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    Saturday, February 15th, 2014
    11:25 am
    particularly children's clothing exports to the EU on t
    made chic with a metal rope is too long or the design of small parts; second for cost considerations, some customers specify strength and other physical indicators of inadequate surface supplies, affect product quality; three domestic garment manufacturers lack of understanding of foreign technical regulations, some companies only know how to produce according to customer requirements, whether on the design of foreign technical regulations lack the ability to identify signed contracts with clients are mostly not on the product design to provide for compliance.LED signs

    For clothing recalls, inspection and quarantine authorities are warning that the enterprises concerned about the following points: First, attach great importance to the safety of foreign technical regulations of the content of clothing. Enter the country strictly according to regulations and standards of technology to organize production, attaches great importance to the content of foreign clothing safety regulations, embroidery digitizing

    particularly children's clothing exports to the EU on the rope and small parts of the security program requirements. Second, focus on product design review. Do not blindly sign foreign trade contracts to meet customer's style requirements, should enhance the safety of product design and development review of the project. Third, pay attention to the clothing surface, supplies and finished product testing. Fourth, positive contact with the inspection and quarantine departments to form a healthy check Enterprises to seek technical difficulties of a breakthrough, to avoid the delay of information or technical problems caused economic losses and reputation damage. LED Writing Board

    the world's first industrial grade hemp fiber production line on April 14 in the industrial park in Xishuangbanna Menghai formal ribbon-cutting production. Scale of the production line of 5,000 tons of hemp fiber, integrated investment 200,000,000 yuan of one project can realize annual output of 2,000 tons of hemp fiber, production and processing enterprise value of 8,000 million yuan, 2015, the output value will reach 20 billion. LED Message Board

    11:24 am
    China's textile and apparel than the number notified
    in recent years, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province to "School Enterprise Liaison Office" mode, the state through financial subsidies nation possession of three-year vocational school opened embroidered secondary classes, absorbing the local agricultural and pastoral areas, urban communities to learn Tibetan youth free embroidery production technology, and gradually formed a folk craft of teaching, research, production and marketing of new models of Vocational and Technical Education. business signs

    Neirong: developed countries to protect domestic textile and garment enterprises, economic interests, the different forms of trade protection measures to restrict imports of Chinese textiles, textile and garment, the recall as a form of technical trade measures, more and more by European and American countries and territories have adopted. Textiles and garments are the traditional products of China's foreign trade in 2009,vector artwork

    China's textile and apparel than the number notified by the European Union have increased for 2008, the phenomenon should lead to related domestic textile and garment enterprises and departments attach great importance. Analysis of the recall of the textile and apparel products, including 104 non-compliant because the recall rope, 10 because of small parts easy to fall off into small parts cylinder and not meet the requirements to be recalled, 8 were due banned azo dyes exceeded recall, embroidery digitizing

    other combustion, formaldehyde, nickel and cadmium content of the release of excessive recall of the one caused. Rope and small parts are not required by the recall of Gong Fu He Sheji 114, total recall 91.9%, a Shujuzuyi Yue Ming of Chinese Textile Industry information lack of communication right standard Quefalijie: Yi Shi foreign delivering products design flaws, some foreign customers not familiar with the technical regulations importing country, and some customers looking for products, embroidery designs

    Friday, February 14th, 2014
    10:41 am
    Welcome to our website watch live show photos!
    Welcome to our website watch live show photos! Exhibition time: November 11, 2009 -13 days (Show 4 days) Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center Organizer: Japan Association of Home Textiles Show Description: Founded in 1982, the International Home Textile Fair in Tokyo, Japan is the world's leading international home textiles show. Home Textile Exhibition by the Japan Association, organized the 25th row. The exhibition is not only Japan's largest international home textiles show, is also Asia's most influential trade activities. Annually host this exhibition, an exhibition area of 22,950 square meters in 2007, 350 exhibitors (06 to 317) to 35,000 people would be customers (in 2006 the statistics for the 33,875 trips). Exhibitors are mostly talk importers, exporters, manufacturers and wholesalers. LED signs

    Tokyo International Home Textile Fair in terms of size, quality, number of exhibitors, the size of transactions are worthy of the title of world-renowned exhibitions. Beginning in 2003, JAPANTEX Furniture Fair in Japan held at the same time each year in January from the year in November to organize, to further expand the scale, indoor furniture and household fabrics combine with each other, to be a substantial increase in professional customers.Last October, Yiwu market, the industry usher in major readjustment of the layout, Yiwu knitting hosiery industry of raw materials in the market overall moved to the current international trade city in four districts. Since then, the old market will soon usher in a new round of adjustment and transition.embroidery digitizing

    Yiwu Market Development Service relies on the market beginning to take shape in the knitting machine accessories trading range of raw materials and continue to attract foreign investment, will now become the raw materials for its construction machinery market. Business categories included in the new market is mainly knitted materials, sewing machines and accessories, embroidery machines and accessories. Today, the raw material mechanical operation of the market almost a year. Yiwu market development service center told reporters the responsible person, the market knitting materials and sewing machines, embroidery machine would operate a good momentum, but the accessories industry is lower than originally expected. Old market for second time adjustment as the third generation market on behalf of Yiwu, Yiwu has been knitted into the market from flourishing. LED Writing Board

    Knitted products are enjoying making business for raw materials, machinery and accessories and other products, the source of increasing demand. In 2001, the market ushered in another period of adjustment. Yiwu market development, five million yuan investment service center, use the second floor of the original knitting market, more than 220 booths, open knit trading range of raw materials and machinery parts. The market became the raw material market knitting. In order to continue to expand the market scale and influence, in October 2008, Yiwu market has been a significant adjustment of the layout. Knitted hosiery industry raw material market, the overall move to the current international trade city in four districts. One of the main sectors of the relocation, to the degree of market concentration decreased. LED Message Board

    10:40 am
    "Hibiscus Town have rain in March
    "Hibiscus Town have rain in March / April needle / feather fan virtual point thousand armed forces Front / brocade cut few inches ... ..." "Sichuan Embroidery" from the lyrics belong to 80 days after the entertainment media's well-known writer Guo's latest creations, lyrics that is through time and space, to a Mother's Perspective Chengdu embroidered, hand embroidered implicitly describe the Kam plans to express her love and family on the Song of the country, thus showing the origin of Shu embroidery from the Tang Dynasty, Liufangqiangu eventually become the world's Learn one of Chengdu's aesthetic landscape reduction.Following the embroidery "Golden Arcade" by the Shanghai World Expo Guangdong Museum for a senior gift to the world main leaders and distinguished guests, the city of Guangdong Province, Arts and Crafts Master Kang Huifang new work, "Expo Guangdong Museum" re-elected to the World Expo, as fine embroidery in Guangdong Museum for permanent display. business signs

