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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

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    first heard in the last stitch. At that time
    CISMA embroidery exhibition companies active contributors as one of the highlights of the embroidery machine CISMA2007 Exhibition --- "embroidery" Call from the beginning of this year since early April, positive corporate response. As of the end of July, has 30 corporate contributors embroidery machines, the number of contributors has been more than 80 works. This is one medium-sized enterprises and key enterprises in the main, including the North Phenix, eagle, leap, in the Czech Republic, famous, deep, Fei Ya, Jingwei, strong companies. Contributors companies said they have to put in effort, come up with the latest technology, will be fully brought out his strength. The "stainless"business signs

    products fair amount of refinement, not to do, after the August deadline will be selected industry experts, the best works presented in front of everyone. Developing the show as CISMA development, this session of embroidery combined exhibition and leisure areas, the purpose is to enrich the exhibition contents, upgrade the level and set up exhibition brands. Meanwhile, the Association will be sewn on the selected enterprises through various channels of publicity, providing enterprises with a good exposure. "Embroidery" from planning to implementation, has been deep in the joint co-led care and business support. The first Biennale as CISMA's a big bright spot, "embroidery" will be the host for the exhibitors and spectators of the most shining gift. vector artwork

    She is still paralyzed for eight years to do self-improvement starting an online shop cross stitch would also like to do "embroidery" exhibition Changting very fact that the community once again to tell us the truth "do say to yourself 'impossible'" "Do say to myself 'can not '! "This is an international master John Coutis incentive at the provincial sports center recently sent us cry. Ning of the street in Fuzhou Changting community, so a woman - eight years ago, as a high fever after childbirth, spinal nerve damage, paraplegia; five years ago, she divorced, and later on their own hands, open had a "stitch" storefronts, her mother is responsible for delivery; Now, 33 years old she wanted to do a personal "Embroidery Exhibition." She told Zhang Min, the former First Hospital, Fuzhou, nurses. Zhang Min said,embroidery digitizing

    first heard in the last stitch. At that time, my brother found one in the street do not intend to sell stitch of the store, followed her home, said people like to stitch now, but also exported to foreign countries. Zhang Min from an early age loved to do by hand, a feel good, let her mother come back to try to do some cross stitch. Because of mobility, she could only lie on the bed, body pillow Dianzhe below, drawing placed at the head of a lattice of a lattice to a few, to study each stitch. At first, Mom CHEUNG Man with his "embroidery" on behalf of the shop asked if he could sell, but was rejected because too rough. Since then, she was determined to work harder. Later, Zhang Min received a number of activities one after another, embroidery designs

    there are 1460 people in this Omura, 40 years no one case of criminal cases
    "August 1" on the eve of jewelry, Linyi City Village, Yinan Copper Yijing Township Hong Sao Fangui Jun 91-year-old grandmother the day and night, nearly double overtime rushed to wrap up insole, prepared by the Women's transferred to the units own army, to express her of supporting the army feelings. Fan Guijun because of a poor family and was brought up to give people as child brides. Joined the CPC in 1943, in the Sino-Japanese War, the liberation war, she actively involved in work to support the armed forces supporting the front, leading the women to do military shoes, get rations, escort the wounded. She had risked their lives, were rescued in the enemy's bayonet under the Eighth Route Army sick and wounded,LED signs

    but also raising the children over the Eighth Route Army, and the army formed a deep affection, regard them as relatives. Founding, she served as the village leadership positions for many years, the development of dedication for the village. After the liberation, Fan Guijun to the love of the armed forces to disabled veterans who poured. For them, Fan Guijun like to treat their own relatives, always takes good care and attention. Her in the village set up a Yongjunyouzhu services group, for the family members of martyrs to solve practical problems. After retirement worries music everywhere caring warm and cold. She organized more than 20 women set up a "matchmaker group", specifically for active duty military and veterans matchmaking seeking a partner to solve their worries. Fangui Jun also serves as the village primary schools and rural secondary school counselors, village, "tutor,"embroidery digitizing

    team leader, and is renowned mediation expert village, many verge of breaking the family, in her mediation reconciled. In the new era, she took the lead in embroidered insoles support the army, the annual "August 1" section, for the army to send insole as a major event in her life. Although advanced age, should enjoy the point Kiyofuku at home, but she spade too restless, despite the frail, still wearing reading glasses a day, persist in Namibia to support the military insole. That each stitch carefully embroidered insole, and placed her on the motherland's peaceful, the people live in peace and good wishes more people pass close as fish with a deep military and civilian. In her lead, over the years, accumulated to force the town to send two thousand pairs of insoles. The impact of the Fan Guijun driven, be civilized thing to do civilized people, have become a common practice in the jewelry Village,LED Writing Board

    there are 1460 people in this Omura, 40 years no one case of criminal cases, family planning and other work to go in the county the forefront of successive years the county as "Yongjunyouzhu advanced group", Fan Guijun I have proudly attended the "Outstanding Women's Congress of Shandong Province", was Women's Shandong Province, Shandong Province, Military Department, Shandong Province, the Home Office awarded the "Shandong Red Sister "and" Women's Federation "and so on. Fan Guijun National Women's Federation home was also awarded the "National wonderful family," the title of honor. LED Message Board

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