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[22 Jul 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Amanda Perez -**Angel ]



- R!L3Y

Made Up

[09 Jun 2003|10:11pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Lillix-**It's about time. ]

Welp, my journal sucks, i might be grounded again, and i need boy repelent. anyone can help mhm, im sure. lol. yeah probly grounded again after tonight, damnit. err. im such a failure, but o-well fuck everything. ;D that's my attitude! you like me, you don't. that's your fault. im Riley, so get the hell over youself ;D mmk, welp im done. like i said, imma failure, and it's not an option ;(

<3 Riley.

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[05 Jun 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Ataris**-In This Diary ]

wo, im updating everyone rejoice. bored and don't feel like typing. *claps and bows* FUCK. whooo.

mk, im done.

<3 riley.


Made Up

[10 Apr 2003|05:35pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Rent**- Seasons Of Love ]

Ugh. I hate Life. I Thought i Loved Being Obessed with love, and being nice.

But you know. i don't regret it. I just can't take anymore bullshit.

Who knows how much longer i'll live..;x


4Kissed And Made Up

LOSER <333 rofl. [05 Apr 2003|10:29am]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Ceilne Dion-** Everything I Do ]

*sings* Look into my eyes, you'll see, what you mean to me...
Seearch you Heart,Search Your Soul..
Don't Tell Me , it's not worth cryin' for..
Can't tell me, it's not worth dyin' for..
You know it's true..
Everything i do, i do it for you...

Oh yes. that's right baby, im the Biggest Loser Any Questions?


3Kissed And Made Up

*SMaRtAsS MoDe* ;-* [03 Apr 2003|03:36pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | If You LIke Pee-na-Co-La-Duhs! <33 LOL ]


So today, i finally got sent down to the office, and Mrs Diaz, my AP, gave me my detention slip. damnit. Rofl, what i can i do about, throw a hissy fit again? Nope. LOL

In Family Dynamics, my teacher got a hold of my Note, that i wrote to liz..;-X Yeah, it was saying how..i really wish he was here and that i love him with no regrets, and how i can't wait that much longer for him to show up...etc. Well, she pulled me outside the class, and she's like Sarah, Hunny. Your' beautful *thinks Bullshit* Smart, funny, outgoing *bullshit*..i don't get it. I was like what do you mean Ms. Sanderson? She's like..Well you actually sounded really upset *thinks:: NO SHIT I WAS CRYING WHEN I WROTE IT* i was not? She's all, well have you talked to someone *thinks::duh::* yes, i usally get sent down to the skool sigh-call-O-gist [what ever it's called] She's like oh, really. *thinks:: that's what i just said* *nods* yes'm. She's like. well all you need is a security blanket..i was like eh? She's like all you need is comfort, and something to take your mind off of Matt, and how you feel. *thinks:: thanks mom* And we talked for a bit , and she's like is there anything i can do? and she asked it like 10000x's and all my answer was, bring matt here. Make him be here. Tell him i love him. Get him here. and she's like i don't have magical powers hun. I WAS LIKE GET THE INTERNET. no, not really, i like ms. sanderson. she's pretty cool. But i shouldn't have left that note with her. *dies* but yeah.

Soo, Me and My Best Friend Liz thought that this guy was really hot. He hangs out with two of my friends [one of them is my x-bf the other is an old best friend] And i was talkin' To Jessica And Jon about him, and Jon, is obsessed with touching my boobs and my ass, but i don't have either of those =X size-36 b ;-X But that would be besides the point. i was like . . now Jon you know the rules *teases him* you cannot touch me, nor hug me or anything, until you get me a lil' closer to Sean. B/c so far, all he does is smile at me in the halls. WOOoPie-DOo! that's cool *dies* i want to get to the point where he talks to me on the phone, and he hugs me in the halls and everything of that sort. From what i've herd, he's prolly what i need right now. He's very Christian, or that's what ppl tell me. He doesn't like cussing, i don't know if he likes drugs...But. i can live without either of that s*** and still be happy. I have cut down on smoking, imma jew tho..but o-well, umm..and cussing, it's really not that attractive, unless your some kind of wannabe badass , which im not. i'm pretty emo *dies laughing* i cry in the corner every fuc..darn minute. *laughs*..i mean *cries* hmm..but moving on.

Wow, long update. anyways. Well Tonight i was suppose to be at or going to a Disturbed Concert, w/ my best friend, yanno, Liz-a-bitch. Well , since i got fucking detention. Nope, of course not. Im not going. *cries* O-well, she understands. im just sorry b/c of who she's going with *coughslosercoughs* But MOOO-ving on again.

Hm, anything else i needa say..? nah. guess not *blows kisses* "PEE" OUT! <333 rofl.