    It is understood that, "Expo Guangdong Museum," mainly in the original "Golden Arcade" on the basis of "zoom in" processing, the whole works of Guangdong Museum of arcade appearance as the prototype, the design process on the lessons of the Chaozhou traditional paper-cutting approach features, will be abstract arcade look into Simplified and Traditional patterns combined with the fine display of Guangdong's unique geographical location and natural climate conditions Heaven, people-oriented way of life, presents a unique livable Guangdong harmonious and healthy living environment and the scenes, Yue Yue memorable rhyme. And "The Golden Arcade" compared to "Guangdong Museum Expo," Kampf larger art work is 120cm, width 80cm.vector artwork

    Gold velvet with matching methods of producing three-dimensional booster, using the techniques, acupuncture with more complex and highlights the traditional folk embroidery of Guangdong level of technology and exquisite embroidery style name embroidery, which arcade columns, lion dance and other multi-gate parts are paper nails, brown silk, cotton and other materials booster treatment, the structure of both arcade with the traditional flower embroidery line, gold, silver lines performance, so that the entire works of a more three-dimensional. "As a senior gift to use the" golden arcade "produced, the provincial leaders are very satisfied with the parties concerned, decided to customize a" Guangdong Museum Expo "as the fine embroidery into the Canton Pavilion."embroidery digitizing

    Kang Huifang told reporters, "Expo Guangdong Museum, "early on in May has been finalized, and the other two by her use of embroidery made of nearly a month, now that the works have been delivered Shanghai.Exhibition :2009-11-11 - 2009-11-13 exhibited Address: Tokyo International Exhibition Center Organizer: Japan Association of Home Textiles Website: http://oydexpo.com Info: JAPANTEX2009-charges the lowest position Well, there are subsidies Dan 01085592021 | Japanese Textile Exhibition | Textile Products Exhibition in Japan | Tokyo home textiles exhibition | Asian Textile Show | World Textiles Show | Poland Home Textiles Show | United States Home Textiles Show Japanese Furniture | Tokyo Furniture | Home Textiles Show in Frankfurt | Home Textiles Show in Frankfurt, Germany | Russia Home Textiles Show | United States Home Textiles Show | Dubai Home Textiles Show | 28 th Japan International Home Textiles Exhibition JAPANTEX 2009 our company has a mission for 2 years! Exhibitors huge achievement!embroidery designs

    Thursday, February 13th, 2014
    12:09 pm
    "Pleated skirts the city are ironing out the machine
    Pleated skirts the city are ironing out the machine, and our pleated skirts, thousands of nails a skirt are all together with a pinch out of hand. Life has such a set of clothes, really a very happy thing. "Little said. Therefore, they particularly value of this suit. Only married or major festivals, would seriously wear out. Moreover, their own parents and brothers will help them pick their clothes to the festival venue, outside the changing rooms in; celebration after the end of their costumes and will immediately take off, carefully preserved. "The clothes we are reluctant to even use the washing, drying sun to dirty it up."LED signs

    Yesterday, 15:00, Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute after 14 consecutive three shifts craftsmen 65 days of fighting, three will be placed in the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion Lounge embroidered all major embroidery works completed, the Shanghai World Expo Bureau official site acceptance, today will be all FOB Shanghai. Reporter at the scene saw three large embroidery works that are 1.4 meters wide and 3 meters high embroidered screen, screen background are the city flower of Shanghai Magnolia, "leading role" but were doves, orioles and paradise flycatcher. Composition and stylish yet traditional and elegant.embroidery digitizing

    One is "Magnolia dove of peace", Shengkai Yu orchids hanging from the top branches, spread to the surrounding deep-rooted was the umbrella, here are seven doves, only just look different, vivid image. Second, the "Magnolia Oriole", embroidered magnolia surface is three branches and two independent oriole. Among them, the right branches of a stand-up, one is flying in the air down with their on-ming, reminiscent of the "two Oriole Cui Liu Ming," the poem. The third lot is "Magnolia ribbon." In traditional Chinese culture, paradise flycatcher birds, also known as longevity, I saw embroidered face, magnolia branches from right out on the lower left, above a paradise flycatcher golden long tail dragging in the meditation; another twig from the lower left on the extension of the ribbon above the turned-ming birds chirp, lively and lovely. Three works of elegant colors, beautiful patterns, stitches and lively, texture clear, demonstrates the unique art of embroidery appeal. LED Writing Board

    As technical guidance, according to Li Hua introduced technology division, the Soviet Union after receiving the mandate thorn in the great value and importance, should establish the most exquisite embroidery needle embroidery in the same plane performance targets. Also artwork design, Li Hua on many occasions went to Shanghai to work with designers to make the program more suitable for the expression embroidery needle. When he learned that the pattern for the blending of traditional and fashion highlights the characteristics of traditional Chinese paintings will be changed on a painting as a painting on a branch of multiple branches when independent, they have decided tradition of innovation, the fine embroidery and chaos Two stitch needlepoint embroidery used in a surface with a fine performance of magnolia flower embroidery to reflect the delicate embroidery, delicate, elegant features; crewel performance magnolia branches, demonstrated its thick mottled heavy feeling, and through through the screen color to achieve coordination among the various individuals.LED Message Board

    12:08 pm
    YU Zhen Yan specializes in Art and Design's
    YU Zhen Yan specializes in Art and Design's first design sketches hundreds of Fuwa, and then by his wife Zhao Suqin Nick stitch material in the hair on the embroidery. Some can not find the thread in the city, they went to the countryside to buy. Deepest winter without heating, the elderly to work with the mat and legs tied, as the countdown to 100 days in the Olympic Games can be completed. "Work finally completed on time, and I could not squeeze the two fingers are things." Zhao Suqin about their own pay is not the last part of complaints. In this piece of 6 meters long and 0.75 m wide fabric hair nickname, 100 Fuwa colorful, playful, cute, different form of action, some dragon, some drums, some singing and dancing. Two elderly people expressed the hope that work can be active in Xianyang City, on display at the Olympics.business signs

