingers are rubbed raw. Think tmw i'll go out and buy an amp for it so i don't have to kep using my brothers guitar amp. don't want to blow it. that would suck.

    2 weeks til orlando!!!!!

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    Current Music: pink floyd - money
    1:45 am
    can't sleep
    So once again i'm trying to sleep and I just lie in bed thinking about stuff that I can't even do anything about. But i still worry about em and it keeps me up forever. Realizing that i'm never gonna get to sleep I decided to write my first entry in almost a month.

    I just got back from a trip to Panama City and New Symerna. The trip was awesome, and i got to see my cousins peyton, 7, layne, 4, and the twins, john and ben, who are almost 3. My cousins are the cutest. i got pictures to prove it. got $ from granny for the hell of it. Bonus!!! Ohhh and i got to drive a Mercedes clk 430. I know your jealous. I didn't really like the car that much though. the brakes were way to sensitive and the gas and dead spots where you would push it and nothing would happen. I would never spend the 70k on it. '69 Chevy Corvette! now that's for me.

    anyways, i got off work today at midnight and i have to be back in by 10am. it's almost 2 now so by the time i get to sleep i'll have to head off to work. Bummer! I did see myself on tv today though while i was at work. well it wasn't actually me but everyone said it was me in about 10 year. It was some news anchor on MSNBC, i forget his name. but it was kind cool and creepy at the same time. he looked so much like me, the hair, the eyes, the face, everything! i can't wait to quit work, Again!

    Only 15 more days til i move back up to Orlando. I can't wait to get there. so much to do between now and then though. doctors appointments. possible lollapolozza concert. packing, all kinds of crazy stuff.

    Beta Kicks ass, we just got our charter. Zeta Psi baby!!!!!! WE're gonna rock UCF this Fall. we got ben on scholarship and me and ken on recruitment, we should have a 20 man pledge class. So much to do to get ready for Rush though. Hope i get it all done and don't screw it up. heh that would suck.

    well i think that's it for now. hopefully i'll update this again within a month. I'm bad at routines, and spelling. pretty sure i spelled that wrong. anyways i'm out.

    oohhh and congrats to all my new brothers on their initiation and to the Zeta Psi chapter of Beta Theta Pi. ~kai~

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    Monday, June 2nd, 2003
    2:50 pm
    on the couch
    After four days of working 9 hour shifts on my busted leg I finally get a few days off to rest and rehabilitate my leg. so i'll be chillin on my couch with my leg propped up for the next 96 hours.

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    Current Music: rancid - time bomb
    Friday, May 30th, 2003
    6:31 pm
    Yesterday Joe and I hit up the beach for some skim boarding. had a great time, found a sand bar submergerd an inch or two so the ride went forever. I'm not sure which ride it was, but on one of em i must of twisted my knee pretty bad without knowing it.

    that afternoon I went to work and started to feel sore in my knee. By the end of work I couldn't bend it!!!!! Mom, being the doctor that she is has diagnosed me with a torn ligament. I'm now laid up on the couch, leg elavated on about 6 pillows, medicated up, with a gallon bag of ice plastic wrapped to my knee. I'm not goin anywhere for a while.

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    Current Music: queens of the stone age - no one knows
    Monday, May 26th, 2003
    4:32 pm
    I love working weekdays! I go in and I have a list or 5 things to do. I mope around for about an hour and get myself set up, sharpen the knives, find a trash can, gather my ingrediants and pans. I work at a snails pace all morning and by 1pm i'm done! Still three hours left. make some lunch, shoot the shit with the manager, make another lunch, clean up some. hang out, nap, hang out. 4 pm time to go home.

    Ever wonder how other people see you? The only perception you have of yourself is the one you come up with. How far off are you from what you really are?

