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Saturday, April 14th, 2012

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    Shanghai World Expo opening. 20 fine porcelain set one-month exhibition
    paper cutting Dalian Association 2, 8, folk artists who, by the Chinese paper-cut artists, state-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors Han Yueqin Zhuanghe as paper cutting chief instructor. Opening ceremony day, on-site display of 200 pieces with strong local characteristics and the folk customs of the paper-cut works, attracting the attention of many visitors, is really astonishing. Artist Oral History Series published by the Vice Minister of Culture, China Art Research Institute, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center Director Wang edited the article "Chinese Folk Art Heritage Oral History" series, recently published by the Central Compilation and Translation. This is my first set of Folk Art Heritage Oral History Series. "Chinese Folk Art Heritage Oral History" series of 10, recorded the Thangka, paper cutting, paintings, shadow, Huishan clay figurines, Tujia brocade, ceramics, kite, bag puppets, carved lacquer with distinctive characteristics of 10 Development of Folk Art . Series of academic standard by the method of oral history, relevant experience of the heritage of people had a lively account of the rich, while a complete and objective record of the production techniques and processes. business signs

    Zhao Yun legend into Hebei non-genetic "Zhao Yun Lincheng Hometown Legend" recently was selected third in Hebei provincial intangible cultural heritage. Zhao Yun hometown monument unearthed from the beginning, Hebei Lincheng county, it embarked on, "Zhao Yun is Lincheng people" research study. They explore, through visits to Gulu camp stone, shooting animals villagers, detailed investigation of the circumstances Zhao Yun, Zhao Yun mining hometown legends, monuments, folklore, etc., and went to Beijing, Chengdu, Dayi, Shijiazhuang searching the literature, focusing on Zhao Yun from the perspective of history the hometown of the relevant circumstances. After intensive screening, interviewing, teaching style will Lincheng "Zhao Yun Lincheng Hometown Legend" compile and information video produced to declare, declare that it was selected by the third batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage in Hebei Province Directory. Hubei Chinese embroidery protection expert hot day, held in Wuhan Textile University, "Chinese embroidery and Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Seminar cum Exhibition." At the meeting, the traditional dress culture from the relevant university research scholars on Chinese embroidery and research significance of the cultural connotations expressed their views. In addition,vector artwork

    Chinese embroidery heritage of people of any of the Wing, Chinese embroidery field of arts and crafts masters Yang Xiaoting, Wu style Chinese embroidery inheritors Wu Qiong, private Chinese embroidery artists ZHANG Xian-song and so also on the Chinese embroidery historical evolution of research on the status of the confusion and the succession and development problems in-depth discussion. And seminars at the same time were Chinese embroidery exhibition. Kunming Fair cinnamon non-heritage building (see Figure 1) Kunming, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Center recently opened in the Temple listed cinnamon floor. This is specifically for Kunming's first "non-material cultural heritage" theme designed exhibition hall, where all the folk arts and crafts exhibits, the exhibition forms a more vivid and more ornamental. According to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center City the person in charge, the government has allocated special funds for the Hall Collection of cultural heritage objects, free and open to the long-term social visit. The museum has been upfront dazzling display of folk arts and crafts, arts and crafts some of the more notable are: Panlong small Yaocun Han pottery hand, such as tile cats, figurines, teapots, etc.; Jinning County towns of Rhode Hong Jin sages painting; Panlong Zhang and Bai civil Bouza; Jinning County Jin town a horse; Dongchuan Xu Zhenghai of civil wood; Yunnan opera costumes,embroidery digitizing