    Silver, blue, green, purple, orange ... ... you can never count on these Dong, Miao girls who, in the end how many beautiful colors. "From our clothes on, you can see our history." Dong tour guide said, "Dong down from the mountains, we dress embroidered with trees in the forest and birds; from the water's edge to the Dong people in clothes embroidered with rivers and fish. "migration history for thousands of years, so by a written down without a script," will never be mistaken. "5 am every morning to do cloth aunt will begin in the quartzite of the piles on the beat Dong black cloth, mixed with egg white, beat in the under repeated mallet, Dong cloth gradually faint glow shine. vector artwork

    This is the man every Dongjia weddings and funerals fabric must be used. On good fabrics, from cotton to weave into cloth, because of his own mother elaborate embroidery, a complete set of wedding dress at least two years to complete. Dong girls in general, life is only such a set of costumes, some girls get married, or even wearing several generations from our ancestors the dress. Guizhou is a conscientious artist Liu Yong, nearly 20 years, he Zoucunchuanzhai to collect those colorful, delicate embroidery ethnic clothing, and began to study which contains the history and culture. embroidery digitizing

    "Not only is the Dong, Miao clothing is more rich and beautiful. Historically, the Hmong formed a lot of different branches, small saplings, large saplings, seedlings skirt, black Miao, Miao long list goes on ... .... Their dress different, but they have a common characteristic, that is beauty. "Liu Yong said. Because the "beauty", full of ethnic minorities in various designs clothes embroidered patterns. Liu Yong's professional point of view, "This is the sign from generation to generation, they are recorded, it is the myths and legends and even the history of national stories." However, in the eyes of the girls, clothing is clothing, embroidery, sewing clothes, a set of carefully enough to attract people looking for their luster added.embroidery designs

    Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
    3:15 pm
    dollar of each painting, are the big red embroidered into the line
    For the embroidery, many people may be familiar, but the word embroidered on the little heard of. 45-year-old LIU Jian-zhi, calligraphy characters can be embroidered in cloth, and keep the original style. Word embroidery combines the beauty of calligraphy and embroidery at 9 o'clock on the Aug. LED signs

    3 about, the reporter saw LIU Jian-zhi. In order to understand what's the word embroidered, LIU Jian-zhi first a large, "" The word spread on the table. The reporter saw that this is a very festive big red word "Happiness", embroidered in about 60 cm square piece of beige cloth with printing, "" The word of every dollar of each painting, are the big red embroidered into the line, especially smooth, but look closely, you can see literally a kind of fluffy feeling. Press hands touched, can work out a thread texture. LIU Jian-zhi said the "blessing", embroidery digitizing

    which she spent a good long time to complete embroidery, which looks more flat embroidery method called "flat embroidery", is a traditional method of embroidery. "In the past a lot of what is embroidered flowers and a profile, but the embroidered words need to outline the word inside is filled with lines, required to be neatly arranged in lines, not a pine needle tight one, or not formation of the." Subsequently,LED Writing Board

    LIU Jian-zhi letting reporters seen all her embroidery, "Explore", "Life," "Road", "Germany", "good" words, Cursive's elegant, dignified Regular Script in the embroidered word out can be fully reflected There are horizontal which pricked a mention hooks, efforts are in place, looking very skinny. If not carefully watched, and no one will think of these words is an embroidery needle with a line up of one. Impression in the press, LED Message Board

    3:14 pm
    After much thought, she intends to do cheongsam-style
    Through research and development center and plant research technician more than a month's work together early in July, 52 headband sequin device model FY452J the head computer embroidery machine put into operation successfully in mechatronics workshop. Workshop Director Yucheng Long description, FY452J head computer embroidery machine embroidery as an area of up to 162/324 1200cm, with flat embroidery, business signs

    sequin embroidery and other functions. It is understood that the product is still first in the country, also in the international advanced level.August 1 at noon, who lives in Hangzhou Yuhang District, Po Chen Xiaofang last 74 years of her handmade Olympic "Fuwa" bottle set of samples sent Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. 40 years of tailoring experience with Chen Po, long to regain their "old" for the Beijing Olympic Games had to do something. vector artwork

    After much thought, she intends to do cheongsam-style bottle cap, then embroidered, "Beijing welcomes you" five words; Olympic "Fuwa" came out, she decided that the five cute little guy up embroidery, total do 62 sets, 56 sets of representatives of 56 nationalities, on behalf of another six sets of "66 the wind," I wish the Olympics were a success. 28 cm length, 21 cm wide, 3 types of wine bottles set of styles, fire doll "Huanhuan" as the dance dajin respectively; Little fish "Babe" and the Tibetan antelope, embroidery digitizing

    "Ying Ying" for dajin respectively; Panda "Jingjing" and swallow "Nini" small breasted models, all hand finished by the Chen Po each stitch. Mr grandmother told us that she embroidered the bottle cover from fabric to embroidery threads, all silk, fabric sourcing in Hangzhou, Spiraea by a younger counterparts. "That works really great, ah, a 'Fuwa' will need to do five small cheongsam." Today, Chen Xiaofang old lady on the back of waiting for Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. She is also preparing to go to Beijing with her gift to see what the Olympic Games. embroidery designs

    Monday, February 10th, 2014
    12:19 pm
    Third, the supply of hardware
    Third, the supply of hardware and software conditions (a) is turned on, the operator should observe the equipment self-examination situation, self-examination and when not to touch the computer (host). (B) click on the device's various systems view the device operation. Basic care and maintenance of hardware one board anti-static, electrostatic energy burned chip. Static tens of thousands of volts to the body more than ten million volts, live access to computers, the breakdown of any chips, air-drying wool or synthetic clothing can cause static electricity, note that static electricity, do not touch the host. Second, CPU CPU more than the daily maintenance of Ig, the heat problem will lead to computer hardware failure, system crash, CPU burned in more than a certain humidity will automatically sleep, the device can not start. (A) of the heat: to ensure that the fan inside the machine running well, frequent crashes if found, immediately shut down, check the fan is running. (B) of the earthquake: the movement of equipment, movement and resonance fan, the fan is easy to wear. (C) Decompression: ensure adequate ventilation, the pressure to reduce the CPU core. (D) place to live: to ensure stable power supply, we will not have accidents. (E) dust: dust removal machine, to prevent short circuit board. (F) from diagnosis: abnormal sound equipment, frequent crashes, smell, always pay attention to the operation of computer accessories, is prohibited in the crash state for a long time to maintain power, inspection equipment sound is normal. LED signs

