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    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
    9:11 pm
    Soil Remediation - the obvious solution to soil pollution
    Soil remediation is the process of removing contaminant and pollutants that are present in the soil due to various causes. The most common and well known cause of soil pollution is dumping of industrial waste. Some industries are even known to dump or bury radioactive waste into the environment. Other causes of soil pollution include excessive use of herbicides and pesticides, improper disposal of waste and acid rain. All these processes cause a build-up of contaminants in the soil. This does not only negatively affect the environment, but also is carried to you and me through food crops.

    The first step in the process of soil remediation is the detailed analysis of the soil. This is an important step as it dictates exactly what process is required to rid the soil of the contaminants. It also helps to pin point how bad the contamination is and how long it would take to restore the soil to its original state. This process is time consuming and is therefore not carried out. Many people claim that they should not have to pay for it and also claim that if a particular site is found to be contaminated, the value of houses in that are drops drastically. A number on industries perform the analysis of soil, though they are not required to reveal the results of their findings. The initial testing of soil should be mandatory for all industries.

    The most commonly used and effective method of soil remediation is known as the soil vapour extraction method. It has been proved to be extremely effective in the proper treatment of contaminated soil. Another well used is known as the "Multi Phase Extraction" method. This method consists of two or more processes used together to rid the soil of contaminants. This process is extremely used as it can be used to treat soil as well as ground water. The main process used in "Multi Phase Extraction" is granular activated carbon, though it is not effective in removing heavy metals. The thermal oxidation process can also be used however; it is extremely controversial as while it removes contaminants from soil, it releases emissions into the atmosphere. The vapour condensation method is also widely used and is the most effective gas treatment available.

    Soil remediation is an extremely important and vital process as it works towards righting to wrongs of the industrial generation.

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