So Tie My Hands Back And Make Me Feel You Coming Down   
10:09pm 23/09/2003
mood: confused
music: Something Corporate .x. You're Gone
I can't believe I did this but yes I am starting yet another stupid journal. I just know I'm not going to keep up with it and no one is going to read it or leave me comments or anything. I don't know why I even bother but yes whatever I am keeping it.

Well let me tell you about my oh-so facinating week. I have been bored crazy with no school. I can't believe I am saying this but I want to go! This was my good week too because I have three days of art, my favorite class! Its just the greatest.

I went to cheering practice on Sunday and Monday and I guess they were okay. But I really didn't want to be there. Sunday I felt really sick and sat out for a little while. But then I felt better so I started doing the junk again. I don't like it now because they are really mean to us and now I have to base our stunt.. I mean its ok but Katie is so wobbly and yes nevermind I won't go into it because I know you don't care and you don't who these people are so just forget it.

And today I wanted to go up to football practice but then I didn't. I took a shower and got all ready but then ended up not going. Yeah that whole thing was kind of poo. But then I went to Best Buy instead so it was all better. I got the Something Corporate CD! Wow its so good, the best song is Hurricane. Thats definantly my favorite song everr.

So, now that I have spilled about my whole week, I think I will go. Oh yes one more thing.. we're going to the Thursday concert! Woop woop I am so excited! This Sunday, its going to be super! Okay thats all for now.

Leave comments and let me know what you think of the new journal!

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