    Sewing a computer operator to use sewing equipment, must accept the safety and operation training, only on the machine, to ensure safe operation of equipment and proper use. Second, the boot device should be installed before all safety devices, or may result in injury incidents, therefore, the safety of others to you, do not dismantle the safety device. Third, equipment use, do not touch any part of or to any object starting pressure on the machine, otherwise the operation may cause damage to personnel or the equipment itself. Fourth, if the device with automatic presser foot lever, do not touch the part of the electromagnetic coil, or may cause fire. Cleaning, maintenance and repair one to turn off the switch before cleaning, or if the switch is pressed accidentally, the machine will immediately start and cause injury.embroidery digitizing

    Second, pay attention to maintaining environmental hygiene to prevent dust from entering the control box. Third, to reduce moisture and dust in the air. Fourth, to prevent the temperature is too high or too low, the temperature is too high or too low, easy to damage equipment. Fifth, can not be a water container on the machine table, so that water flows into the control box. VI, dust to be unplug the power cord to ensure safety of personnel. VII, unplug the power cord, before the switch off, then close the master switch, so as not to burn the interface components. As long as the work of carefully prepared, computer sewing machine will obediently listen to your words need to complete your request.LED Writing Board

    In the sewing sportswear, etc., polyurethane waterproofing treatment of cotton products, sewing titles, prone to jumper the problem? Jumper problem occurs on such occasions, will be as shown in Figure 1 when the fabric before sewing , due to the surface of polyurethane film adhesive, needle through the weak and the surface of the cloth fabric in Figure 2, together with the pinhole into the needle plate, leaving the line on the line in hard cover. Figure 1. Figure 2 when the beginning of sewing. LED Message Board

    12:18 pm
    Therefore, the user in the selection
    Therefore, the user in the selection of the stepper motor drive when the embroidery frame, embroidery frame according to the size, weight, select the appropriate transmission characteristics of the motor. 2, the spindle and spindle drive motor mechanical system mechanical system of the drive spindle and spindle drive motor load to the output power to match. Spindle motor drive shaft output power is less than the load, it will directly affect the accuracy of the parking machine, operation stability and embroidery results. So the user in the choice of the spindle motor type (such as servo, slip, frequency motor) and motor output power, the motor drive inertia, require full analysis of the spindle system with the driving characteristics and to estimate the spindle drive system of the drive inertia, maximum load torque, and then left a certain margin case, select the appropriate spindle motor. 3, change color change color bodies for the motor and the motor of the type and parameters of color and the color change to the type of institution and load match (motor is also part of this hook line focus areas.) Color change for AC motor according to the number of machine head, the number of needle bar box to select different power needle, different output torque (variable transmission ratio) of the AC motor. 1-2 the first step for the general use of models for color, are generally limited by the installation location, the use of 42 hybrid stepper motors, so that made mechanical transmission with high demands, the load is not too heavy, or they will does not work. business signs

    Optional peripheral parameters of various types of electrical components are described by various parameters. Therefore, in the selection of products to carefully confirm the selected model and parameters are matched with the mechanical design. Otherwise it will not be good to meet the requirements of use. For example: the same is BYGll0 the stepper motor, its operating current, static torque, frequency characteristics may vary. Same power of the servo motor system that drives the motor inertia, shape size is far too small. vector artwork

    Electromagnets of similar size, it inductance, voltage, current work may vary. Peripheral selection of quality electrical products directly determine the quality of computerized embroidery machine is a long-term stable operation. Facts have proved that poor quality electrical products to the periphery of computerized embroidery machine is not working. Among these are: 1, stepping motor: low precision, material non-compliance, the output torque, noise, caused by step, and even lock in operation, loss of use function. 2, solenoid: unreasonable assembly, processing, low precision, poor insulation, leakage, directly on the electrical control system circuit board burned, the embroidery machine standstill. 3, the flat signal cable: Quality unreasonable, often open circuit, short circuit, stable work hard to make embroidery machine. Therefore, the user is outside the procurement of electrical products of outstanding quality and the resulting elimination of all kinds of hidden troubleembroidery digitizing

    With the advent of the information age, the computer more and more impact on the old sewing machine purely mechanical device, maintenance personnel and more and more urgent need to understand and master the equipment maintenance and maintenance of this new technology. In this regard, companies are deeply disturbed, maintenance staff anxious Lost Souls, the author is also a mechanic, which also has strong feelings, especially for nearly 10 years in the computer sewing equipment maintenance and maintenance of more mature experience, skills, and knowledge of a text compiled for reference only. Ensure the normal operation of the premise of a good use of the environment (a) computer sewing machine reasonable working environment, first of all do not have a strong voice or high-frequency electric welding devices where burning installation of equipment, power equipment, power will affect the sound or cause the device not working properly. (B) of the plant should be kept indoor temperature preferably 5 ~ 35 , the temperature is too high or too low will affect the normal operation of equipment. (C) moisture may cause the machine short-circuit, the relative humidity should be maintained at 45 ~ 85% better, not water vapor and sewing equipment installation together. (D) dust susceptible to corrosion circuit board, so the equipment should be kept clean, the workshop is also to keep clean. (E) must use the power supply (Power Supply Bureau, or mounted regulator), with ground features (such as power supply must be cut off.) If you must strictly prohibited in the three-phase 380V three-phase four-wire FireWire FireWire took a ride, then take a zero line as the 220V power supply, computer sewing machine as the power cord, so that accidents are often caused by equipment failure such as frequent or crashes (mainly the voltage is too high or too low causes.) Maintenance personnel often do not pay attention to that, and tried to adjust the equipment, resulting in many unnecessary troubles, in fact, just a stable power supply, the device immediately return to normal. (F) any computer sewing equipment must be maintained at the rated voltage of power supply bureau under the condition of not more than 10%, is too large or less will affect the device is not working, but the power supply must be greater than the required power sewing machine. (Vii) the machine should avoid direct exposure to the sun shines outside, the light generated in the machine head burn easily monitor temperature, light on the rack easy to burn out the chip within the host, causing a major accident, so the sun can be according to The workshop came to be Tiananmen Square, curtains. (Viii) the weather should turn off the power of lightning, because lightning will directly affect the normal operation of the equipment. Second, the proper use of computers to develop the habit of sewing equipment (a) of the boot sequence: peripheral (power switch) - Monitors - host. (B) of the shutdown sequence: Host - Monitors - Peripherals. (C) Do not switch frequently, otherwise the current impact of the hardware is easy, the computer suddenly shut down hours of work, easy to damage the computer. (D) off all running programs be shut down when the start switch, then the normal order of withdrawal, or easy to damage the system can not start. embroidery designs