    props and so on. Fine porcelain set into the Expo on July 2, "World Expo 2010 Shanghai China - Chinese art treasures National Masters Series Exhibition of Chinese Ceramics Art Exhibition" in the region of the world cultural center of Shanghai World Expo opening. 20 fine porcelain set one-month exhibition. Quyang set porcelain in the Tang Dynasty, flourished in the Song, Yuan Yu Yuan. The fine white porcelain body harder and translucent white, glaze uniform, thin and hard, "white as jade, thin as paper, such as chime sound" in the world. In 1972, Chen growth, accounting for offering Lin, and Huan, who will take up the restoration of the heavy porcelain. More than 30 years, Chen and others increased after repeated exploration, master Ding Song porcelain technology, quiet setting of 800 years of porcelain earth to reproduce. In 2008, the scheduled firing porcelain art by the State Council as a national intangible cultural heritage, arts and crafts in China by Master Chen was awarded the national intangible cultural heritage inheritors title. Zhejiang crafts appearance Expo (see Figure 2) Suichang Kun tea, Xiaoshan Lace Hand Embroidery arts, Wenzhou m plastic, Xianju boneless lantern ... ... recently, into the "things Chinese Heavenly - Zhejiang Traditional arts and crafts exhibits," the Shanghai World Expo the audience,embroidery designs

    outstanding sewing machine enterprises began to move forward
    as well as internal and external resources are available in the revitalized have sufficient cash flow, and so on. to prescribe the right medicine, the Czech side of the exploration side of the action. "in the Czech Republic is not without work, but founding the adjustment has been low-key, less lies and less channels of communication among providers. "Li Jui-yuan, chairman of the dealers in the recent annual meeting of this quiet moment account of the situation in the Czech Republic. While in the past two years, the company did not explain too much internal reorganization of external details, but the change has occurred. In 2009, the Chinese Czech Republic, according to the business environment changes, Yi "Ji Xu deepen the product structure adjustment and optimization of good internal and external Ziyuan activate, Tishengshengchan business Guanli quality, ensure healthy Qi Ye Fa Zhan situation" guiding ideology Furthermore, we conducted rectify. Weile enhance market rapid response capabilities, changes in Da enterprise's slow to act, in the Czech Republic from August 2009 launched the "big business, small accounting" mode of operation, such as some of the products delivered to an independent subsidiary or business sectors, such as special machine products and embroidery machine has already begun independent production companies, management.LED signs

    At the same time within the company to implement the responsibility system, quantitative indicators of persons responsible for assessing the project will benefit people with income-related responsibilities. in the market, in order to regain lost ground as soon as possible, in the Czech Republic in maintaining product quality performance Meanwhile, the lower the market price of some products. to face strong opponents, the Czech Republic to face, and to absorb the strengths of its competitors for their own use. more important work is in the Czech Republic to strengthen communication and cooperation with distributors, sales channels to discuss various issues arising in giving an account of recent developments in the Czech Republic and the company's future development plans, actively seeking partners to assist. the end of 2009, industrial sewing machine market was pick up momentum, especially abnormal strong demand for computer sewing machine. in the Czech Republic experience and peer-like situation in short supply, the face of the rapid rise of the market, company of one mind, from material supply to manufacturing, through constant communication and internal coordination, in the premise of ensuring product quality, maximize production potential, to meet market demand. multi-pronged approach, the company be restored to active status, the work of the established back on track again. there is sharing in order to grasp the crux of the problem;embroidery digitizing

    have support in order to promote the healthy development of enterprises. in the Czech Republic, sincere treatment, cooperation partners are understanding and support. It set himself three stages of development goals, from doing the most outstanding sewing machine enterprises began to move forward one step Shangmai Jin. As the company Gaoceng Zai said not long ago about Jiqi product O'clock The "By 2012, the Czech Republic will be reflected in the product advantage," like big brothers to run this by the time the industry to testify, with the action and effectiveness of the sewing machine to display its good cause determination. Source: Foreign Sewing Equipment Source: unknownFigure 2 to display traditional handicraft work of Zhejiang. Figure 1 for the public viewing technology wonderful work in the exhibition hall. Dalian art of base unveiled recently, the art of Dalian base for the community inaugurated the state-level intangible cultural heritage paper-cutting officially settled in Dalian Xinghai Bay Zhuanghe Star North Street Community, which is established in Dalian in the community's first paper-cut arts base. It is reported that the existing base of 22 students, including members of the Association of Liaoning Province 4 paper cutting,LED Writing Board

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