.:*Riley*:. ;D

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like totally. for sure. dam cheers. [02 Apr 2003|09:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | N*sync**-I Thought She Knew ]

mmk Happy Update. I took A Damn Disney Quiz, Don't Playa Hate, Congradulate-Biotch *laughs*

*waves too brynn* hey beautiful! <333

Your disney channel star soulmate is Erik Von Detten.
Erik Von Detten

Which Disney Channel Star Are You Destined To Be With?
brought to you by Quizilla



Made Up

[02 Apr 2003|03:12pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | Justin T**-Rock Your Body ]

fucking a.
i hate my teachers.
i hate my dad.
i hate my "suposely" close friends
i don't like being me anymore.

And you know what? When i got questiond to be in a crisis center, i should have told them that i wanted to go. that's fucking right. Okay, today Mrs Bane, the teacher who supposively said im her most impressive student gave me a fucking 2 hour detention on Saturday fucking morning. I HATE THIS SHIT. I'am the goody goody, this shit doesn't happen. And in Mrs Sanderson's class, i got my 2nd fucking tardy my whole life.Okay, AND I WANT MATT HERE, now, i can't sleep, i haven't eatten since fucking sunday, i cry myself to sleep, i want to be held, and loved, i want people to believe in me, but no, you know what? IM SHIT. since im shit, i don't fucking matter, FUCK OFF EVERYONE. don't even try me, anymore. im done being the sweet and innocent bitch. fuck that shit. im the fucking whore riley now. shit, son..fuck off...
and one thing would make me, maybe smile,..if a guy favorite song..or even cared to..


8Kissed And Made Up

Matt [01 Apr 2003|05:07am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Seasons OF Love. ]

Uh HUh..Well.

I love MATTT =/.

I want him to be mine so bad. I miss and I REALLY regret everything bad that happend in the past. The damn reason we broke up is only b/c i cheated on him. [[ NO NAMES ]]. *shakes head* I could cry him a river, and hope that i drown in it. I'am Sooo "drowning" in his love. I wish he was here, holding me, smiling, saying he loves me too. *smiles;tear* i want him soo bad, and its like..not even for sex, just for him to hold me for hours would be the best thing in my life. And if he kissed me, i'd be in heaven forever. I Love Matt If i could emphasize the words Matt and Love i would. *kicks journal* i want him to be here, next to me, to make me laugh, smile..and have memories.[[[ I have known him for four years ]]] I want to be with him, spend the rest of my life with him. Get married, even. Have kids...;D. rofl. I know that sounds some people. But I'am and have fallen'n in Love once, and that's with Matt, i would do anything for just one hug from him. i'am not desperate, i just need him. Every minute of the day? No, just every now and than. I have even cried myself to sleep, just thinkin' of the thoughts and good times we could have. Laughing, Smiling at eachother, kissing..;/. It upsets me, but i like to think about Him.I Love Matt, with all my heart. No matter what anyone says or thinks, he'll always be mine..hopefully =/...*sigh* i really want him, here..baddly...


Made Up

iFiewhngUewgrCbngiKlngre [27 Mar 2003|09:24pm]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | Mandy Moore**-Only Hope ]


*falls out of chair*

weeeeee, sooo, disney sucked. I'm happy to be home. I'm online. Easily happy.

Short and Too the point. *nods*


6Kissed And Made Up

[25 Mar 2003|03:38pm]
OKAY i miss RPING and i miss kim. nikki N TaRA baddly and this computer totally sucks. Im at Disney QUEst and boy it mad sucks, and i cannot type on this shit, it;s hRD. lmao. weel llllll

KIM IM STILL SCARED =X hehhe, wekll g2g, sorry so shrt but woooo be back on thursday =((((

xoxo Riley*****
4Kissed And Made Up

[22 Mar 2003|03:15pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | Aaron Carter**Too All The Girls. ]


Hmm. So here's the shout outs =)

Kim Dood, you so rock. Your the only person that seems more like me, than even my best friend. Shhh, she'll get pissssedd =X LMAO

Nikki My layout would be NO WHERE with out you, *nods* but your checkboarded shoes, now match your layout *nods* that's how we know it belongs to you! <33

Tara My Haylie..*shakes head* CAN YOU BITCH AT ME ANYMORE!! *sto* j/p. I won't have unprotected sex anymore *dies* woah. that was great.. i was laughin'..oooah. LOL

I was talking to my boy, earlier, Matt woooah. That boy cannot make me fall any harder for him, my knees hurt! *dies* He was tellin' me how his friend David Spent the night and all, and how he talked and told him about me. *red* i love matt, with all my heart. I just hate that we're not together. I HATE IT i wanna be high skool sweethearts with him. But ..Since the distance, gr. I even hate it when i think about it! *cries* IM OKAY But yeah..Hmm. imma stop rambling, b/c i could go on for dayyyyyssss. =X eep.


2Kissed And Made Up

QUIZZIES! [22 Mar 2003|11:56am]
[ music | DreamStreet**With All My Heart <3 ]

You are...Dirrty. Your sexy and not afriad to show
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Blue info
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Raver Bear
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Shirley Temple-- you're cute around people but
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That's all For now, im done being a dork, more to come later, if i get bored again! *sto*


Made Up

Update3 [21 Mar 2003|09:49pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]
[ music | haha, im infuriated! *dies* Even Stevens =X ]

Today was alright, But i think im becomming sick. Which sucks, b/c tommorrow, im leaving for VACA to go to disney or some thin'.