    Friday, February 7th, 2014
    1:37 pm
    time-consuming work is the complement of embroidery Wafangdian
    he learned embroidery champion. Show and has pieces of Suzhou embroidery treasures, such as the traditional "100 sub Naochun map" and so on. Props throughout the play is the embroidery "countess", which is embroidered twat in the film crew during each stitch elaborate embroideries, its color, needle in the play has been very good show, not only advanced the plot development, where there is the intangible cultural heritage on the Suzhou embroidery that have a more intuitive understanding. LED signs

    To complete the scroll Zhang Yinyan closed shops engaged and Mayor Xia Deren Morning News for the works of the inscription on the peninsula in the five continents symbolized the people of the blue one day have the same background, the multicolored silk embroidery into the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games emblem, good luck dynamic properties and all sports to "bloom" with, constitute a length of nearly 130 meters wide and 1 meter Olympic scroll. 5 years of this time-consuming work is the complement of embroidery Wafangdian folk artists, embroidery digitizing

    Dalian Charity Federation outstanding volunteer Zhang Yinyan out each stitch embroidery, Mayor Xia Deren was informed, the person to scroll inscribed: skilled embroidery Olympics, loyalty offer Beijing. A [inspired to] make up the Olympic Zhang Yinyan offer embroidery works, said she embroidered scroll the Olympic site, using a traditional hand-embroidered up is small and old to learn. This works in embroidery, she runs a meeting in Wafangdian embroidery crafts shops. She also participated in exhibitions with works of travel extensively, a number of works by foreigners go higher price,LED Writing Board

    Zhang Yinyan has become somewhat famous local folk artists. July 2001, has been concerned about Beijing's bid Zhang Yinyan, told the news after Beijing's successful Olympic bid, sudden inspiration, a work dedicated to hand-embroider the Beijing Olympics, with embroidered logo embodies the Olympic spirit up, let the whole world can see the traditional Chinese arts. Since then, she always ran to the library and bookstore, LED Message Board

    1:36 pm
    places of students. Last year, nearly 10 graduate students
    based on the establishment of a Sacred Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the students and trained farmers through sales of products to the tourist souvenir market. 22 year old deaf-mute girl In presence of studying here padded applique picture production skills for almost two years, because there is a certain art foundation, she made rapid progress. Communication through sign language, she told reporters: "With the 'Sunshine Project', business signs

    I can learn here for free padded applique picture art. Believe that afterwards, I was able to support themselves and be a man of self-sufficiency." According to Huang in the county vocational school President Wu Zengchun briefing, protection, mining techniques and to rural hometowns padded applique picture of youth to master skills in mind, schools, cultural characteristics, combined with Huang and tourism in the county situation, vector artwork

    opened the folklore course. At present, due to "Sunshine Project", in addition to Huangzhong County, the school also recruited ledu, Mutual Aid, Sea and other places of students. Last year, nearly 10 graduate students, half of them were transported to Qingdao, the monthly income of up to two thousand dollars; half were kept in the school's Office of Cultural Communications, salary also thousand or so, have achieved " Cultural employment ", these rural youth to eat a" culture of rice. "cover description of Matilda Embroidery Suzhou embroidery culture drama Republic of China "Ming play. Play director said the film than the story twists and turns, embroidery digitizing

    Xu Lu, ZHU Tie Leung Tin, Television series, and others performing exciting, there is the biggest surprise in the beauty of Suzhou embroidery is the charm. Drama about the last century occurred in the southern embroidered thirties generation woman in the town history of the legendary embroidery transmission. Suzhou embroidery to shoot unique in their craft and cultural charm and the crew has invited hundreds of outstanding participating in Suzhou embroidery Niang, actress Xu Lu Lu Fuying specifically to men in our province, embroidery designs

    Thursday, February 6th, 2014
    10:00 am
    Completely eliminate the low-frequency
    Completely eliminate the low-frequency oscillations of the motor. Low frequency oscillation is the stepper motor (especially reactive motor) the inherent characteristics of the subdivision is the only way to eliminate it, if your stepper motor sometimes work in the resonance region (such as walking arc), select the sub- drive is the only option. ? Improve the motor's output torque. Especially for three-phase reaction motor, the torque is not broken down over time by about 30-40%. ? Increases motor resolution. Reduce the step angle as to improve the uniformity of step, 'to improve the resolution of the motor' is self-evident.LED signs

    These advantages, in particular the advantages in performance, not a quantitative change, but a qualitative leap. According to our records, the original use of non-users drive segment comparison, most of the re-election drive for the subdivision. Therefore, we recommend that you use the drive segment. 4 What is the hybrid stepping motor, what is the reaction motor, the two differ? Different in structure and materials, motor is not as reactive as the internal hybrid motor with permanent magnetic materials, so there is no reaction from the motor block, and hybrid motors are self-resistance (ie, not in the motor power in case there are some self-locking force). ? A difference in running performance, hybrid motor running relatively smoothly, the output torque is relatively large, run sound small. ? Two motors in the price differential, the reaction motor than the hybrid motor is relatively cheap. 5. What is the number-phase stepper motor, I should choose some phase of the stepper motor? Stepper motor phase number is the number of the motor coil group, the commonly used two-phase, three phase, four-phase, five-phase stepper motor. embroidery digitizing

    Different number of motor phases, the step angle is different, the general two-phase motor step angle of 0.9 / 1.8 , three-phase for the 0.75 / 1.5 and so on, five-phase for the 0.36 / 0.72 . In the absence of sub-drive, the user select a different number of phases depends mainly on the stepper motor step angle to meet their own requirements. If you use the sub-drive, the 'phases' will become meaningless, the user simply changes in the subdivision number on the drive, you can change the step angle. 6. I was ready to select the five-phase hybrid stepping motor, what proposals? Five-phase hybrid step motor is being phased out state, so we recommend that: If you must use the five-phase step angle (0.36 ), you use two-phase hybrid stepping motor and supporting sub-drive, 5 sub-state the same as the step angle 0.36 , and after the breakdown of the step angle than the five-phase step angle inherent in a more uniform, higher positioning accuracy, smoother operation, more output. 7, the use of sub-drive the control system have any special requirements?LED Writing Board

