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Tuesday, June 24th, 2003

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    A Weekend to Remember! (Epilogue)
    Sam and Jason had to leave. Me? I didn't want to go back so early so I stayed... William accopanied me. Ken seemed to have something troubling him, so we let him be alone... He had to go to my place to get his stuff eventually... :P

    The both of us slept for a while at the chairs there. It didn't take long before I thought to myself? Stupid! Dunno how to go Fullerton?? William must've felt the same cos he suggested going over. Slept there for about 30mins before Ken msged he say he reached my place liao! Haha... The bugger...

    As I hopped onto Bus 196, I only prayed that the memory of this unique weekend would stay with me forever. God bless online journals. Haha... and god bless that neoprint we took, only had me, jason, ken and william though. :P

    Current Mood: picha, tired, happy
    Catching Up
    Allo... Spent the afternoon with my old gang from sec sch... They set up this BLOG site for everyone to post msgs to keep in touch. Quite nicely done. Later, used a couple of hours to edit the skins and stuff... Had dinner and discussed the Matrix Reloaded. Haha... Cos our new BLOG skin was Matrix. Lol... Went over to Coffe Club to have dessert later... They treated me cos they say I treated them to dinner. :P Ya la, my mum made the maid cook lovely chicken stew and spicy tofu with pork. Lol... Yum yum! Chilled out at the pool later... Was quite a nice feeling... I wonder if we will stay together? Esp if I remind them of my orientation? Cos they seemed to forget it as they were discussing girls stuff and all that... I wonder... :P

    Current Mood: rejuvenated

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