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    Monday, September 15th, 2003
    7:43 pm
    Hit Reset when Depressed
    being depressed sux. i've been depressed my whole damn life, but only realised it in my late-20's. then the real deep depression hit, and really affected my adult life... so heavy therapy ensued, and voila... i'm still depressed four years later.

    when i'm depressed, i "clock out" on life. that means i either obsess on something (tv, internet, other), or go to sleep. in other words, i HIT RESET. just woke up about 15 minutes ago... and am actually feeling a little better.

    still lonely. feel like my phone hasn't rang in too long. i guess i'll eat some worms. remember the song?

    i'm a cafe junkee. when i get to the cafe, i'm around some life. i'll do that tonight.

    my life the last two years has been dominated by trying to make the rent. borrowing money from your parents when you're in your 30's simply sux.

    how do you hit reset when you're depressed?

    Current Mood: rejuvenated
    Current Music: Monday Night Football - Giants suk tonight!
    1:31 pm
    My First Post
    what are you doing here? go away.

    yeah... you!

    you're still here?

    well, fine then. if you're going to lurk, don't expect me to entertain you. unless you like reading about sex, money, addiction, sex, relationships, depression, money, mindlessness, sex and money. sorry, no drugs.

    bye now