    Segment will drive the operating performance of the motor to a qualitative leap, but all this is generated by the drive itself, and independent of the motor and control system. In use, the user the only thing to note is the stepper motor step angle change control system that would send an impact signal frequency step. 8, the stepper motor turn and I asked the contrary, how to adjust? Can change the direction of the control system level signal, you can also adjust the motor wiring to change the direction of the specific approach are as follows: For the two-phase motor, just one phase of the motor line switch can access the drive, such as the A + and A-exchange. For the three-phase motor, one phase can not be exchanged motor line, but should be one of the two-phase sequence exchange, such as the A + and B + exchange; the A-and B-exchange. 9, 'automatic half current function' is how is it? Drive pulse signal to stop imposing 2 seconds or so, will automatically enter the semi-current state, then the motor phase current to run half the time, to reduce power consumption and protect the motor. 10, how should I adjust the phase current drive? Ryan, 32 drive earnings through DIP switch to adjust the motor phase current, you need according to the instructions on the manual is easy and intuitive to adjust the motor phase current.LED Message Board

    9:59 am
    Do not pile up in the control box around the debris
    Do not pile up in the control box around the debris, to facilitate cooling and to avoid excessive dust into the chassis. 2, two on the electric start to have one-minute intervals between, to avoid repeated continuous computerized embroidery machine up and down due to power failure caused the system. 3, encountered a sudden power cut, first disconnect the power switch, the computer embroidery machine's power switch is "OFF" position, then adjust the machine to normal operating position, so as not to call, causing injury and machine damage. 4, the power switch includes overheat protection, thermal protection switching if required after a delay of three minutes, and determine the case of troubleshooting can be closed again. 5, the disk drive is a precision mechatronic devices. business signs

    Insert the disk to identify the direction of time. Is to read the disk (light green tips) do not remove the disk when it will seriously damage the disk drive. 6, the use of keyboard operation keyboard is usually the part most used, and therefore the most easily damaged. Therefore, in use to avoid scratches and eliminate stick-like objects with a fingernail or press the button. Use the buttons to move the approach to be adopted, rather than using your fingers on the keyboard slide. So easy to create buttons dislocation, resulting in damage to the keyboard, directly affect the machine's use. 7, broken nose detection switch disconnection detection using each switch, in working with high frequency, thus requiring the operator when the toggle switch should not force too much, otherwise the switch is easy to damage or shorten the switch life. Pattern is the magnetic disk storage product, when stored away from magnets, television sets, a strong magnetic field. Otherwise, it will cause disk damage and data loss. At the same time to keep clean to avoid pressure, humidity.1, What is the stepper motor, stepper motor drive what? Stepper motor is a special motor used as a control, it is a fixed angle of rotation (called "step angle") step by step operation, which is characterized by no accumulation of error (accuracy of 100%), it is widely used in various open-loop control. vector artwork

    The operation of the stepper motor to drive should be an electronic device, this device is the stepper motor driver, which is the control pulse signal emitted into the angular displacement of the stepper motor, or: the control system sends a pulse for each signal, through the drive to make a step angle of stepping motor rotation. Therefore, the stepper motor speed is proportional to the frequency and pulse signals. 2, What is the breakdown of the drive? To understand the "niche" to first understand "step angle" concept: it is said that each of the control system sends a pulse signal, the motor rotation angle. embroidery digitizing

    Motor factory, a step angle is given a value, such as 86BYG250A motors is given in 0.9 / 1.8 (half-step work that is 0.9 , when the work of the whole step 1.8 ), the step angle can be called 'natural step angle motor', which is not necessarily true when the actual work the motor step angle, the real step angle and drive on, see table below (also on the type 86BYG250A motor as an example): the inherent motor step angle used in the drive type and working status of the motor is running real step angle of 0.9 / 1.8 driver working in half-step state of 0.9 0.9 / 1.8 segment drives work in the five sub-state of 0.36 0.9 / 1.8 sub-10 segment drives work in the state of 0.18 0.9 / 1.8 driver working in 20 sub-sub-state 0.09 0.9 / 1.8 driver working in 40 sub-sub-state of 0.045 can be seen from the table : stepper motor driver drives through the subdivision, the step angle is smaller, such as drive work in the 10 sub-state, the step angle is only 'natural step angle motor' one-tenth that : 'When the drive is not working in full-step breakdown of the state, the control system sends a step pulse for each motor rotation 1.8 ; the drive with subdivision work in the 10 sub-state, the motor is only turning the 0.18 ', This is the breakdown of the basic concepts. segmentation feature is completely accurate control of the drive by the motor phase current generated, nothing to do with the motor. 3, after the breakdown of the main drivers What are the advantages? embroidery designs

    Wednesday, February 5th, 2014
    12:18 pm
    The past, do a women's clothing Yi takes approximately
    The past, do a women's clothing Yi takes approximately 3 months, because they have to come down to earth Zuohuo day, most of the embroidery is done in the evening or lunch break. Home of the woman in the embroidery, generally first call master paper pattern patterns pretty cut and sew the fabric, then follow the pattern of wiring color for embroidery. Have not cut patterns, please patterns Huade Hao who draw the pattern directly on the fabric, and then again according to the embroidery pattern. Since Yi is still black, clothing, the main color is black, the stroke line pattern on fabric easy to see in the dark, so it is still the main applique embroidery. Of course, every village has at drawing flowers, cut flowers and embroidery experts, they are most notoriety, will be particularly respected. LED signs

    Yi embroidery, including clothing, shoes, Baotou, apron, vest, purse, pillow, bag and all kinds of jewelry, unique, exquisite workmanship, colorful, meaningful and has high practical value, ornamental value and collection value. Colorful costumes showing deep embroidery skills Yi family. A variety of color combinations is to elaborate, and generally used Camellia red, MEI, Zihei, pink and red, green, yellow and other colors, so that the background and clothing are in sharp contrast. Yi changing stitch embroidery, pattern matching also quite particular about my home, they use a diagonal cross-stitch embroidery.embroidery digitizing

    If a small embroidered apron, that is the most luxurious, apron and large like a "few" shaped, the head generally more closely embroidered on a bright flower, middle flower generally a large colorful embroidered flower rich , the lead apron behind the floating tip, wide, very unique. Click here to see all news photos Yi Embroidery rich and varied, in addition to clothing, the most common there are bags, shoes, insoles and many other accessories. It is worth mentioning that the insole, Qingdouchukai Yi girl insole is the best gift to give her lover. When the girls met their favorite people, will for his sewing, embroidery insole, as a token of love. LED Writing Board

