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    Sunday, March 21st, 2004
    5:47 pm
    Searching 4 a bikini on-line
    I'm very bored and I am searching 4 a bikini. I hate wearing one-piece suits and bikinis look so cute on me, so why not? Someone called me but I missed the phone call. Every cute baithing suit costs like, $100! I want designer swimwear and accesories, so add on about another hundred dollars 2 that. Since it's spring, I wish it was summer. I look better in tanks, halters, shorts, etcetera than I do in jeans anyways. So what if I'm picky?!? Is it against the law?!? Don't answer that because I'm a little behind on the law nowadays. LOL! I wanna c ***** really badly. Really, really badly......... Oh well. I'll live as long as I have the connection. FYI: the internet connection. LOL

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    A Pantha'

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    Saturday, March 20th, 2004
    12:04 pm
    Woke ^ about an hour or 2 ago
    Nothing really happens at 12:06 in the morning but this IS a journal, so I might as well write (type) about my thoughts. ***** lives across the street from me but I hardly see him because I'm always somewhere else. 2 bad 4 me, it's ALWAYS 2 bad 4 me. Lucky 4 whoever's reading this that I'm not a complainer because believe u me (u me?!? what the flip does that mean) I could complain. I don't really feel like writing (typing) so I won't keep on droning on and on, but............................ LOL

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    A pantha'

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    Friday, March 19th, 2004
    7:16 pm
    Radio Stations
    This is really unimportant, so you don't have 2 read it, but I'm really bored so I'm writing it. Have u ever realized that whenever a good song comes on a radio station, you'll say, "Oooh, this is my song". But it's not, so why do u lie to urself? It is NOT ur song. U only say it so you won't jinx urself and prevent ur actual "song" from coming on. But it won't. I'll admit that once in a while a good song may play. It is never ur song 4 the simple fact that u didn't make it! So stop crying and go buy urself a fricking CD burner and stop requesting fricking songs that the radio stations will never fricking play that probly suck to fricking heck and back anyways.

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    A pantha'
    6:26 pm
    Breaking in my new journal.
    If u read my bio, you may think that I'm some Harley riding, leather wearing tough girl who grabs shot guns from store racks and shoots inocent pedestrians with them. I'm actually quite gentle. Really! I'm really nice. I can have an attitude at times, but really, what woman can't?!? Don't think that I'm some bunny loving soft girl either. I have a liscence (I think I spelled that wrong) 2 violate your personal safety! Just ask my ex-psychochiatrist Michael Jackson. When I told him my problems, I think it scared the black out of him. LOL!]

    So, about my day.................Going with ***** is really fun! We're perfect 2gether. I found out that ###### said he never liked me, and was calling me names. 2 bad. He's jealous. So sad 4 him. Anyways again, ????? keeps flirting with me, and ***** keeps getting it all mixed up and is saying that I'm flirting with ?????! My gosh! Why won't ***** understand that I only love him. OMG!!! I just said the "L" word! Well, I'll write later.

    Oh, before I 4get 2 write about ^^^^................. she's starting 2 get on my nerves.Bothering me is NOT (i repeat, NOT) good 4 ur health.

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    A Pantha'

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