UGh. with that guy Brian that i wrote about yesterday. Im aggressive, and i take that offensive! ROFL. Um.. Well we have known eachother since we were in Day Care but never really close like now. or we were Like i said i think i mentioned b4, that i was going to write him a note. *nods* well my dumbass did. *rolls eyes* he didn't get scared by it. Theres' just this one chick named Staci and everyone says she has him whipped. And When his heart breaks, and that boy comes too me. .shit son, you'll see me slide away. Hell Yeah

Yeah, I made some better icons. *nods* okay, well maybe i stole from a friend *coughnotreally* but it was no-one. really..eep! =X i'll just shut up now..=X meep.

Um. Yes. Nikki *kicks your leg* damn backrounds! HeLp ME ! <333 =(.

okay. well peeee out! <3


Made Up

WOOP SEX APPEAL! [20 Jan 2003|03:21pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | Get Up Kids-Holiday. ]

Okay. Today was alright. And I just want to say godbless everyone who is involved in the war <3333 xoxo.

Soo today was alright, like i mentioned... We had a county wide bomb threat During my 2nd period class. And that's my Favorite class, Chorus. The only reason i like it is b/c i <3333 to sing and dance. And our Pop Show is comming up. But don't EVEN think the show is all on pop, kuz it isn't.

Hmm. . What else. .

An old friend of Mine, Named Brian and I were talking by the buses, since our buses were late and all. And i was hugging on him. . And stuff, and some chick that knew him, but didn't know me. She was really sweet, and she was like "Brian, aren't you gonna introduce us?" And he's like "Oh, this is Riley" and she's like " IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND?" and he was really adorable! He like shook his head slowly. . and looked down. i was like awww! <333 haha. But than she like walked away and i was like BRIAN!! She thought we we're cute! haha. he got red again, and smiled and he's like MMHMM. . . LOL! he kept holding me, and doing little hand games! <33 he's too sweet!

Tara, Dood, You And Nikki ROCK MY SOCKS! *dies* woot woot! <33 lmao. One of ya'll pleasssee do my layout. this one sucks ass.. puh-puh please? LOL...


1Kissed And Made Up

Update2 [18 Jan 2003|07:33pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Chevelle-The Red. ]

Wow. Mmk, well About My Last Update, I talked To Matt. And he said He's over with her. Which is a good thing. But I KNOW Damn well that feelings never change. I'am A Girl Shit Son. Haha.

Hmm. Now there are a couple of guy probs. But im going to update about them . .soo..

Let's Just Say, He was A major waste of time. He wouldn't give to shits if i stood infront of him and jumped up and down. So that'd be his loss.

Well This is a story. -lol- Hmm. Okay one night i was babysitting, so nervous that i would get caught, i still invited him over for a little bit. Yet, i feel soo bad b/c i was practically rushing him out of the door! -eep- haha. But it was raining. So we sat a lil' bit on the couch. .well he was on the couch, i was sitting on him! =X Hah, anyways. So we we're watching "Caitlin's Way" For some reason, it was the only damn thing on! He Kept dissing it! Haha, dork. Actually More Or Less Im The Dork hmm. but yeah. . so it was time for him to hop back into his car, and go home b4 the girls' parents got home! ;-* -giggles- Welll...We we're outside on the porch, and umm -cough- He kissed me! the 1st kiss i have gotten from him. But After all of that i sat thinking the next day , if that was "Just In The Moment Kiss" . Yanno? Well . .hm..So I have liked him since about last summer, and now. . hmm..I think -shrugs- i don't know what i think! lol! Hmm o-well that's enuff about him! =)


Okay, There is this one kid Sean, who i have been getting kind of close with, Imma Freshie, and he's a S"more". I finally got the "boobs" to tell one of my best friends , Kaitlynn, that i actually might have feelings for him. She gave me a long face. i was like what? she's all "Aawwwwh" haha. She was like that's really cute, b/c b4 you told me you have the hotts for him and all. Than she was like bad timing tho, he just asked a chick out =X i was like. . "ffffuuuuu-dge."

And. .yes. That's my life. I'm not trying to focus it all on guys, that's just where i'am at right now -nods- But i still got those virgin ears -coughs- haha.


Made Up

[16 Jan 2003|08:28am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | New Found Glory - Understatement. ]

hmm my names riley. .i used to have a journal on UJ but damn, it sucked. I also Roleplay as Hilary And Faye. lmao. don't beat me up please.

Okay. This first update is going to be really harsh. . and shit. but okay.

Okay. I <3 this guy named matt. I've known him for about 4 years. and yeah. . now i feel like mad shit. but yes.. . I Read his jouranl. . his last update on March 8th. mhmm. yeah. .so you love her. .or you think your falling for her? im a fucking jealous lil' bitch. damn fuckin' . .gr. . whatever. im done. =X

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