    The lad received insole is happy, because, said the woman passionately devoted insole. Of course, both men and women appear in the sub-letting go of communication, some girls will be given to boys insole, said that although love does not exist, but after all, love, hope the other collections. Yi Yi embroidered dress is a masterpiece of culture is one of the important carrier of Yi culture and cultural expression. But with the development of modern economy, combined with traditional costumes to do complicated procedures, time-consuming, complicated and inconvenient to wear clothes washed, some people do not like to wear traditional clothing gradually had. To this generation of our people, it is very few people willing to learn paper cutting, cross-stitch, embroidery, embroidery, even if the learning must go to the teens started learning, but can not separate pieces of clothing to complete the entire production, even embroidered the clothes, very few people wear in everyday life, only to the festival, such as the Torch Festival on June 24, or catch Street, a guest can only see the girl wearing the Yi ethnic costumes. LED Message Board

    12:17 pm
    To this end, she specifically went to Beijing
    To this end, she specifically went to Beijing, to buy a "Fuchun Mountains" and "left mountain map" and "Fuchun Mountains" and "useless paper division," printed version, the organization created seven embroidered mother overtime, and finally completed in early October. "Time-consuming piece of embroidery for 7 months, pen and ink reproduction of the ancient landscape of the essence and charm, creating a new performance art of embroidery styles." Xiao-Hong Zhang said that during the first masterpieces of Chinese Arts and Crafts Fair and International works of art, painting masterpiece won the highest award the Chinese Arts and Crafts - Fine Gold Award. Zhang Xiaohong Xia Museum more than six-year-old began to learn embroidery folk embroidery. After being laid off in 2002, she was studying in the Jiangsu and Suzhou embroidery techniques, the home run from the "Braun embroidery room." Once, a customer brought in Xinyu specialty linen, embroidered linen designs please her. business signs

    This allows for innovation has been afflicted with embroidery features Modularized shines: Xinyu is the "hometown of Chinese grass cloth," the idea of the resulting summer embroidery. When Zhang Xiaohong really try to be embroidered linen, they find that their ideas are too simple, because the grass cloth texture, tough, Spiraea will hang hair. After numerous failures, the end of 2004, she developed a private secret softening linen, grass cloth treated not only feel softer, richer color of ancient charm, and obtained 22 national patents. ZHANG Xiao embroidery has won the ninth Shanhua Prize of Chinese Folk Art, folk arts and crafts awards more than 20 national, provincial honors, work exported to South Korea, Australia, Japan and other countries, world-renowned industry. This year in April, six summer embroidered works entered Jiangxi Shanghai World Expo Museum, a museum of traditional arts classes in Jiangxi one of the first show, by the attention of tourists from around the world. Zhang Xiaohong, who created the summer of embroidered works, "Riverside", "Eight Immortals" and other masterpieces are a number of provincial museums.vector artwork

    To create a "fifth name embroidered" Modularized said since 2003, she founded the "Yuzhou embroidered Square", has registered the "clever girl", "Summer embroidery", "Yuzhou embroidered Square", "ZHANG Xiao Xia embroidery" other four mark, the enterprise has a complete independent intellectual property rights. 2009, approved the establishment of a "Xinyu (China) Institute of grass cloth embroidery art", out of a set of product development, staff training, marketing, business management one of the new road, companies millions of dollars from the original production, but jumped to more than 500 million. embroidery digitizing

    This year, Xinyu City to sell the way to the "Yuzhou embroidered Square" building summer embroidery production, exhibition, marketing base, covering 10.3 acres, the construction of a high standard, landscaping style "summer embroidered garden." ZHANG Xiao said she believed them and society as a whole through the joint efforts of the future will be better in summer embroidery, embroidered Jiangxi certainly expected to become China's fifth name embroidered.home of the woman, both with a deft hand, day and night, thousands of needles million lines, beautiful flowers open gradually in their hands, the vision for the future also will be in full bloom. My mother said that in their generation, the five-year-old girls began to learn cross-stitch embroidery, to the teens will own sewing clothes and shoes. embroidery designs

    Friday, January 17th, 2014
    4:03 pm
    settlement of office, R & D sites and 13 260 square meters
    products are exported to many countries in Southeast Asia by customers. In recent years, you insist on possession of embroidery and dance County economy, "walking on two legs" mode, from the capital, plant, training, equipment, items such as embroidery industry strongly support the development of Tibet, many women are getting rich peasants and herdsmen Road. Guinan County attaches great importance to the development of cultural industries, set up in the embroidered under the leadership group, formed Association of Tibetan embroidery, embroidered Tibetan agency R & D center, LED signs

    brings together artists focus on the county to develop products to achieve the possession for personal use embroidery process from Nong Muhu scattered to the concentration, size, markets, and efficiency of the transformation. Positive guidance, strive to support the industry. Promote and guide farmers and herdsmen in the concentration of women in processing, sales at the same time, one-time allocation to the reservoir R & D center front embroidery costs 10 million settlement of office, R & D sites and 13 260 square meters exhibition hall. Currently, 1.25 million government investment, embroidery digitizing

    skills training has been completed assembly, design, wiring, production, mounting, exhibition, office, residential and other full-featured integrated embroidered Tibetan Cultural Industry Park, covers an area of 15 acres, the floor area of 800 square meters, can achieve more than 200 employees focused on production. Combination of "Sunshine Project" and "local talent and technology experts," and so on, LED Writing Board

    to focus on training methods and stages, the cumulative training more than 500 women artists, expanding the embroidery team, innovative design the content subjects solved the artist folk embroidery fault problem, created a unique southern style of your "brand" The embroidery road. Actively absorb and learn from Suzhou embroidery, embroidery and other domestic Regong Art Art Technology to the prevailing circumstances tradition of innovation process, LED Message Board

    4:02 pm
    system of quickly and accurately the sample fabric weaving
    Ltd. will carry through the source edge device companies appear in this traditional event. GA196 Automatic sample warping machine is Jiangyin textile machinery through the advantages of the source product, this exhibition is one of the main products. The device is designed for textile proofing and newly developed single yarn warping machines, the product can automatically sample and test samples used for weaving small quantities warp fabric, with high efficiency, good accuracy, savings in raw materials and so on, business signs

    applied to wool, cotton, chemical fiber, silk, yarn-dyed, a kind of textile industries and product development, also can make samples for textile research and development laboratories. The warping device up to the maximum working width 2200mm, maximum warp speed 1000m/min. SGA598 automatic loom is a fabric-like system of quickly and accurately the sample fabric weaving equipment, the company introduced new models, the technical parameter and with the convenience, vector artwork

    organization like the style of the finished product line to meet the cotton, hair, chemical fiber, blended and other types of woven fabric sample testing and product development. The machine also uses a stepper motor active electronic let-off, eight-color automatic weft. In addition, through the source textile machinery exhibition will also display in this up to a maximum width of 24 inches, 45 times per minute to vote weft, jacquard up to 1408 the total number of needle-type needle SGA598 jacquard weaving prototype. embroidery digitizing