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    Sunday, May 25th, 2003
    6:00 pm
    House Cleaning
    Bang! Bang! Bang!
    I awoke to the loud noice coming from my door.
    "wake Up!" i heard my mom say as she went from room to room waking everyone up.
    The clock beside me informed me it was an early 9 am. Much earlier than i needed to be up on any other Sunday. I knew that today would be one filled with errands and house cleaning.
    My brothers and sister were moping about the kitchen still in there pajamas searching for breakfast. I joined them in their quest and was able to procure the last of the milk for my cereal.
    Once breakfast was finished my mom started assigning the first of the days tasks. The Living room was our first objective. We moved in swift and surprized the unsuspecting foriegn objects and carried them off to their respsective native habitats. My siblings were then assigned their next mission while I was prommoted to running errands with my dad.
    Sears was all but empty when we arrived. We had come to find a new lawn weed whacker. The Lawn and Garden section offered a number of options for our item. 22cc to 35cc engins, gas, electric, 2 cycle, and multi-function detachable accessories. we selected a fine craftsman 35 cc model with interchanable accessories that was on sale. Also in the Lawn and Garden section was a large 20' x 12' garden tent for only $90, just perfect for a rush tent! I'll take one!!! "Dad, give me your cell phone." ring, ring, ring. "Joe" "Yea?" "you gotta come check out this tent" "OK, I'll be there in a few" click.
    Back at home we assemble the weed whacker (whacker is a funny word) and fill it with the 89 octane gasoline and 2 cycle engine oil in the correct ratio, switch to on, prime, and pull. vrrrrm vrrrmmm vr........... it dies. On, prime, choke, and pull. vrrrrmmm vrrrrmm vrrrmmmm!!!! it works! overgrown grass, ..prepare to die! mwuhahaha. vrrrrrmmmm vrrrmmmmm vrr....... DEAD!!!! On, Prime, and Pull. On, Prime and Pull....not working. and down came the rain. Demoted back to cleaning detail.
    4pm and the house is looking pretty good, some of it, for the most part. The rain had stopped and it was back to the store to replace the defunct weed whacker and pick up another Tent. Luckily, there were still a few more weed whackers left by the time we got there. Unluckily, they had sold out of tents and I had to get a rain check. good, this gives me time to set up the tent i already have and find out if it's the one we really want to use. So that's where I am now. putting up a big ass tent

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    Friday, May 23rd, 2003
    10:14 pm
    BIG SALE!!!!! yea right
    Another day another dollar. Working at Carrabbas this summer isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's a lot easier working in the back on prep durring the day than working the line at night. not as much stress, ya know? Today I had a larger list of items to prep, so it took a lot longer than usuall.
    By the time I got out from work, home, showered, and to the surf store for the sale, The place was packed!!!!!! I had to stand in line for 20 minutes just to get in. it wasn't that bad cuz the people next to me in line were cool and there was a live band outside so time went by at a quicker pace. any ways, i bought a skim board and got a new pair of oakley sandals :) the sale turned out to be only 25% off the stuff i bought, so it wasn't that great of a deal, but it sure beats paying full price.
    Ohh and I lost my cell phone and it's battery is dead so i can't call it :( I'll send out a search party for it tmw.
    That's about it for now, ohhh i did set up a web site at www.geocities.com/ecsurf84/index.html . Nothing on it yet but it;s there!

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    2:42 am
    First Entry
    Well, I've managed to screw up my sleeping patern again by taking a 5 hour nap after I got home from work today. So now it's almost 3am (good OAR song by the way) and there no sign of sleep anywhere soon. and i have to be up in 5 hours to go back to work!

    There's nothing to do anymore. I spent a good couple hours watching movies and designing ads for beta for the greek life brochure. So i'm done with that and started reading peoples away messages on AIM. I saw some journals and decided to set up one. i couldn't get a live journal cuz I didn't feel like spending any money and this site was the first free one i found :) .

    Tomorrow there's supposed to be a big sale at the surf shop, so after work i'll probally drive over and see if I can find a new skim board. There's not a wave in site down here in S. Fla so my surf board is useless until hurricane season.

    So, i've finished setting up this account and entered my first log and i'm back to where i started. Nothing to do. Maybe I'll find a free web site server and create a new web page. Haven't done that in ages. I'll post the link to the site if I get one.

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