    Recently, the Shanghai association embroidered textiles Co., Ltd. In order to better understand the association of consumers who are quality and brand silk production process, held in Beijing, live production marketing activities by consumers. Where the brand association is with senior silk silk, good quality, traditional hand with the perfect combination of modern technology, embroidery designs

    Thursday, January 16th, 2014
    5:45 pm
    If there is a significantly smaller relative
    If there is a significantly smaller relative to the resistance in the 15K or so, then the corresponding output FET damage. generally IRF740 and IRF9640! replacement Note order and install the insulation on the cooling plate. and check the drive pipe C2611 is normal! 2, the test with 100-volt AC power supply, observe the light of the situation, identification of maintenance and repair program ideas POWER lamp does not light, check the AC input fuse 10A is normal, the transformer is normal, circuit-board 0.5A insurance is normal! 5 volt DC voltage normal? focus on examination of 7805 in the maintenance of three-terminal regulator blocks, there are easy problems 2200UF/25V the filter capacitor!LED signs

    OC lights, over-current fault, the output FET key check, be sure to pay attention to selecting replacement genuine tube, or not long in turn damage. Another point to note that the parameters of the tube to be basically the same. PE lights, under-voltage fault , measurable, large no-load voltage across the capacitor, generally 140 volts or more! most of this failure is caused by a large capacitor leakage, can see the edge of the liquid leaking capacitors! replace the capacitor can be 820UF/250V---1000UF/250V! to Note and installation of capacitor size OF the positive and negative lights, over-voltage fault, it seldom encountered! key check whether the abnormal detection circuit. OH light, heat failure, check the cooling fan is working! encountered in the actual repair to multiple cases OH power to light lamps, is to test four relatively light damage to the inverter 74LS04 full light, you can check the 5 volts is normal, we found that many in the maintenance of such a failure is CPU damaged! This CPU has an internal procedure, if need to contact the company, the company has a number of drivers repair parts 3 and load testing a lot of trouble to bring before the load shown, such as the phase output, the motor has abnormal sound, the need to test whether the five-phase balanced output! use to the oscilloscope and other special testing tools do not make details, interested friends may be concerned about our upcoming book written == embroidery Daquan Electrical Road Maintenanceembroidery digitizing

    We all know the bottom line of computerized embroidery machines are generally the tension and surface lines from the bottom tensioner (clip thread) to adjust the decision, but in the actual maintenance, and sometimes encounter tone embroidery machine noodles very loose, very tight bottom line has been transferred, but the bottom line is there generic problems, or vice versa. What is his reason? In addition to problems embroidery machine frame (usually said to be too high embroidery frame, embroidery box will appear near the edge of the bottom line when the pan.), I am afraid to count the time of the thread the most serious. Processing (repair) over embroidery machine knows that, thread embroidery machine time curve and time curve of the hook hook line adjustment of the phase relationship is a more headache.LED Writing Board

    As you may know, embroidery machine hook hook line time (on the hook position) is 196 degrees (usually 192--197 degrees, we all like to tune a little too late, so the phenomenon of less wool, after the time I will discuss in detail the time and the needle bar hook line between high and low.), and thread time (challenge cam, cam position also known as nylon) are generally in 293 - 298 K or so. Why should this happen, sooner or later Can it, if the early or late, there will be affected? Today we have computer embroidery machine embroidery thread tension problems of time and analyze the test, and the impact of other parameters after each other postings I will share with you discussed and analyzed.LED Message Board

    5:44 pm
    And, if the thread too much too early
    And, if the thread too much too early, the line tensioner face tighter tone is useless, even pull them up to the broken line. On the other hand, the relative pay-off as slow hook, there are many lines to be easily pulled too tight thread take-up has been cut off hook (pick the line time and break the relationship is also important, discussed later). Especially from the parking, this phenomenon is easy to appear in the thread too early to determine whether, this is very important. If prone to float, it is difficult tightening, and easy to break in from the parking (a few broken, fracture neat), it is possible to pick the time premature.business signs

    Tajima Tajima embroidery machine DU10 is the most widely used, a 5-phase drive, Tajima embroidered car TMEF-H, TMFD application, the chain car TMCE112S, and dribbling a lot of cars TMLG in use. The driver module used in Toshiba MP6101 and MP6702, MP6101 used to drive the framework in which X and Y direction, MP6702 used to drive the M and D of special embroidery axis. and extensive use of SMD components, M5, and A9, which is a special A9 High-speed Schottky diode. there are special optical isolation components. P112, M454. so maintenance is more difficult. vector artwork

    If those who do not identify all the damage repair components, or improper substitution, a power module will cause damage causing serious damage to circuit boards, increasing the difficulty of repair. in the maintenance must be careful when DU10. Well, do first load test maintenance, if there is no problem to a machine, to avoid unnecessary losses. as in maintenance have difficulties you can contact us .0512 --- 52842317, 13862321252. maintenance points 1, ready to load test of 100 volts AC transformer, can be easily purchased on the procurement market BK100, BK200, or control transformers.embroidery digitizing

    2, first test to CN15 Remove the short wire, connect the 100W or so light bulbs, to prevent damage to the module circuit in question 3, have more than half an hour with a load test, the module re-heating, use axial fans blowing on the heat sink. to ensure that the module, but heat 4. Now DU10 a large number of soft fault occurs, the circuit must be very familiar with, Do not arbitrarily change the circuit, the circuit as it hit bottom plate of glue, removal must be careful to avoid damage to the circuit board.02 ten shot five-phase drive is the most widely used framework for embroidery machine drive, due to a long service life, and now most have entered the maintenance period, the company now has dozens of monthly maintenance amount! Under a lot of maintenance practices , summarizes some maintenance experience to share with you! preliminary test is generally open the cover to observe whether the apparent overheating or burn marks to quickly identify problems! analog multimeter 1K file with the five-phase forward and reverse measurement output resistance, should be consistent, in general resistance of 30K - 50K between! embroidery designs

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